November 21, 2011

Javier Aguilar Rodriguez hit by umbrella; match abandoned

30 minutes before the final whistle, the Primera División match between Granada and RCD Mallorca has been abadoned by the referee Carlos Clos Gómez.
His assistant referee Javier Aguilar Rodriguez was attacked and hit by an umbrella which drew blood.
Carlos Clos Gómez (l.) and Javier Aguilar Rodriguez (c)
Apart from the correctness of the decision to abandon the match, this is another example that there is a lack of respect which should be actually shown to the referees.
Quite a similar situation occurred in the Bundesliga encounter between St.Pauli and Schalke 04 in the last season when Deniz Aytekin's assistant referee Thorsten Schiffner was hit by a cup of beer. There were many other examples as well, in most of the cases, the match was consequently abandoned; that is the right signal and should be the standard. 
However, it is still unknown how the match will be classified; Granada led with 2-1, normally the team of the "supporter" who threw the respective thing will lose the match. Hence, Schalke received the three points in the last season (2-0), however, they led 2-0 and there were merely 3 minutes to be played so that one has to wait how the responsible Spanish instance will decide.

For me, it is hard to understand those actions, especially after such a frightful incident on last Saturday. One has to "fight against" such "supporters" for all one is worth.


  1. the decision of the spanish fa to let the matche continue on another date is disrespectful and disgusting in my opinion. granada should have lost the match by default. this only supports violence and stupidity between supporters as they don't need to fear of anything.


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