November 2, 2011

Match Reports - UCL Matchday 4

The pdfs containing a match summary including our reports on the match officials will be presented/published here, as soon as the respective match is written in bold letters, the pdf is available and can be read/downloaded by clicking on it.

Tuesday, 01/11/2011

Group E, VAL-LEV, Match ID 14E1, Referee: Jonas Eriksson (SWE)
Group E, KRC-CHE, Match ID 14E2, Referee: Svein Moen (NOR)
Group F, ARS-MAR, Match ID14F1, Referee: Paolo Tagliavento (ITA)
Group F, BVB-OLY, Match ID 14F2, Referee: Vladislav Bezborodov (RUS)
Group G, APO-POR, Match ID 14G1, Referee: Gianluca Rocchi (ITA) 
Group G, ZEN-SHA, Match ID 14G2, Referee: Stéphane Lannoy (FRA)
Group H, BATE-MIL, Match ID 14H1, Referee: Peter Rasmussen (DEN)
Group H, PLZ-BAR, Match ID 14H2, Referee: Robert Schörgenhofer (AUT)


  1. Niklas I disagree with your approach at the penalty cituation. You say it is a penalty without foul at the Dortmund GK. IMO it is firstly a foul and then a penalty. The GK is being blocked by Papadopoulos. He is not given the chance to punch the ball.

    My marks for Bezborodov are

    Control: 6
    Calls: 4
    Neutrality: 6
    Style: 7
    Match Difficulty: 7

    Final Mark: 5.65

  2. do you want to have an own report as well? Or at least you could say some words on your marks.

    I first thought that as well, that Weidenfeller was blocked. However, as I said, the replays clearly showed that Papadopoulos is just standing there, he even moves away from the goalkeeper, latter runs into him. it is always a close situation between blocking and not blocking, to my mind, not every contact on a goalkeeper should be a foul, even though it was in the 5m box which is normally the goalkeeper's area.

  3. My marks are based on what I show from Bezborodov at the match. Just to clarify I am not angry for the penalty he didn't gave to Olympiakos because IMO he should have stopped the game for foul.

    Overall I wasn't impressed by him and many of his calls seemed wrong for me.

  4. Indeed, in the second half there was a large amount of smaller mistakes. What I have learnt so far from football and refereeing, the smallest mistakes are the most dangerous.
    I would be interested in the marks he received by Uilenberg!

  5. In UEFA's system probably a 7,8 which means he won't be appointed appointed in another match by December.

  6. Rasmussen report at WR.
    control 8; calls 5; neutrality 6; style 6; Match diff. 6; total=6.55

  7. correction to last post
    in style i gave 7. the rest is correct.

  8. Anonymous3/11/11 14:47

    This is a real assessment that were raised by the FIFA observers.Or did you think of the judging?

  9. Yes, I thought of Uilenberg's impressions on Bezborodov's perfomance.

  10. Anonymous3/11/11 16:56

    11 November

    Greece - Russia Tony Chapron (FRA)
    Poland - Italy Laurent Duhamel (FRA)
    Belgium - Romania Said Ennjimi (FRA)
    France - USA Michael Koukoulakis (GRE)
    Denmark - Sweden Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR)
    Netherlands - Switzerland Jonas Eriksson (SWE)
    Ukraine - Germany Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP)

    15 November
    Poland - Hungary Hannes Kaasik (EST)
    Slovenia - USA Robert Schörgenhofer (AUT)
    Ukraine - Austria Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR)
    Germany - Netherlands Cüneyt Çakır (TUR)
    Italy - Uruguay Duarte Gomes (POR)
    France - Belgium César Muñiz Fernández (ESP)

  11. thx, very interesting, Moen with the Scandinavian duel..

  12. Anonymous4/11/11 12:17

    The Asian Football Confederation appointed referees to the final match of the AFC Champions League, which will be held on 4 November 2011.

    Uzbekistan's Ravshan Irmatov will referee the final match of the tournament. Abduhamid Rasulov and Bakhodir Kochkarov (Kyrgyzstan) will help him.

    Ravshan Irmatov already officiated the AFC Champions League final in 2007 between Urawa Reds of Japan and Sepahan of Iran. Japanese won the match with the 2-0 score.

  13. Thanks for this info, however, for my taste, he gets too many finals at the moment.

  14. Anonymous4/11/11 12:27

    I agree, AFC is exaggerating with him, he does everything. There aren't other referees?

  15. A bit confusing to my can one leave a Nishimura out of the last five matches (final and semifinals), but appoint such a fool (Sorry, but that is the truth) like El Haddad??!!

  16. does anyone know the referee for 12/11 friendly between England and Spain in Wembley?
    Could be a nice test for Kassai, but this would mean that he would not get a playoff match. The best choice for this match is in my opinion Rizzoli, Kuipers could have a chance as well.

  17. Anonymous4/11/11 13:47

    El Haddad is a chinese fan... did you watch China - Singapore?

  18. Just published a report at WR for Rizzoli.

    Based on your system his mark is

    Control: 8
    Calls: 6
    Neutrality: 8
    Style: 9
    Match difficulty: 7

    Final Mark: 7.60

  19. Thanks, Edward, agree with you on the marks!

    Yes, I watched this specific game. One could easily get the impression that he was slightly biased, but obviously that seems to be an illness (remember Williams in Kuwait-China ...)
    Did you watch the semifinal of El Haddad? It was much better, but still not good.

  20. Anonymous4/11/11 15:05

    No. And what do you think of Al Badwawi?
    I think he is a superstar in the Emirates...

  21. Anonymous4/11/11 15:17

    I think he is for sure on 2014 list and he will fly to Brazil, he has a strong "power"
    (I can't explain it better here, sorry)

  22. yes, like Irmatov, everyone knows him in his country.
    I know it is too early, but I hope and think that they will take Nishimura, Al Badwawi, Irmatov, Al Ghamdi to Brazil 2014 and perhaps a young guy as 4th, Williams or even better Shukrallah. Kim could have a small chance, too, I do not see any chance however for AL Hilali and Mohammed Hussain. Faghani is certainly a talent, but I am not sure whether it is enough, he has still one year to develop until they'll made the final pre list.

  23. Anonymous4/11/11 18:11

    Pavel Kralovec (CZE) is appointed for England - Sweden on 15 November

    still unknown England - Spain ref

  24. Anonymous5/11/11 14:28

    Duarte Gomes no Itália-Uruguai

    Quinta-Feira , 03 Novembro 2011

    A equipa de arbitragem lusa composta por Duarte Gomes e pelos árbitros assistentes José Ramalho e Serafim Nogueira irá dirigir a partida entre Itália e Uruguai, agendada para o dia 15 de Novembro, em Roma.


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