November 20, 2011

Opinions, please..

Deniz Aytekin sent Ya Konan off in yesterday's match between Wolfsburg and Hannover...

In my opinion a too harsh decision. What do you think?


  1. Maybe too harsh, but it was correct because the player tried to hit the opponent with ball. Referees in these situations can sanction even just the gesture and the intention of the player. Now, we can discuss about the real will of Ya Konan, but it seems clear that he did it on purpose.

  2. That is the question. It looks like it was a bit his purpose, but I wonder where the reason for him should be. 15 fouls until this minute 60, no yellow card, everything under control and then that...I do not want to call it a mistake but this is one of those situations which annoy me a bit, too much rule book and too less, how should I call it, handling the match (?)

  3. Hi Suricate,

    in my opinion, by throwing the ball - deliberately or not - towards Hasebe lying on the lawn, Ya Konan hazarded the consequences of hitting the opponent which seems to justify Aytekin's interpretation of gross unsporting conduct.

  4. At least I must say that - if you are right - Ya Konan must have superb throwing skills, because it is hard to imagine that someone manages to throw the ball - from a distance of 10 m - onto the head of his opponent after the ball has bounced for one time. My common sense says me that it is no reasonable decision, but certainly no wrong one either.

  5. In situations like this one a referee must keep everything under control. IMO he correctly send off the player to stop a general fight inside the field.

  6. Carlos gave me this argument as well.
    Even though I doubt that one should send a player off in order to avoid protests and fights, the decision is finally no mistake. In Germany, many people said that it was ridiculous to send him off - the commentator by the way, too.


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