November 7, 2011

Felix Brych to keep "the hell of Istanbul" under control


Felix Brych (c)
Felix Brych has been appointed to referee the toughest Euro 2012 playoff between Turkey and Croatia. The Munich guy who is currently under suspicion to have dodged the taxes in Germany will be assisted by Thorsten Schiffner and Mark Borsch, Florian Meyer will function as Fourth Official.
It is the second time that Brych will referee a match with Croatian involvement after the World Cup qualifier in Belarus (2009, 3-1 for Croatia).
However, no match is unimportant and e.g. the playoff encounter between Bosnia and Portugal has already proved to be very hard to referee, if one remembers the incidents connected with Roberto Rosetti and his assistant referee Paolo Calcagno in 2010.

The full appointments (to be filled during the next days):

FRIDAY, 11/11/2011, Istanbul, 20:05
Referee: Dr. Felix Brych (GER)
Assistant Referee 1: Thorsten Schiffner (GER)
Assistant Referee 2: Mark Borsch (GER)
4th Official: Florian Meyer (GER)
Blog-Referee-Observer: Niclas Erdmann (GER)

FRIDAY, 11/11/2011, Tallinn, 20:45
Estonia vs Ireland
Referee: Viktor Kassai (HUN)
Assistant Referee 1: Gábor Erös (HUN)
Assistant Referee 2: György Ring (HUN)
4th Official: István Vad (HUN)
Blog-Referee-Observer: Carlos Salcedo (COL)

FRIDAY, 11/11/2011, Zenica, 20:00
Referee: Howard Webb (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1: Simon Beck (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: David Richardson (ENG)
4th Official: Lee Probert (ENG)
Blog-Referee-Observer: Qudamah Nader (POL)

FRIDAY, 11/11/2011, Prague (Letna), 20:15
Czech Rep. vs Montenegro
Referee: Martin Atkinson (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1: Michael Mullarkey (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: Peter Kirkup (ENG)
4th Official: Andre Marriner (ENG)
Blog-Referee-Observer: Filipe Taveira (POR)


  1. Anonymous7/11/11 14:45

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  2. Hello Niclas,

    you can find the news about Brych appointment on turkish football federation site.

    EDIT: Anonymous wrote it, too

    I'm looking for other appointments

  3. Webb to handle Portugal in Zenica.
    Thanks chefren, I am looking in the web as well. DFB confirmed it, too. Interesting that the tax affair has really no influence on UEFA and DFB appointments..
    It is - for him - a big chance to win, but to lose as well.
    @ Anonymous: it is some kind of house rule, you can follow it, or not..

  4. Chefren, there is still a match open to observe, it is IRL-EST, do you want it?

  5. Ok you can appoint me as observer, but keep in your mind that I will be able to watch the match only after downloading it from rojadirecta, so I need my time. However in this week end I think I can spend a bit of my time doing it.
    Thanks for your kindness in offering this match to me.

  6. Thanks for your efforts, then I will write you down. Yeah, no time problem, do not hurry. Here, they only show Turkey and the German friendlies. I think CRO TUR is more important than GER NED but....

  7. Here in Italy the news of Rizzoli, Faverani and Stefani at FIFA World Cup is still under silence.
    I want to say some things, because I have read in one of your previous posts, that you tried to contact AIA (Associazione Italiana Arbitri). Well, I don't know why (I'm not a referee) but here in Italy the refereeing department (AIA) is independent from the football federation (FIGC). They are proud of this condition, and they are accostumed to work always under silence. There isn't so much will to spread news about their world. I have always thought that this isn't a so good thing.
    They work like a secret services, like FBI, CIA and so on, referees can't talk at all. They have many prohibitions.
    The international appointments aren't always reported.
    But, if this is a bad aspect, I think we have also to stress the good quality and level of italian referees, in the european field. I think you surely agree.
    If you want to know something about, ask.

  8. This explains a lot. Of course, the results of Italian arbitration in UEFA competitions is very good, Rizzoli, Tagliavento, Rocchi mostly as well, Valeri could develop to a great ref. Banti and Orsato are solid refs as well in EL.
    But I regret something. That is by the way the same in Germany. There is a great peak (Rizzoli, Tagliavento, Rocchi // Brych, Stark, Gräfe (Meyer)), but what comes then. Here it is Kinhöfer, Weiner, Sippel, Rafati and Kircher - officials with less matches in UEFA. I think they made the right step now to appoint Zwayer and Fritz for the FIFA badge, I can promise you that especially Zwayer will have a great future in Germany, but in the international rosters as well.

  9. Oh Niclas sorry there was a misunderstanding, I'm appointed for return match, right?
    Sorry I thought my match was Estonia-Ireland on friday. Instead, it is Ireland-Estonia on tuesday. Please, if you can, give me the confirmation that is such. Thanks and sorry.

  10. No problem!
    It is the Tuesday match. Carlos has the first leg.
    If you want to change with him, I could ask him.

  11. You said it right.
    Rizzoli, Tagliavento and Rocchi (in this order) are the top for us, now. All the other (Banti, Orsato and so on) are growing in the european tournaments. Instead, Bergonzi and De Marco are a "question mark". They are used only as additional assistant referees, mostly of the time, and Bergonzi is near 40 years old. They can't have a so important future in UEFA competitions. In 2012 should change anything but for 2013 maybe new referees will be proposed maybe in place of the last two mentioned.

  12. Russo, Romeo, Gervasoni?

  13. by the way, I saw an assistant referee who is non-FIFA in the APOEL-Schalke match, Lorenzo Manganelli. He seems to be quite young and was very good, an option to replace the "old" men Maggiani and Copelli soon? What about Cariolato??!! No inset since his mistake in Cyprus.

  14. sry, not Romeo, but Peruzzo.

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  16. Ok. I will talk to you a bit about the last years of italian serie A.
    Until the end of 2009/2010 season, Collina was the italian referees chief of serie A and serie B. Then, he received UEFA offer, and he left italian serie A. He was replaced by Stefano Braschi, another italian famous former referee.
    In Collina mind there was to appoint as international referees, from 2011, Valeri and Russo.
    With the aforementioned change of Committe Chief, Valeri continued in his good performances. Carmine Russo, instead, had a terrible match, on 22 September 2010, Brescia-Roma. He missed 3 clear penalties, giving one wrong. Also mistakes in card management. Many rumors said that it was the last test before the sureness of FIFA badge, he was really unlucky. So, AIA and Braschi were forced to choose in a short time another name. They chose Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni, but it was really unespected. He is a good referee, but in my opinion, not a talent.
    Romeo is the oldest referee of serie A, and he has never fought for FIFA badge, in the past years he wasn't appointed so often.
    Gervasoni has still a good chance, but for now I don't see him so ready. He needs to referee more important matches.
    Peruzzo is young, really young, born in 1980, but he is appointed rarely for interesting matches. He needs to grow. Recently, he was appointed for an interesting Lecce-Milan, but he wasn't so good (in my opinion, obviously).
    We haven't news about Cariolato, he is surely injured, after Cyprus - Portugal he disappeared. Unfortunately, as I wrote, we can't have news from AIA, so we can just imagine it. There should be a really bad injury for him.
    Lorenzo Manganelli? You said it right, I'm almost sure that he will be a new assistant referee for 2012. Yes, and they should remove from the list Copelli.
    If you ask to me about the possible new FIFA referees, in the next years, I could answer: maybe they will try again with Russo, maybe they will prefer younger referees, for example Marco Guida (he seems really promising) or Davide Massa (but Massa in still in serie B now). Both are 1981 borned.
    However, now we have only to wait, for these reasons I think there will not be changes in 2012.

  17. I heard that with Russo, perhaps a bad day..
    Thanks for your interesting text, it's pretty insightful.
    Marco Guida, he did not get more than 13 matches, perhaps too less for 2012, but he has enough time. Copelli, hmm, I never recognized him as bad assistant referee. There are some other non-FIFA ARs, perhaps you can tell us some more about these (they are often appointment in UEFA competitions):
    Sandro Rossomando, Francesco de Luca, Andrea Marzaloni and Roberto Romagnoli (especially latter!).

    We have a problem in Germany, at least in my opinion.
    DFB has another system of assistant referees. Nearly every 2nd Bundesliga referee is an assistant ref in Bundesliga, so one can say that 2/3 of our Bundesliga assistant referees are either FIFA or 2nd Bundesliga referees which mostly leads to the fact that they may not be assistant referees (there was only Mike Pickel who made the step to leave the career as 2nd Bundesliga ref behind him, he was really a bad referee, now he is the best AR). So we have just a hand full only-assistant-referees who could become FIFA soon:

    Marco Achmüller (accompanies Brych, could be an option)
    Matthias Anklam too old
    Frederick Assmuth too inexperienced
    Marcel Bartsch too inexperienced
    Michael Emmer too inexperienced, but could be an option for 2013.
    Thomas Frank too old
    Sönke Glindemann former FIFA, too old
    Walter Hofmann too old
    René Kunsleben yes, promising talent, would be ready
    Dirk Margenberg too old
    Marcel Pelgrim too inexperienced
    Georg Schalk too old
    Markus Sinn yes!
    Sascha Thielert yes, he let the ref career behind him at the beginning of this season
    Kai Voss former FIFA, too old
    Wolfgang Walz too old
    Volker Wezel former FIFA, too old

    in this order the coming FIFA ARs of Germany (to my mind):
    Sascha Thielert, Marco Achmüller, Markus Sinn, René Kunsleben, Michael Emmer

  18. Sandro Rossomando had to retire due to age last season. He had a long and impressive career, with many important matches. His last match was the COPPA ITALIA final, in which there was Emidio Morganti (at his last match, too) as referee. Morganti retired too.
    Roberto Romagnoli is at moment (in my opinion) the best italian assistant referee, without FIFA badge. Unfortunately he is 44 years old now and the next year he will retire, so there isn't any hope. Maybe we can discuss about the reasons for which in the past he wasn't considered for the FIFA badge, but it would be a too long speech. However believe me, he is able to see millimetric offsides and he never fails.
    De Luca and Marzaloni have regular performance.
    It's interesting to read your words about assistant referees in Germany, here in Italy we haven't this pattern. A referee is always a referee, and an assistant is always an assistant, at lest for the most important categories (serie A, B and so on).
    Giulio Dobosz e Matteo Passeri are interesting your assistants, too.

  19. Ok. Yes, it is no surprise that Rossomando had to retire, he had so many years in UEFA competitions, I should have known that :D
    Here you can choice what you want, but mostly, one does not really choose, one is more likely chosen by DFB...for e.g. Matthias Anklam or Mike Pickel, there was no option to continue a referee career as they would have been relegated or generally lost in their matches, they had poor perfomances and were unable to keep easy matches under full control. Now, Matthias Anklam is a top assistant referee in Germany.
    You can have a look on his career here:
    a very good German football site with many details about referees concerning their appointments/matches.
    If you click on the 2011/2012 field, you will find a list of assistant referees with their amount of matches and by clicking on this number of matches, you can see which matches these were.
    You can also choose the option "Als Schiedsrichter", then the site will show you his matches as main referee.

  20. Thanks Niclas, I knew already
    I use it in the italian version: and it's really a big resource for everything. We can find all the matches of referees, assistants,and so on.
    A very great database.

  21. Kassai, Atkinson, Brych and Webb. That's really interesting. UEFA appointed both the english referees, it seems they have still doubts about this choice. We can give for sure Kassai, and maybe also Brych now? I don't know how to read the german appointment. Maybe we will see Stark at return legs, so now it's too early to talk.
    Do you agree, Niclas?
    Kassai seems the only sureness between these names

  22. Bosnia - Portugal: Howard Webb (ENG)
    Estonia - Ireland: Victor Kassai (HUN)
    Turkey - Croatia: Felix Brych (GER)
    Czech Republic - Montenegro: Martin Atkinson (ENG)

  23. I agree. Wolfgang Stark is not appointed for any friendly, I am still hoping he gets one match, too. But it can only be Ireland-Estonia or Portugal-Bosnia.
    Atkinson is to my mind not the best choice for this match, he showed a very poor perfomance in Bosnia-Belarus. I think the assistant referees are clear as well, for Kassai Erös and Ring, for Atkinson Mullarkey and Kirkup and for Webb Cann and Collin.
    UEFA would be cool if they take both Germans to the Euro, but I think there is a 0,1% chance that they will do it.

  24. Full Teams

    Bosnia@Herzegovina - Portugal: Howard Webb, Simon Beck, David Richardson, Lee Probert

    Czech Republic - Montenegro: Martin Atkinson, Peter Kirkup, Michael Mullarkey, Andre Marriner

    Estonia - Ireland: Victor Kassai, Gabor Eros, Gyorgy Ring, Istvan Vad.

  25. Strange. Where is Darren Cann??

  26. AFC appointments:


    Tajikistan - Japan
    Referee: KIM Dong Jin (KOR)Assistant Referee 1: JEONG Hae Sang (KOR)Assistant Referee 2: LEE Jungmin (KOR)Fourth official: LEE Dong Jun (KOR)

    United Arab Emirates - Korea Republic
    Referee: Ravshan IRMATOV (UZB)Assistant Referee 1: Abdukhamidullo RASULOV (UZB)Assistant Referee 2: Bakhadyr KOCHKAROV (KGZ)Fourth official: Vladislav TSEYTLIN (UZB)

    Iraq - China PR
    Referee: Peter GREEN (AUS)Assistant Referee 1: Denis SILK (AUS)Assistant Referee 2: Mohd TUMIN (MAS)Fourth official: Chaiya Alee MAHAPAB (THA)

    Kuwait - Lebanon
    Referee: Valentin KOVALENKO (UZB)Assistant Referee 1: Rafael ILYASOV (UZB)Assistant Referee 2: Mamur SAIDKASIMOV (UZB)Fourth official: Vadim AGISHEV (UZB)

    Jordan - Singapore
    Referee: Benjamin WILLIAMS (AUS)Assistant Referee 1: Matthew CREAM (AUS)Assistant Referee 2: Hakan ANAZ (AUS)Fourth official: Charymurat KURBANOV (TKM)

    Uzbekistan - Korea DPR
    Referee: Andre EL HADDAD (LIB)Assistant Referee 1: Ali ADI (LIB)Assistant Referee 2: Hadi EL KASSAR (LIB)Fourth official: Radwan GHANDOUR (LIB)

    Oman - Australia
    Referee: Ali ABDULNABI (BHR)Assistant Referee 1: Sayed MAHFOODH (BHR)Assistant Referee 2: Nawaf MOOSA (BHR)Fourth official: Yousef ALMARZOUQ (KUW)

    Bahrain - Iran
    Referee: Abdul Malik BASHIR (SIN)Assistant Referee 1: Jeffrey GEK PHENG (SIN)Assistant Referee 2: Mohd Sabri MAT DAUD (MAS)Fourth official: Mohd Nafeez ABDUL WAHAB (MAS)

    Qatar - Indonesia
    Referee: Muhsen BASMA (SYR)Assistant Referee 1: Mohammed AL NAHLAWI (SYR)Assistant Referee 2: Yaser MARAD (KUW)Fourth official: Ali SABBAGH (LIB)

    Saudi Arabia - Thailand
    Referee: LIU Kwok Man (HKG)Assistant Referee 1: CHAN Shui Hung (HKG)Assistant Referee 2: CHUNG Ming Sang (HKG)Fourth official: NG Kai Lam (HKG)


    Lebanon - Korea Republic
    Referee: Khalil AL GHAMDI (KSA)Assistant Referee 1: Abdul Aziz AL KATHIRI (KSA)Assistant Referee 2: Nassir AL MUDHAFFR (KSA)Fourth official: Marai AL AWAJI (KSA)

    Korea DPR - Japan
    Referee: Nawaf SHUKRALLA (BHR)Assistant Referee 1: Yaser TULEFAT (BHR)Assistant Referee 2: Ebrahim SALEH (BHR)Fourth official: Salah Mohamed Noor Shaikh ABBAS ALABBASI (BHR)

    Kuwait - United Arab Emirates
    Referee: Abdullah AL HILALI (OMA)Assistant Referee 1: Hamad AL MAYAHI (OMA)Assistant Referee 2: Ghanim AL BULUSHI (OMA)Fourth official: Ibrahim AL HOSNI (OMA)

    Jordan - Iraq
    Referee: Ali ALBADWAWI (UAE)Assistant Referee 1: Saleh AL MARZOUQI (UAE)Assistant Referee 2: Saeed ALHOUTI (UAE)Fourth official: Yaqoob ABDUL BAKI (OMA)

    Singapore - China PR
    Referee: Abdullah BALIDEH (QAT)Assistant Referee 1: Waleed AL MANNAI (QAT)Assistant Referee 2: Ramzan Saeed M A AL-NAEMI (QAT)Fourth official: Ali SHABAN (KUW)

    Saudi Arabia - Oman
    Referee: Mohsen TORKY (IRN)Assistant Referee 1: Hassan KAMRANIFAR (IRN)Assistant Referee 2: Reza SOKHANDAN (IRN)Fourth official: Yadollah JAHANBAZI (IRN)

    Uzbekistan - Tajikistan
    Referee: Mohamed ZAROUNI (UAE)Assistant Referee 1: Mohammad Abdulla JASSIM (UAE)Assistant Referee 2: Mohamed Jasem AL MEHAIRI (UAE)Fourth official: Mohammed Abdulla MOHAMED (UAE)

    Indonesia - Iran
    Referee: TAN Hai (CHN)Assistant Referee 1: MU Yuxin (CHN)Assistant Referee 2: HAN Wei (CHN)Fourth official: ZHAO Liang (CHN)

    Qatar - Bahrain
    Referee: Yuichi NISHIMURA (JPN)Assistant Referee 1: Toru SAGARA (JPN)Assistant Referee 2: Toshiyuki NAGI (JPN)Fourth official: Ryuji SATO (JPN)

    Thailand - Australia
    Referee: Saeid MOZAFFARI (IRN)Assistant Referee 1: Mohammadreza ABOLFAZLI (IRN)Assistant Referee 2: Saeid ALINEZHADIAN (IRN)Fourth official: Hedayat MOMBINI (IRN)

    The 45 y. o. old-man Muhsen Basma from Syria, is at his last international match.

  27. F. Taveira9/11/11 18:22

    Pedro Proença is nominated for play-off second leg.

    Pedro Proença
    Bertino Miranda and Ricardo Santos
    Jorge Sousa

  28. What does that mean? Do they want Proenca with Miranda? Would be great..
    Yes thanks for the appointments, I have made my own ones as well (see at the top of the page).
    I know, Basma will have his last game, could have been a little more to my mind.
    A good referee, even though I did not see him that often. His appointments and statistics offer no doubt on that.

  29. Antonio Mateu Lahoz to referee a Euro League MD5 match, another young guy from the Second Group.
    Aytekin, Ozkahya, Attwell, Turpin, Mateu Lahoz, Valeri --> promotion, please.

  30. A not usual appointment in friendly Hungary v Liechtenstein:
    Referee: Pavel Cristian Balaj (ROU)
    AR1: Istvan Miklos Nagy
    AR2: Székely Zoltán
    Fourth: Gyöngy Krisztina Gaál

    Do you remember Australia v E. Guinea?

  31. Haha yes..

    DFB replied my e mail! Wolfgang Stark is in charge of Portugal - Bosnia !!

  32. Regarding Hungary- Liechtenstein: also AR1 and AR2 are from Romania (both belong to hungarian ethnic group from Romania).
    But is strange that Balaj (who is considered best referee here in Romania) was sent to such friendly game.

  33. Hm, in those days, the conditions concerning refereeing in Romania are slightly strange :S

  34. I agree. It's chaos in the romanian refereeing world. Just to remember, one year ago UEFA Referees Committee tried to give Balaj, with two important appointments in Champions League group stage. He had not so good performance, and probably the UEFA plans for him were stopped.
    After that, we have heard many news about referees corruption and nepotism in Romania, so there are many and many problems for now.

  35. On the other hand, there is Ovidiu Hategan who could be a very promising talent..I still do not know what UEFA plans with Tudor. Too good for EL sometimes, too bad - no, rather too inconsistent - for CL. He is some kind of surprise bag. In 2/3 cases you get a superb Tudor, and sometimes, uff..

  36. Too easy for Croatia, I thought it was a more difficult match for Brych, but the turkish team has many problems.

  37. Croatia and Ireland are already qualified.
    Bjorn Kuipers and another referee will have easy life on tuesday.
    What do you think, Niclas? When UEFA has to do the appointments, before the results of first leg matches, it's always a hazard.

  38. Yes, that is right. But I remember Schalke-Inter. We beat them 5-2 in Milano, then Skomina was appointed for the second leg. Actually, Inter had no chance to qualify for CL SFs, the match was decided, but it was nonetheless a tough game, tougher then the first one. I think, taking into consideration what Turkey did today, some Turkish could lose their nerves on Tuesday.

    Velasco, I have to say that, disappointed me. Many strange decisions, Atkinson seems to have been strong, Webb, I do not know, and Kassai missed according to a live ticker on a german site the most obvious straight red of the world.

  39. Could you tell me the minute of missed red card?
    I'm going to download Estonia - Ireland

  40. Yes. I believe it was around the 40th minute, could be 39th or 41st as well.

  41. Here

    Player was looking at the ball, the commentary said.

  42. that must be red..the commentary should either change his profession or read the rule book. There is a borderline between dangerous play and a rude foul, this borderline has been passed. I expect from a CL final ref that he sees that. By the way, the penalty seemed to have been quite harsh as well, but I watched it via live stream, no good quality, perhaps there was a touch but I am not 100% sure.

  43. The 2 red cards (both for double yellow) are totally correct.
    However no big problems in a match without any history. Estonia was even lucky, losing "only" 4-0.
    They played very bad.
    Kassai is strange, sometimes...

  44. Now watched the penalty episode: I think it's correct. I really don't understand what Estonia defender wanted to do, going on the opponent in that way. Really a naive foul.

  45. Ok, good to hear that.
    Yes, Kassai is sometimes a bit strange. We all accept that he is a top referee but I cannot say that I have 0% doubts..
    yes, both 2nd yellows were justified, the first one even 200%..

  46. very good highlights video

    penalty difficult. I think he touches him a bit with his leg, but no doubt that the Irish wanted the penalty. Overall I am satisfied that Kassai got to know the red card on international level. After Benfica, now again 2 reds, before these dismissions, he missed a lot of reds in his matches and really did not WANT to show them

  47. I agree. Kassai style was to show less card as possible, and you will remember good (I think) the semifinal Germany - Spain without any card.
    Now he is using the cards with more frequency. And it's good.

    Yes you said it right, the second yellow on the first dismission, it could have been a straight red. Look not only at the foul, but the position. Ok not so close to penalty area, but there weren't other defenders nearby

  48. Yes. Noone could have complaint if it had been straight red. Colourful matches at the moment with Irish involvement..


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