July 11, 2011

Carolanne Chenard to referee Japan vs. Sweden

According to her own blog, Carolanne Chenard from Canada will referee the semifinal between Japan and Sweden at WWC 2011 which takes place in Germany.
The symphatic Canadian Chenard with the first SF

13/07/2011, 20:45, Frankfurt, SF1
Japan vs. Sweden
Referee Carolanne CHENARD (CAN)
Assistant Referee 1 Rita MUNOZ (MEX)
Assistant Referee 2 Mayte CHAVEZ (MEX)
4th Official Therese NEGUEL (CMR)
Reserve Assistant Referee Maria Luisa VILLA (ESP)

13/07/2011, 18:00, M'gladbach, SF2
France vs. United States
Referee Kirsi HEIKKINEN (FIN)
Assistant Referee 1 Tonja PAAVOLA (FIN)
Assistant Referee 2 Anu JOKELA (FIN)
4th Official Christina PEDERSEN (NOR)
Reserve Assistant Referee Yolanda PARGA RODRIGUEZ (ESP)

A match preview follows tomorrow.


  1. Fünfte Offizielle: Yolanda PARGA RODRIGUEZ (ESP)

  2. AssistantRef12/7/11 08:09

    Heikkinen'is assignment is very strange: this is the first time since 2009 that FIFA doesn't follow the policy that a match can't be refereed by a referee from the same Confederation of one of the teams

  3. right. I predicted Alvarez or Reyes.
    However, it is slightly odd: again Gladbach, again France, again Heikkinen....

  4. Do we know who is left in the competition for the final? Although their national team plays in the semi-finals, the USA trio (Seitz - Duffy, Perez) will stay until the end. What do you know about Steinhaus? Was she punished, as a 4th official, for not seeing that handball in Australia - Equatorial Guinea or is she still there? At the 2006 FWC, the 4th and 5th officials were also sent home for not intervening when Poll did not send off a Croatian player who got two yellow cards. So, if FIFA is consistent, all 5 match officials from AUS - EQG should have already been sent home.

  5. I do not think that one can blame a Fourth Official. Gaal must see that, basta.
    Seitz perhaps for 3rd place match but if FIFA is consequent they will send her home after her match decisive (perhaps) mistake in bra-nor.
    Damkova may be the final choice as she finishes her career, although I prefer Steinhaus for the final.

  6. Anonymous12/7/11 20:00

    The women's world cup is not like the men's world cup from an officiating stand point. The men work in a "true trio", in that the mistake of one costs the whole. The women do not yet work in "tru trios" due to numbers of competent officials from each country/confederation. Although the problems of a member may impact others, a poor call/non call by a linesman or referee will not always reflect poorly onthe others

  7. Yes, the women's program does not use very strictly the trio policy at the FWWC 2011, but, if I recall correctly, neither the referee, nor her ARs got any other appointments afterwards. Personally, I like Steinhaus and would like her to be in competition for the last 2 matches. I only asked Niclas about her current status since he is from Germany and may have more information.
    According to the USA refs blog, Seitz and her ARs will stay for the last 2 matches.

  8. What do you mean with her current status?

  9. There were 2 releases of referees, one before the quarter-finals and one before the semi-finals. I was wondering whether Steinhaus is still there or was already released?

  10. The final will be USA - Japan, so do we expect an European referee? Would it be Damkova?

  11. Steinhaus is still there. Damkova or Steinhaus? Difficult.

  12. Anonymous14/7/11 16:44

    July 13th: Allô Carol Anne from Gisèle bus buddy in Orléans
    Japan 3 Sweden 1 - 9:16 left and just saw a great shot of you on TV. Commentators just said Ref is making good decision. Very exciting watching you in action. Enjoy every minute! Thanks for letting me in on your blog. Game over Japan just won. Take Care Gisèle

  13. If Steinhaus is still there, she will probably get one of the last 2 matches because: 1. she is a good referee, 2. she is from the host country and usually FIFA compensate the host association with a referee appointment when their team is out before the semi-finals.
    Could you find out who are the referees that are still there?

  14. No, but as Parga Rodriguez and Villa Gutierrez got matches as RAR, Damkova is certainly here as well. I think Damkova, Steinhaus, Reyes, Seitz and Neguel are candidates for the last two matches, Seitz is here for sure according to her blog.

  15. Most likely, it will be either Damkova, Steinhaus or Reyes. Seitz already got the third place match.


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