July 15, 2011

Bibiana Steinhaus to referee Frankfurt's final

The final referee: Bibiana Steinhaus (GER)
The German referee Bibiana Steinhaus has been selected to referee Sunday's final between the United States and Japan.
A full match preview follows on Saturday.

M32, Final, Frankfurt/Main, 17/07/2011, 20:45
Japan vs. United States
Referee Bibiana Steinhaus (GER)
Assistant Referee 1 Marina Wozniak (GER)
Assistant Referee 2 Katrin Rafalski (GER)
4th Official Jenny Palmqvist (SWE)
Reserve Assistant Referee Maria Villa (ESP)


  1. absolutely deserved to my mind. Two convincing perfomances, I think that is some kind of present to the host nation.
    If anyone knows the missing offcials, my ears are open.
    Good luck Bibi!

  2. I agree totally deserved, but I have one question. I haven't watched all matches so I have to ask did Dagmar Damkova do something wrong, I don't understand why did she get just ONE match. It reminds me on Busacca at WC 2010, only FIFA knows what have they done wrong!

  3. Hmm, I saw her in her match USA-COL and she made no convincing impression. Do not misunderstand me, she did not that bad, but I expected more of such an experienced referee in such an easy going match. Moreover, her assistant referees had some problems.

  4. AssistantRef15/7/11 16:03

    Bibiana Steinhaus is the second German referee in history (after Rudi Glockner in 1970) to officiate the final of a World Cup (males and females). Good luck!

  5. Very good appointment. Steinhaus was one of the best referees at this tournament, along with Chenard and Heikkinen.

  6. Regarding Busacca... he was sent home for a big mistake of his assistant at the FWC 2010 in South Africa. For some reason, people seem to overlook the offside (not sanctioned) that preceeded the red card + penalty kick called against South Africa. If the AR would have raised his flag, there would have been no red card and no penalty kick. It was a big mistake, that influenced the outcome of the game. As opposed to the women's World Cup, in the men's World Cup an error made by an assistant has consequences for the entire trio.

  7. Matthias Arnet made the mistake, you are right. But do not forget that Busacca had a poor evening himself as well. I rated him with 8,3 at worldreferee. I would never do it again. 6,5 or so. Phantom fouls, this mistake and politics. That was the ending of Busacca in South Africa.

  8. I don't understand why many of you defend Busacca in the 2010 WC matche. The red card and penalty were terrible calls as it was clear simulation. Sure he it was also connected with politics as it was the hosting nation. However, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him awarding the penalty and I think that his sending home was no surprise.

  9. Absolutely. I am still not sure whether the foul was actually a foul. Perhaps a dive by Suarez? It is hard to say that, red card was correct in that case BUT ONLY IF THERE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN THE OFFSIDE SITUATION AHEAD!

  10. then, it means 2 mistakes against the home team. you know that referees constitute teams. so, if you criticise busacca'a assistant, you criticise his team. and thus, the whole team should be either sent home or remain.
    as we mentioned before. it's about politics and south africans wouldn't be pleased if they had seen the referee that destroyed their world cup dreams in another match..

  11. Of course politics, as always.
    At first, I did not understand that Busacca was sent home. Actually, it was a logical consequence, although I have to say that one could also blame Mr Irmatov for his "non-penalty-decision" in the opener match which is still doubtful.

    Finally, I have always argued the case for mixed trios at World Cups. 20 Referees, 32 Assistant Referees. However, this topic will be the content of my next evaluation which will be written and published during the next week.


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