October 26, 2011

How teamwork should function

The top match in Bundesliga last matchday unfolded to be the toughest one as well. Manuel Gräfe was in charge of Hannover 96 - Bayern München and had quite a lot to do. After a reasonably awarded penalty kick to Hannover in minute 22, there were some troubles in minute 27. Later, he dismissed a Hannover player with a 2nd yellow card, but let's focus on the 27th minute.
It is a paramount example for how it should be and how e.g. DFB instructed its officials, i.e. that they should increase the teamwork between referee, assistant referees and the 4th official. Officials involved in: FIFA referee Manuel Gräfe, FIFA assistant referee Markus Häcker and Bundesliga assistant referee René Kunsleben.

Follow the link for the video, as youtube does not allow such videos, you may download it here


  1. Anonymous6/1/13 22:52

    Is there any other link with this video?


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