November 19, 2011

Reactions on the suicide attempt

The German Bundesliga has reacted in a dramatic way on Babak Rafati's suicide attempt. I have collected some quotations which express that:

Horst Heldt, Schalke 04 manager:
"I still know Mr Rafati from my active time as player: that is frightful and distressing. However, we should beware of confounding things before we do not have specific information."

Lewis Holtby, Schalke 04 midfielder:
"I have heard from this when I left the pitch and immediately made my flesh crawl. It should be an appeal to everyone that referees are no robots, but merely humans. Every weekend, they are under big pressure."

Marcus Sorg, Freiburg coach:
"I have to less information to say anything. However, in fact, it is a tragedy."

Mirko Slomka, Hannover coach:
"I received a brief message before the kick-off without having specific hints what has happened to him. Naturally, we did not make it a subject of discussion in our team before the match [against Wolfsburg]. It is very shocking. He is a good acquaintance in our club [as he comes from Hannover as well]. For this reason, we are especially interested in his fettle."

Dr. Markus Merk, former FIFA referee:
"Personally, I am heavily affected. It concerns the whole football. I have only one wish: all the best for Babak Rafati."

Dr. Theo Zwanziger, DFB president:
DFB president and FIFA EXCO member Dr. Theo Zwanziger (click for full press conference)

"The most important message is, I can surely say that, that Rafati's condition is stable. [...] One has to say, that his three assistant referees [Henschel, Ittrich, Willenborg) saved his life. [...] Of course, one has to ask, why such a young man only sees the hopelessness in front of him. [I assume that one reason is] that our referees are exposed to a very big pressure and that we do not manage to find the right balance."

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