July 20, 2011

2./3.Liga Ansetzungen 2./1.Spieltag

Der DFB hat fast die kompletten Ansetzungen für den 2.Spieltag der 2.Liga und für den Saisonauftakt in der 3.Liga veröffentlicht. Das Eröffnungsspiel der 3.Liga zwischen Heidenheim und Offenbach wird die Nr.2 Deutschlands, Dr. Felix Brych, leiten.


  1. Hi, Niclas! Great blog! And I have ask to you... I can not find anywhere, who refereed a match between HSV and Al Ahli in Schwaz (AUT) 15.07.2011? Please, if you know who was the ref.

  2. Thanks for the compliment.
    Sorry, I could only find out that the Austrian referee who oversaw this match was assisted by Armin Eder and Andreas Staudinger. Sorry. The club's website and ÖFB did not reveal any more information.

  3. OK, sorry for problem... And once again - GREAT JOB!

  4. Thanks ;)
    I am quite confident that I will be able to tell you the name tomorrow. Stay tuned, I will post it here.

  5. Sry Hubert, I could not find the appointment.
    I requested the full appointment via the Hamburger SV contact, but they said that as they were not the official equalizer or host, they would not have the referee appointment. A pity.

  6. Update:
    AACHEN-BRAUNSCHWEIG: Markus Wingenbach-Martin Petersen-Philipp Schmitt-Simon Marx

    DYNAMO-ROSTOCK: Felix Zwayer-Harm Osmers-Martin Bärmann-Robert Wessel

    PADERBORN-DUSSELDORF: Dr. Jochen Drees-Torsten Bauer-Christian Gittelmann, Arne Aarnink

    FRANKFURT-ST.PAULI: Thorsten Kinhöfer-Detlef Scheppe-Guido Kleve-Thomas Stein


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