October 21, 2011

WoFR - Referee Rankings (November 2011)

The list can be downloaded by clicking on the attached link. I again emphasize that these rankings are based on the referee's experience, appointments and shown perfomances and the impression I received.

WoFR Referee Rankings (November 2011)


  1. New look website is outstanding.Also, now is a noticeable step forward for the better in terms of expertise.Congratulations, Niclas!Go ahead!
    Dr Bane

  2. Thanks
    better in terms of expertise? Because I promoted Mazic in my list? :D
    I think I will make more changes in December rankings, a few days before Collina will publish the names. My favourites for Euro 2012 will then be promoted to A+.

  3. No, no! The conclusion simply imposes itself. Also, I think that Mr. Mazic certainly deserves it. No one in Serbia has such a serious approach except for Mr. Mazic, who is ready to listen and accept any critique and educate himself further.
    Dr Bane

  4. Great that you reniew your categories. I disagree on Mr Mazic. Doesn't convince me for promotion. Furthermore I cant understand why you demoted Jug and Benquerenca. I made my rankings with a few changes. Based on your opinion I decided to give Rocchi another chance. Final list will be ready in December.

  5. These are just small demotions based on impressions received during the last matches.
    Mazic showed consistently good perfomances in important matches, especially the important BEL-KAZ qualifier was good.
    Jug had two matches, disappointed me in NED-MDA and also in his EL match he was said to not have performed well.
    Did you watch Benquerenca's match Napoli vs Bayern? If yes, you should understand the demotion, this style is not major elite.
    Moreover, I aim at a list which also shows my Euro 2012 nominations (the ones I would prefer). that means that the 12 referees which will be set in my major elite group are preferred by me with regard to the coming Euro 2012. Hence, there will be several changes in Elite / Major Elite the next time.

  6. (I know that we all have known Benquerenca's style before, the only difference is that this time it led to a very unsafe referee perfomance and of course, two wrong penalty / non penalty decisions.
    I actually wanted to demote Kassai as well due to his Bayern-Man City match but I guess that I am not able to afford that.


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