July 15, 2011

FIFA U17 World Cup 2011 Flashback: AFC

Upon consultation with Carlos, I will publish a flashback of the recently held FIFA Under 17 World Cup in Mexico. Carlos did the same with the last World Cup in South Africa where I was invited by him to write Kassai's text (and to improve my Spanish), therefore, I was inspired by this method. 
The flashbacks will be in the Confederation's order, a full pdf document containing all the flashbacks we made, make and will make (u20 WC), will certainly follow.


Well, although he has already joined two Asian Cups (in each case 3 matches) and got 5 matches in the WC 2010 qualifiers and at least 20 matches in AFC Champions League, he had never had any experience of an international FIFA tournament before.
Ahead this U17 WC, I kept him in mind for the final appointment. He started with a pretty calm match as he refereed Brazil's first match against Denmark. He solved this match with a clear line including five yellow cards. After a quite convincing perfomance in his second match between Uruguay and England where he confirmed his style of less talking but clear decisions again. Consequently, after these two strong perfomances, he got his third and last match in the quarterfinals when France met the host nation Mexico. In that match, Al Badwawi was not that convincing as in the matches before, but he showed still a decent perfomance with a couple of minor mistakes and a poor card policy.
During the whole tournament, he had to share his assistant referees Hamad Marhoon Al Mayahi from Oman and Reza Sokhandan from Iran with Nawaf Shukrallah (see below), that might be one reason for the unexpected low number of insets.

Matches refereed by Ali Hamad Al Badwawi:
Group Stage, 20/06/2011, 15:00 lt, Guadalajara: Brazil vs. Denmark (3-0)
Group Stage, 25/06/2011, 15:00 lt, Torreón: Uruguay vs. England (0-2)
Quarterfinal, 04/07/2011, 18:00 lt, Pachuca: France vs. Mexico (1-2)

Assistant Referee 1: Hamad Marhoon AL MAYAHI (Oman)
Assistant Referee 2: Reza SOKHANDAN (Iran)

Marks by Carlos, Maicon and me: M1: 7,9; M2: 7,3; M3: 6,2 = 7,1
Card policy: 14 yellows in 3 matches = 4,7/match; 0 red card in 3 matches = 0,0/match

Having recognized him in Qatar at the AFC Asian Cup 2011 for the first time, the young Bahraini showed a quite reasonable perfomance at this, his first FIFA tournament.
The 35 years old researcher from the small emirat Bahrain had to wait for his first appointment in Mexico until he was selected to referee the group stage match between Panama and Ecuador in Queretaro. It has to be mentioned that he sent a Panamanian off due to some kind of foul which occurred often in Mexico and which was consistently cautioned with a straight red card by all the referees.
After that, he was appointed for a round of 16 match when England defeated Argentina after penalty shoot out, again he showed a convincing perfomance although he had to give an amount of five yellow cards and again one send-off after a second yellow card for a repeated foul. Well, this decision was not really wrong, but perhaps slightly harsh.
After his original assistant referees and countrymen Khaled Al Allan and Yaser Abdullah Tulefat failed the fitness tests, he shared Al Mayahi and Sokhandan with Al Badwawi (see above).

Matches refereed by Nawaf Shukrallah:
Group Stage, 23/06/2011, 18:00 lt, Queretaro: Panama vs. Ecuador (1-2)
Round of 16, 30/06/2011, 15:00 lt, Pachuca: England vs. Argentina (1-1, 4-2 PSO)

Assistant Referee 1: Hamad Marhoon AL MAYAHI (Oman)
Assistant Referee 2: Reza SOKHANDAN (Iran)

Marks by Carlos, Maicon and me: M1: 7,6; M2: 7,8 = 7,7
Card policy: 7 yellows in 2 matches = 3,5/match; 2 red cards in 2 matches = 1,0/match


  1. Don't worry, I have not stopped writing these reviews. I am going to release a full pdf doc with all the referees of u17 WC in the course of the next days, a probable date is Saturday.


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