July 4, 2011

We are not playing handball, ladies!

A mistake? A blackout? Blindness? No - blindness of a minimum of four officials, including Gaal who MUST see that, including Aspinall, Cini and Steinhaus as well.

A single error which will never happen again? Far from it!
I remember that this incident occured last year as well. Poor that Reyes had to walk down to Sarah Ho, but anyway, she awarded a penalty, thank Godness...

Therefore one has to ask oneself: is that professionalism? It is more likely a rhetorical question...apart from the fact that the players have certainly a lack of this professionalism, we have to talk about those officials. After Melksham, Cha, Gaal, Kari Seitz, the most experienced referee at this World Cup, followed with a bad perfomance which was characterized by one of the most obvious mistakes of this tournament when letting the play go on despite a clear foul preceding the first goal which smoothed the way for the Brazilians into the quarterfinals.
It is quite interesting how FIFA has reacted: No match for Cha and Gaal, no match for them as 4th Officials either. When you give an opener match in front of an audience of 75.000 people to a woman you must have the opinion that this woman is a good referee (Melksham), after a poor perfomance in the opener Melksham has not got a further match either, perhaps not her last, but certainly a small signal. At least the consequence of poor perfomances is still ensured in FIFA's decisions...which has not always been the case if you think about Undiano, our Germans' friend from Pamplona who enjoys throwing cards through the air...


  1. The problem is in the instructurs and FIFA, the way the referees let the players play with out obvious cards or fouls are FIFAS message. Now they will have to improve a lot, if we want to avoid an ending like in South Africa, with lots of mistakes.

  2. It is not only FIFA by the way. Kassai does the same and what did UEFA do? It gave him the Wembley final. The style of keeping both eyes closed seems to be some kind of modern, but I dislike that.
    The problem you may consider is at the moment that the level is not equal. Cha is not as professional as Palmqvist and so far and so forth. However I think that there are enough ones who may control the K.O. matches in an adequate way.
    And let us be honest, this "speed" or "pace" in most of the matches...every referee can actually referee those matches.

  3. Anonymous11/7/11 15:33

    2 things.

    1) Kassai had a great season and normally took the final.
    2) Undiano is endeed a referee who handles things with his cards. But at the WC and specifically at the Germany vs Serbia match was great.

  4. 1. In my opinion, Kassai is one of the best referees and his style worked out very well for him, both at the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the 2011 UEFA Champions League Final.
    2. Undiano uses his cards more often, but he is also a good referee. Different personalities, different styles of refereeing.
    3 Surprisingly, Melksham got USA - Brazil, which was the actual "final", played in the quarter-finals.

  5. Yes, at first, I did not see Kassai's talent and I must admit that I am not convinced 100%. His style and his appearance, simply his personality is great for every match, but the card policy...finally, he has to learn in this context, but UEFA seems to be content.
    Undiano..in the Germany-Serbia match, he did not understand the match and made a couple of mistakes. We do not need such styles at a World Cup. The yellows against Klose were harsh, he made heavy mistakes on both sides. The other two matches were good. The el clasico (copa del rey) was good as well although it is always hard to see some kind of authority in Undiano's matches.


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