July 16, 2011

Feedback, please!

For approximately three weeks, I am blogging now about my passion, i.e. football (refereeing).
I have written some texts, e.g. evaluations or match (p)reviews and provided the latest appointments and announcements.
What do you think I can improve? Would you like me to focus more on a specific field? And if yes, which?

Thanks so far for the interesting discussions and that we have reached nearly 3.500 views !
Special thanks to Carlos Salcedo who supports me every now and then and who is a nice discussion and chat partner since a few days.

Kind regards


  1. AssistantRef16/7/11 19:19

    It's a good job, Niclas.
    I especially liked news preview. I don't know the material you have, but I also care about the retrospective of the past tournaments, also very old.
    Go on!

  2. Thanks.
    Yes, I think it won't do any harm to review some of the past tournament. At the moment, I make a U17 WC Flashback of the recent Mexican tournament. Carlos will do it then for u20.
    "Release date" of a full pdf document with marks and assessments about each referee will be (I hope so) next Saturday.
    I can say that this blog needs a lot of work, work which I like to do.

  3. I really appreciate your work, Niclas and I hope you don't give up ;-)
    it's great that it is regular (at least one article per day) and the articles with added information are of the most most value.
    My only suggestion for improvement is regarding your English - focus more on correct word forms and on choosing correct terms. However, I understand you are not native English speaker.
    Anyway, the texts can be understood without problems. it's only about minor lapses.

  4. As I think that your mother tongue seems to be English, I would be very glad if you sent me some of these errors per mail.
    I know that my English is not perfect, but I would like to avoid some bigger mistakes.
    It would be therefore great if you will do it. You can find my blog-related mail-address on the right hand-side.

    I cannot ensure that this density of articles will be reality in a few months, at the moment, school is in the last stages, every exam is written, every mark stands so that I have enough time for it.


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