October 28, 2011

UEFA Champions League, MD 4

This thread will be filled on Sunday with the official appointments, but first of all, it is time for our appointments.
Here is the result of the last matchday. It was very hard this time as there were many unexpected names, 5 of 8 players got 12 points, so we have five 3rd places: RESULTS

Everyone who wants to participate can write me a mail containing the appointments 

We again need observers!


Tuesday, 01/11/2011

Group E, Mestalla, 20:45
Valencia CF - Bayer Leverkusen
Referee Jonas Eriksson (SWE)
Assistant Referees Stefan Wittberg (SWE), Fredrik Nilsson (SWE)
Additional Assistant Referees Markus Strömbergsson (SWE), Tobias Mattsson (SWE)
4th Official Martin Strömbergsson (SWE)
UEFA Referee Observer Sergey Zuev (RUS)
Blog Referee Observer Nacho Pascual (ESP)

Group E, KRC Arena, 20:45
Genk - Chelsea
Referee Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR)
Assistant Referees Kim Thomas Haglund (NOR), Dag Roger Nebben (NOR)
Additional Assistant Referees Espen Berntsen (NOR), Dag Vidar Hafsas (NOR)
4th Official Tom Harald Hagen (NOR)
UEFA Referee Observer Uno Tutk (EST)
Blog Referee Observer Carlos Salcedo (COL)

Group F, Emirates, 20:45
Arsenal - Marseille
Referee Paolo Tagliavento (ITA)
Assistant Referees Nicola Nicoletti (ITA), Massimiliano Grilli (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referees Daniele Orsato (ITA), Antonio Damato (ITA)
4th Official Antonio Giannoccaro (ITA)
UEFA Referee Observer Aron Schmidhuber (GER)
fr.l: Bezborodov, Golubev
Blog Referee Observer Dragan Nikolovski (MKD)

Group F, Signal Iduna Park, 20:45
Borussia Dortmund - Olympiacos
Referee Vladislav Bezborodov (RUS)
Assistant Referees Nikolay Golubev, Vyacheslav Semenov (RUS)
Additional Assistant Referees Sergei Karasev, Aleksei Eskov (RUS)
4th Official Stanislav Sukhina (RUS)
UEFA Referee Observer Jaap Uilenberg (NED)
Blog Referee Observer 1 Edward A. (GRE)
Blog Referee Observer 2 Niclas E (GER)

Group G, Petrovski, 18:00
Zenit St.Petersburg - Shakhtar Donezk
Referee Stéphane Lannoy (FRA)
Assistant Referees Eric Dansault (FRA), Frédéric Cano (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referees Olivier Thual (FRA), Ruddy Buquet (FRA)
4th Official Hervé Piccirillo (FRA)
UEFA Referee Observer Patrick Kelly (IRL)
Blog Referee Observer Niclas E (GER)

Group G, GSP Stadium, 20:45
APOEL - FC Porto
Referee Gianluca Rocchi (ITA)
Assistant Referees Luca Maggiani (ITA), Elenito di Liberatore (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referees Mauro Bergonzi (ITA), Andrea de Marco (ITA)
4th Official Andrea Gervasoni (ITA)
UEFA Referee Observer Levan Paniashvili (GEO)
Blog Referee Observer Edward A. (GRE)

Group H, Dinamo Stadium, 18:00
BATE - AC Milan
Referee Peter Rasmussen (DEN)
Assistant Referees Henrik Sönderby (DEN), Anders Nörrestrand (DEN)
Additional Assistant Referees Jakob Kehlet (DEN), Kenn Hansen (DEN)
4th Official Lars Christoffersen (DEN)
UEFA Referee Observer Jozef Marko (SVK)
Blog Referee Observer Filipe Taveira (POR)

Group H, Eden, 20:45
Plzen - Barcelona
Referee Robert Schörgenhofer (AUT)
Assistant Referees Alain Hoxha (AUT), Norbert Schwab (AUT)
Additional Assistant Referees Oliver Drachta (AUT), Thomas Gangl (AUT)
4th Official Rene Eisner (AUT)
UEFA Referee Observer Johannes Reijgwart (NED)
Blog Referee Observer Carlos Salcedo (COL)

Wednesday, 02/11/2011

Group A, AllianzArena, 20:45
FC Bayern München - SSC Napoli
Referee Björn Kuipers (NED)
Assistant Referees Sander van Roekel (NED), Erwin E.J. Zeinstra (NED)
Additional Assistant Referees Bas Nijhuis (NED), Richard Liesveld (NED)
4th Official Pol van Boekel (NED)
UEFA Referee Observer Kaj Natri (FIN)
Blog Referee Observer Niclas E (GER)

Group A, El Madrigal, 20:45
Villarreal - Manchester City
Referee Pedro Proenca (POR)
Assistant Referees Tiago Trigo (POR), Ricardo Santos (POR)
Additional Assistant Referees Joao Capela (POR), Joao Ferreira (POR)
4th Official Hugo Miguel (POR)
UEFA Referee Observer Domenico Messina (ITA)
Blog Referee Observer Nacho Pascual (ESP)

Group B, Huseyin Avni Aker, 20:45
Trabzonspor - CSKA Moskva
Referee Alberto Undiano (ESP)
Assistant Referees Fermin Martínez (ESP), Juan Yuste Jiménez (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referees Fernando Teixeira Vitienes (ESP), César Muniz Fernández (ESP)
4th Official Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer Herbert Fandel (GER)
Blog Referee Observer Cagatay Iris (TUR)

Group B, Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, 20:45
Internazionale - Lille
Referee Wolfgang Stark (GER)
Assistant Referees Jan-Hendrik Salver (GER), Mike Pickel (GER)
Additional Assistant Referees Christian Dingert (GER), Robert Hartmann (GER)
4th Official Dr. Jochen Drees (GER)
UEFA Referee Observer Neale Barry (ENG)
Blog Referee Observer Assistant Ref (ITA)

Group C, Old Trafford, 20:45
Manchester Utd. - Otelul Galati
Referee Marijo Strahonja (CRO)
Assistant Referees Sinisa Premucaj (CRO), Zeljko Novosel (CRO)
Additional Assistant Referees Igor Pristovnik (CRO), Damir Batinic (CRO)
4th Official Ante Vucemilovic-Simunovic jr. (CRO)
UEFA Referee Observer Hugh Dallas (SCO)
Blog Referee Observer Dino (CRO)

Group C, Estádio da Luz, 20:45
Benfica - Basel
Referee Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP)
Assistant Referees Roberto Alonso Fernández (ESP), Jesús Calvo Guadamuro (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referees Carlos Clos Gómez (ESP), David Fernández Borbalán (ESP)
4th Official Javier Turienzo Alvarez (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer Bertrand Layec (FRA)
Blog Referee Observer Filipe Taveira (POR)

Group D, Stade de Gerland, 20:45
Lyon - Real Madrid
Referee Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)
Assistant Referees Andrea Stefani (ITA), Renato Faverani (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referees Paolo Mazzoleni (ITA), Paolo Valeri (ITA)
4th Official Andrea Romeo (ITA)
UEFA Referee Observer Guy Goethals (BEL)
Blog Referee Observer Edward A. (GRE)

Group D, Amsterdam ArenA, 20:45
Ajax - Dinamo
Referee Martin Atkinson (ENG)
Assistant Referees Michael Mullarkey (ENG), Peter Kirkup (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referees Mark Clattenburg (ENG), Andre Marriner (ENG)
4th Official Lee Probert (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer Nuno Castro (POR)
Blog Referee Observer Dino (CRO)



  1. Some interesting news: we have for sure Strahonjia, Proença and Schörgenhofer appointed for this Matchday 4.
    Furthermore, Schörgenhofer announced on his site that he is appointed also for the friendly Slovenia - USA, on 15 November.

  2. Add to the appointed list of MD4 Undiano and Velasco.

  3. Correct. Moreover, an appointment of Rizzoli and Atkinson should be sure.
    I think Schörgenhofer will get a tougher match this time than his first one.

  4. Hi Suricate!

    Robert Schörgenhofer announced that he will be considered for a match on November 1st, meaning that he will be in charge of an encounter in one of the four groups E, F, G, or H respectively.

    Given that he already handled a group G match and assuming that he won't get a group E clash (compatriot Thomas Einwaller did one on MD 1), there is only one attractive match remaining:

    Group H is a two-class society with 7 points achieved by Barca and Milan compared to 1 by Plzen and Bate. Dortmund - Olympiacos can be omitted (Austrians never get German matches).

    In my opinion, the only top clash for him would be Arsenal - Marseille. However, in view of the many Elite referees to be assigned, this designation does not seem very realistic ...

    Kind regards from Vienna,

  5. Thanks for this info, against this background, I will change my assignment.
    Hard to imagine that again an Austrian will referee Genk, moreover, this match would be a bit too less for him. Remember Kralovec, he received a tough match, look at our appointments, everyone counted with an Elite ref in Man City - Villarreal, so it really could be Arsenal-OM, moreover I think that both teams are recently not in their best form, it should be a clear result.

  6. @ Peter: für die Liste schreibe mir bitte ne Mail, falls du es im anderen Post nicht gelesen hast ;)

  7. Hi Suricate,

    Osasune - Levante will be officiated by Eduardo Iturralde González, assisted by Roberto Díaz Pérez and Jon Núnez Fernández with José Antonio López Toca acting as Fourth Official.

    Kind regards from Vienna,

  8. Hi Niklas

    The matches I will be able to see here in Greece are Dortmund - Olympiakos, Apoel - Porto and Bayern - Napoli. If you want me to do another match you can appoint me where you won't have an observer and download it.

  9. Ok.
    I have appointed you for Dortmund-Olympiacos, we can both see the match, two opinions are better thsn merely one.
    Apoel-Porto is ok, we will see if there is a match without reporter :)

  10. I am just watching Chelsea-Arsenal with Marriner in the middle, do you think he could have a chance for a CL appointment?
    Spain has 4 referees in the CL roster, Germany has, why not England as well?

  11. I have in my mind an appointment in the next CL matches for the greek team of Anastasios Kakos, is this possible, in your opinion? He's better than Koukoulakis.

  12. Hi Suricate,

    Andre Marriner didn't even get an EL encounter on the first two match days. In my opinion, this could mean that he is not considered to be one of the top 5 referees in England (Atkinson - Clattenburg - Dean - Probert - Webb).

    UEFA seems to have changed their policy, considering for instance the EL nomination of Deniz Aytekin who is "only" Category 2 compared to Knut Kircher and Michael Weiner in Category 1 who were both omitted so far.

    Kind regards from Vienna,

  13. Taking everything into consideration, these rankings and groups do not say anything.
    Kakkos hmm, I doubt that he is the Greek No.1, the matches I have seen from him were very satisfying, but he is probably too old for promotions.
    I am still hoping for CL matches for Strömbergsson, Vad, Hategan and Mazic. We may not forget Trattou, he is a very good referee.
    However, I think that UEFA will again surprise us, what about guys like Kuchin or Gil? I could imagine Gil in a match like BATE-Milan.

    I was pretty surprised to see Webb being 4th official in both derbys, ManU-ManCity and today as well, but FA always make such appointments

  14. Peter, do you want to observe a match as well?

  15. Mr Mazic MD 5 CL...

  16. Markus Strömbergsson is appointed as AD AR on Eriksson's match. That means that he is not appointed in Europa League, 4 Matchdayd, 0 appointments as referee, interesting.

  17. Rasmussen, Cagatay knew that, I could have known that as well :S
    A small surprise to my mind is Bezborodov's appointment. He had last year one match and that was not that good...Tagliavento must be bored, three times CL, three times on the island..

  18. Hmm, Eriksson had three insets, he always accompanied him, to my mind that means that Eriksson has the euro ticket for sure, along with Johannesson and Strömbergsson.

  19. What happened with Strömbergsson? Sporting - Lazio was his last appointment, then Gumienny took his place.
    And now? Only "additional" appointments?
    Niclas, do you know anything?

  20. I only can have a guess...
    why should one appoint Strömbergsson, if Collina has already decided that he will accompany Eriksson to Euro 2012? ;)
    I am quite surprised as well, but it could also mean a promotion. I remember several referees who only got one Group Stage appointment and one K.O. appointment in EL who were in elite dev. (Chapron e.g.).

    But another question: where is Blom? I think the logical consequence following his perfomance(s) has been made, I cannot complain about that, because there cannot be just positive consequences (= promotions) after perfomances, if you don't perform well, the consequence must follow as well.

  21. Now there is only one available name for Bayern - Napoli, and this is Bjorn Kuipers.
    I think Proença will referee the other match, Villarreal - Manchester City.
    Match for Strahonija should be Manchester United - Otelul.

  22. I totally agree with you, for Bayern-Napoli, it only can be Kuipers, because another Portuguese in the same encounter would be a surprise, I do not think however that Proenca will be appointed for Villarreal-Man City, I hope and think that he will oversee Lyon-Real. Moreover, one needs an Elite referee for Ajax-Dinamo IMHO, it is for Ajax a very important match.

  23. what do you think of Alon Yefet, could he be an option for a CL match? (IT WOULD BE PRETTY DESERVED!)

  24. Bayern-Napoli could also be for Damir Skomina. If he gets an appointment by FIFA for Club World Cup, he would not be able to referee a CL MD6 match, he has therefore to get his group stage matches before...

  25. and I would place a 1 Mio € bet (which I do not have) on FdB for Man City vs Bayern on MD 6

  26. and I would place a 1 Mio € bet (which I do have) against FdB for Man City vs Bayern on MD 6

  27. HAHA we will see who will win.
    I hope that UEFA is not going to be as tactless as they treated Larsen. I hope FdB will get a good and important "goodbye-match"

  28. About De Bleeckere, I think he will get for sure a EURO2012 playoff, before his last CL match.

  29. ah yes of course, I hope TUR-CRO.

  30. Hi Suricate!

    I can't imagine that Frank De Bleeckere is foreseen for TUR - CRO after the disagreeable incidents at TUR - SUI at the relegation six years ago - would be a rather doubtful farewell gift for him to be sent to the "Hell of Istanbul" again ...

    Kind regards from Vienna,

  31. yes, I have thought of that as well, what about the match in Zagreb?
    Would be a damn appointment if they sent him to Estonia..

  32. by the way, to my mind, this was the best FdB we have ever seen. His perfomance in this match was to my mind outstanding and probably the door opener for his career.

  33. tough match for Bezborodov.
    Outstanding atmosphere in the stadium, 75.000 supporters and Jaap Uilenberg observing him..

  34. Bezborodov has to improve the relations with players, he appears sometimes too arrogant, even though not because he is really such.

  35. He actually had a good CL match last year, until Golubev told him it would be a penalty..

  36. Stark is appointed for Inter - Lille

  37. Yes, in these minutes it seems to be published.

  38. Kevin Blom is back... Steaua - Maccabi Haifa in the EL

  39. Meyer appointed for Rubin-Tottenham, Kaasik for Schalke, Vad for Atlético-Udinese, Blom only for Steaua-Haifa!! Moreover, Braamhaar in a good match and Collum in an easy match

  40. Blom, Duhamel and Meyer to be demoted in winter?

  41. "Blom, Duhamel and Meyer to be demoted in winter?"

    Could be, but not necessary. Last year Duhamel and Meyer also took one match in Europa League and two matches in Champions League and later Florian Meyer was appointed in Champions League QF.

  42. I hope so honestly speaking.
    It is not due to perfomance reasons. Duhamel showed satisfying perfomances, Meyer had only one mistake, Blom..no comment.
    I think it could be the case that we will see Gräfe promoted..again..Schörgenhofer, Clattenburg, Gräfe, Kralovec and Tagliavento should be promoted next time.

  43. EL appointment-overview can be found at the bottom of the post.

  44. And what about Nikolaev? I'd like to know what Mr. Collina observed in Chelsea - Genk. It wasn't a so difficult test for him. I think he needs to be observed in another match. Maybe in Matchday 5.
    However his hopes of Euro2012 are really few.
    Maybe we will see him as fourth.

  45. I think it would be the best solution..
    Cagatay has won our appointments!

  46. I have to say it's a surprise to see Mr. Jakobsson only in "smaller" matches in EL. I saw him in last match in EL where Steve Bennett observed him and he was very good.

    Now he has a match in Romania, Vaslui - Sporting.

    Age problem? 42 this year.



  47. Hmm, difficult to say, but probably that is the reason. I do not think however that Vaslui Sporting and Vorksla Hannover are that small matches..his perfomance did not totally convince me in Ukraine by the way, but I agree that he is one of those who could have deserved more.

  48. Hi Suricate!

    Also interesting, the Elite Development designations so far:

    Clattenburg: 2x UCL
    Gräfe: 2x UCL
    Kralovec: 2x UCL
    Schörgenhofer: 2x UCL
    Tagliavento: 2x UCL

    Collum: 1x UCL + 1x EL
    Johannesson: 1x UCL + 1x EL
    Kelly: 1x UCL + 1x EL

    Einwaller: 1x UCL

    Chapron: 1x EL
    Gumienny: 1x EL

    Kind regards from Vienna,

  49. Yes indeed. I think the first five are therefore hot candidates for Elite, because after Blom's appointment..well, FdB, Busacca and Blom could have been demoted for sure. We may not forget that Kralovec has his first Elite Development season, but as the development is thus good, one could promote him to Elite after 6 months to my mind.

  50. Velasco Carballo is appointed on 11 November for the friendly Ukraine - Germany.
    Niclas, you should be happy with this...

  51. Yes, I am. Thanks for the info.
    He had us a few months ago in Sweden. Result? 0-0 boooooring

  52. On Sunday Michael Koukoulakis had a match PAOK - Panathinaikos which in Greece is considered a derby match especially in a hot stadium like Toumba. Apart from the penalty he gave at 86' min he was excellent. IMO he is ready for the next big step. A CL match. UEFA should pay attention to this.

  53. another aspect which could support him is that they could appoint Saraidaris at his side, a very experienced AR. But first of all, Istvan Vad must get a match..it is hard to see Hagen or Gautier getting in it although they were hardly appointed in EL matches before but such a talented and FIFA appreciated referee like Vad has not got a match so far..

  54. Anonymous1/11/11 14:34

    Istvan Vad got his first CL match one years ago

  55. Some very interesting EL Observers Appointments.

    Attwell has Cantalejo as an observer.
    Chapron has Alfredo Trentalange an very experienced observer with CL matches.
    Jug has Fernandez Marin.
    Vad has Bo Karlsson (His chance for CL appointment).
    Ozkahya has Konrad Plautz.
    hategan has Vitor Melo Pereira.
    Koukoulakis has Petrovic
    and Collum has Temming.

    All this has to mean something. Right?

    BTW Niklas I see you don't have an observer for Rizzoli. If you like I could do the match via download.

  56. Of course Vad had his first CL match, I know that. But I refer to this season after a very strong u20 WC.

    Yes, I checked the observers a few minutes ago, too. Cantalejo is clear, it is Attwell's mentor.
    Check the pdfs on the right handside, I wrote down me as observer for Lyon-Real, but you can make it as well.

  57. Just two points:

    1. It is probably good to block a match at worldreferee.
    You could e.g. submit an empty match report concerning your selected match at worldreferee in minute 75, then you write "report to follow in 30 minutes" or something like that, then nobody can write a report on it except you.

    2. If you have written the report and rated the referee including the match difficult mark, please send me the whole package via e-mail.

  58. Anonymous1/11/11 15:09

    Not sure what you meant by "strong U20 WC for Vad"?! That must be your personal opinion. He did a big mistake with that FK/PK/FK and then I did not see him in the final or at least in the semi-finals, so FIFA must have a different opinion, which I agree with. It happened the same with Busacca at the WC 2010. Both of them did big mistakes and deserved not to be considered further.

  59. of course a personal opinion and I recognized the incident but did not and I do not classify it as match decisive mistake or something like that, and the argument you mentioned that he was not considered further is not that good..Clattenburg and Cakir were better referees from UEFA, I mean, it is hard to imagine that a First group referee gets more matches than someone who had moved up into Elite group like Cakir..moreover, I doubt that they wanted Vad for the round of 16. O'Leary was appointed, then became ill, I assume they actually wanted Vad for a quarterfinal and O'Leary for a round of 16 match (BRA-KSA)..

    by the way, I am not alone with my opinion:

    ARG-MEX: http://www.worldreferee.com/site/match.php?refID=698&matchID=43574

    COL-MLI: http://www.worldreferee.com/site/match.php?refID=698&matchID=43618

    BRA-KSA: http://www.worldreferee.com/site/match.php?refID=698&matchID=43669

  60. Anonymous1/11/11 16:16

    I think you can't rate a referee based on FIFA tournaments performance. Why? Because FIFA always makes odd appointments. In every match of the tournament they appoint a referee from a different confederation than the 2 teams on the field. You can look at the last U20 WC, Geiger was really ready for the final? He was on the middle just because it was a UEFA vs CONMEBOL final. And Nikolaev? He got a semi-final, but now tell me what UEFA thinks of him.
    In the FIFA tournaments, most of the times, we have always geopolitical appointments.

  61. I totally agree with that.
    But I do not rate a referee based on FIFA tournaments but on FIFA perfomances. And he performed well, Nikolaev did not convince me and most of the others either, look at our corporate flashback, he was the second worst referee at u17 wc, but probably, it was connected with the message of Pettay's death which reached the Russian trio.
    What does UEFA think of Nikolaev, that is a superb question. I can only answer it like that..last season, two good perfomances in easy group stage matches --> round of 16, Valencia-Schalke, very weak perfomance. Last match, Chelsea-Genk, this match actually needed no referee, Collina observed it. Not reasonable to my mind how one can take this match as measure, perhaps in order to see whether Nikolaev is ready for a Euro. If I must answer this question with yes or no, it would definitely be a "no".

    The appointment of Fandel in Undiano's match is very interesting too. It is hard too understand and actually sad that UEFA has to appoint a Referee Comitee member to observe a World Cup referee, a youth World Cup referee and a referee who has already overseen many el clasicos and nearly 200 Primera división matches. Sad, really sad because it merely shows that they do not know what they can expect of this referee, hence it is no option for a big tournament either, but that is merely my opinion..

  62. Lannoy....what a waste of time this match was..

  63. Anonymous1/11/11 20:01

    What do you mean?
    It was annoying?

  64. Anonymous1/11/11 20:09

    I have doubts about BATE penalty

  65. I have not seen the penalty, but I am going to do.
    Yes, it was annoying, one of the most boring matches I saw during the last weeks. Poor technique, many goal attempts but the balls went 3 metres over the goal!! and a poor referee. I hoped Lannoy could make it better but I was again disappointed.

    Eriksson and Bezborodov both made match decisive, or at least influencing mistakes, we cannot be satisfied with the perfomances we have seen so far, Schörgenhofer as well is said to have been very unlucky when sending off a player for being the last man, even though it was a small foul...you say BATE penalty was wrong, however, Rocchi should have been very good again, two penalties, both correct.

  66. I have seen the situation.
    The defender's leg is lowered, there is a touch, it is to my mind a reasonable penalty.

  67. hm, have to correct me..the second penalty Rocchi awarded unfolds to be more a dive of James than a foul

  68. Anonymous2/11/11 11:29

    Jonas Eriksson is appointed for Netherlands - Switzerland, a friendly on 11 November. So, he should be out from EURO2012 as other many names: Cakir, Moen, Carballo and Schörgenhofer.
    Furthermore, Cesar Muniz Fernandez a spanish referee is appointed for France - Belgium on 15 November. This should be a joke, ok it's a friendly, but Muniz F. was born in Belgium.
    Portuguese Duarte Nuno Pereira Gomes got Italy - Uruguay, I think a fascinating friendly...

  69. Anonymous2/11/11 11:30

    I mean out from PLAYOFF matches

  70. yes penalty for Porto was wrong. was a dive and Rocchi was in a good position and had a clear and strong decision...he was tricked by James.

  71. Anonymous2/11/11 12:12

    I'm not sure, however on 2-1 APOEL there was a probably offside, very hard to see, but the player seemed a bit beyond the line

  72. do not think it was offside (of course not 100% sure):

  73. ah and of course it is hard to believe that Muniz has this match, born in Brussels..
    I think UEFA must appoint the big names for the playoffs..thanks for the info, to my mind Duarte Gomes deserves more of those matches, he is better than his classification

  74. Anonymous2/11/11 12:31

    You should watch at the previous pass, when APOEL player gives the ball to his teammate on the right side

  75. you are probably right, hard to evaluate for us due to this perspective. rather offside then onside..

  76. by the way pay attention to Nicoletti's positioning in both situations..he actually cannot see it..

  77. Anonymous2/11/11 14:17

    Yes he was in a wrong position.
    However Elenito di Liberatore, not Nicola Nicoletti. I thought of a offside, since the first reply and I don't understand why nobody noticed it... maybe it's a habit to watch only tha last passing, as you did :)

  78. Oup :S Of course di Liberatore, mixed it stupidly up..hm the problem is perhaps that GSP Arena does not offer good replays.
    Schalke played there two weeks ago and there were also two close offside situations, but they only showed blurred replays. Most stadiums have a camera which drives with the last defender..

  79. It is a bit odd. Again Rocchi went to GSP Arena, again it was a CYP-POR duel, again his assistant referee 2 made an offside mistake which led to/costed a goal...last time it was Cariolato who has, since this match, no inset so far, neither in Serie A, nor in UEFA competitions..

  80. Just published a report for Gianluca Rocchi at WR.

    Based on your system his mark is

    Control: 7
    Calls: 8
    Neutrality: 7
    Style: 7
    Match Difficulty: 7

    Final Mark: 7.25

  81. Oh no, now you make the same mistake like me :D It was di Liberatore and not Nicoletti.
    Thanks for your report, just one question:
    how do you come to an 8 in calls if Rocchi misses an offside position prior to a goal? Moreover, the second penalty was in my opinion a dive..a bad dive.

  82. Anonymous2/11/11 14:40

    Without the penalty for Porto and with the offside call, maybe the match would end 1-0, so no big damages here :) The surely correct call is only the first penalty.

  83. Yes, that is right.
    As overview..we have seen 8 perfomances, 5 times so far in the area of 6,5, 2 times something around a 7 and only one perfomance was really good and devoid of a remarkable mistake, and that is Svein Moen. I hope that the referees will do better today, I have (and UEFA as well) a lot of trust in Kuipers.

  84. Anonymous2/11/11 14:49

    Moen was the best performance yesterday, superb.

  85. Nevertheless I wondered why UEFA appointed Nikolaev and Moen for these matches (1st and 2nd leg) and First Group referees for OLY-BVB. Moen needs a final test in my opinion, perhaps, if Man City - Bayern is not refereed by FdB, what I believe, it could be a superb encounter for the Norwegian.

  86. Anonymous2/11/11 15:00

    I think DB will not be able to referee that match, because he was already in Group A with Napoli-Villarreal. Maybe UEFA could make an exception (for his last match) but I don't think.
    I want also to point out an incredible penalty not given by Rasmussn and even more his second additional assistant and another penalty missed by Schörghofer for Barca. Furthermore, I'm not sure about the given red card for Plzen.

  87. Yes, you are right, it was a very harsh decision.
    The past shows that it is possible (that occurred often) that a referee has all the four teams of a group. (e.g. last season Howard Webb in Group B (Hapoel-Lyon; Benfica-Schalke)

  88. Anonymous4/11/11 11:35

    In the next CL matchday we will see Mazic.
    The match could be Real Madrid - Dinamo Zagreb. As Stavrev and Strahonija had big teams at home, I think the same will be for Mazic.

  89. I think either Real-Dinamo, as you presumed, or Valencia Genk, or BATE-Plzen ( he has experience with BLR-CZE ;))

    What about Bayern-Villarreal? Villarreal are out, but perhaps a bit too big names..

  90. Anonymous4/11/11 14:52

    Bayern-Villarreal I think for an Elite Development Referee.
    Surely not an Elite one.
    Villarreal isn't totally out (they could reach the third place for EL) but it's impossible to win in Munchen. Some predictions: Einwaller, Kelly and so on.
    Napoli-Manchester City, on the other side of the group, it's like a playoff. There, a big name is needed.
    Considering out english, spagnish, italian and german referees, I think Skomina or Moen will get this match.
    There would also be another name, Nikolaev, but... ehm :)

  91. I agree. There have been both Portuguese refs, Kassai had Man City, FdB had Napoli, Kuipers as well, Scotsmen are impossible as well, Eriksson, too, Lannoy URGH!!, Nikolaev hmm, not ready for such a match.
    Finally, I agree with you that Moen could get the match, but I would not forget Cakir. No, I would even say that he will get this match 100%, he had Villarreal-Bayern, so he could get Napoli-Man City.
    Skomina. Hmm. Actually I would favour him for this encounter, but to my mind he did not show very good perfomances in his two CL matches.
    Who do you prefer for Lyon-Ajax, Arsenal-Dortmund and Leverkusen-Chelsea? Important matches in my opinion. My predictions: Brych, Kassai, Skomina

  92. ah and Bayern-Villarreal could be superb for Willie..

  93. Anonymous4/11/11 15:35

    In one of these games I think we will see again Benquerença, even though he wasn't so perfect in Napoli-Bayern. Another for Kassai, and the third, mmmh, Rizzoli?
    Lyon-Ajax = Viktor Kassai
    Leverkusn-Chelsea = Olegario Benquerença
    Arsenal-Dortmund = Nicola Rizzoli

    But let's talk about Milan-Barcellona, a really fascinating match. My prediction is Craig Alexander Thomson.

  94. A couple of things for EL matches last night involving Greek teams.

    Shamrok Rovers vs PAOK Ref: Aliaksei Kulbakov (BLR). Bad performance by the belorrusian referee. He denied a clear penalty for PAOK at the 6' for handball which would result at a RC. Many wrong calls and many cards not given.

    AEK vs Lokomotiv Moskva Ref: William Collum (SCO). He was very good in a very easy match. Not many controversies and a good performance overall.

  95. That is nice to hear, Edward. I am afraid that UEFA gave Collum up..but I think he is simply too good for EL, perhaps not good enough for CL, but one can only discover that if one appoints him....

    You know, I always make my own appointments, my own system, and I appointed Mark Clattenburg for Milan-Barca ;)

  96. I am making my EL MD5 appointments at the moment, I appointed Braamhaar for Rennes-Udine. I think Hansson and Braamhaar, one should remember these two refs for the last CL matchdays. Braamhaar would deserve a final CL match.

  97. did anyone see Blom? I only saw that he showed many cards..

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