November 11, 2011

Wolfgang Stark to referee Portugal-Bosnia vol.4

from left: Mike Pickel, Wolfgang Stark and Jan-Hendrik Salver

DFB has replied my mail in which I asked them whether Wolfgang Stark will be in charge of a playoff match. Yes, he is.
Wolfgang Stark from Landshut, Bavaria, will referee the 4th version of Portugal - Bosnia. He will be assisted by Jan-Hendrik Salver and Mike Pickel, Manuel Gräfe will function as 4th Official.
To my mind a very interesting appointment, taking the two English referees into consideration being in charge of playoffs as well, this could show that UEFA is still not sure which referee they will select from Germany and England. 
Furthermore, Pedro Proenca will be in charge of a playoff match, my prediction is Croatia - Turkey, but we do not know it yet. My predictions for the other two matches are Alberto Undiano (MNE-CZE) and Nicola Rizzoli (IRL-EST), although I fear that we will see Lannoy in a match as he did not get a friendly match...

Tuesday, 15/11/2011, 20:05
Croatia vs Turkey
Referee Pedro Proenca (POR)
Assistant Referee 1 Bertino Míranda (POR)
Assistant Referee 2 Ricardo Santos (POR)
4th Official Manuel de Sousa (POR)
Blog-Referee-Observer Edward A. (GRE)

Tuesday, 15/11/2011, 20:15
Montenegro vs Czech Republic
Referee Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1 Andrea Stefani (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2 Renato Faverani (ITA)
4th Official Gianluca Rocchi (ITA)
UEFA Referee Observer Vladimir Sajn (SVN)
Blog-Referee-Observer Cagatay Iris (TUR)

Tuesday, 15/11/2011, 20:45
Ireland vs Estonia
Referee Björn Kuipers (NED)
Assistant Referee 1 Erwin E.J. Zeinstra (NED)
Assistant Referee 2 Berry Simons (NED)
4th Official Bas Nijhuis (NED)
Blog-Referee-Observer Chefren (ITA)

Tuesday, 15/11/2011, 22:00
Portugal vs Bosnia
Referee Wolfgang Stark (GER)
Assistant Referee 1 Jan-Hendrik Salver (GER)
Assistant Referee 2 Mike Pickel (GER)
4th Official Manuel Gräfe (GER)
Blog-Referee-Observer Dino (CRO)


  1. If they appoint Lannoy this must be a joke. We are talking for 4 matches which decide the teams that going to the Euro. My predictions are:

    CZE-MNE: Proenca
    CRO-TUR: Rizzoli and
    IRL-EST: Moen

  2. Moen has friendlies:
    11/11: DEN-SWE
    15/11: UKR-AUT

  3. I thought Moen could get a match for a test if he is going to Euro.

  4. Two german, two english, and why not... two portuguese?
    Could be a joke, Benquerença appointment?

  5. Rizzoli it out of question imho at Ireland- Estonia because of Trapattoni...

  6. 15 November Friendly

    Costa Rica - Spain

    Referee: Mauricio Navarro (CAN)
    Assistant 1: Joe Fletcher (CAN)
    Assistant 2: Darren Clarke (CAN)
    4th official: David Gantar (CAN)

  7. Hm, I would not like a Benquerenca appointment. To my mind, the duel has been decided in Portugal, not only due to the domestic ranking which says that Pedrito is no 1

    Rizzoli ah yes, could be a hurdle for him..then perhaps Undiano in Ireland and Rizzoli to Czech Rep.
    Moen would have been great, but in fact he has two friendlies, no chance for playoff. Eriksson hm, Thomson hm. Do not know..Skomina could be an option for Ireland.

  8. I totally forget the Dutchman Kuipers..

  9. You are correct Niklas. Kuipers has been appointed.

    Ireland - Estonia

    R: Bjorn Kuipers
    AS 1: Erwin Zeinstra
    AS 2: Berry Simons
    FO: Bas Nijhuis

  10. Very good appointment. BUT WHICH ARS WILL THEY TAKE?? I think they do not know themselves. Simons, Zeinstra, van Roekel??? To my mind, the team which had been working for two years very well should stay without change, i.e. van Roekel and Simons.

  11. I dont think that UEFA may forget about Benqueranca easily and take Proença in.

    Get ready for a Portugese duel...
    Benq. harder one: CRO v TUR
    Pro. : MON v CZE

  12. I hope Proenca will get CRO-TUR

  13. Pls not Benquerenca :S
    I do not hope it and do not think he will be in Poland/Ukraine either.

  14. Just one portuguese team in the play-offs. Benquerença wasn't nominated.

  15. Yes, that is right.
    I always emphasized that in my opinion, assistant referees play an important role as well.
    What could an appointment of Bertino Míranda at Proenca's side mean? I think Tiago Trigo is better than Ricardo Santos, although both are very good.
    My preferred Portuguese team for Euro '12 would be Proenca, along with Miranda and Trigo, as additional assistant referees Manuel de Sousa and yes, then it becomes hard. Paixao? Soares? Gomes? Or perhaps Capela and Ferreira like in CL?

  16. Ok, then Nicola Rizzoli is my prediction for the last match. Probably Montenegro - Czech Republic because Croatia it's too close to Italy :)

  17. F. Taveira11/11/11 18:31

    Probably Trigo was not available for some reason. It's not usual for Proença and Miranda to work together, although they have made some domestic finals like some League and Portuguese Cup's.

    Agree that the better team would be Proença, Trigo, Miranda.

    Aditional: Sousa and Gomes or Soares Dias. Probably Soares Dias.

  18. Yes, on the paper these are the best officials.
    Haha, remember Rosetti in Croatia-Turkey. He has Italian ancestors but received the match, result? One of the best and most exciting matches of the whole competition. This leads me to a small poll placed at the right hand side..
    I am going to make some flashbacks on the last Euro, concentrating on the tournament as such and the officials. To my mind, the Euro 2008 was the best tournament I could experience with regard to refereeing, the climax was Fröjdfeldt in TUR-CZE.

  19. I am excited to observe Brych tonight, I think he must show a perfomance in the area of 8,0. But I think for one ref this evening is very important, too: Howard Webb.
    My bets:

    EST-IRL: 0-0
    TUR-CRO: 1-0
    BIH-POR: 2-2
    CZE-MNE: 2-1

  20. Velasco shows a weak perfomance. Brych something around 7,5-8,3.

  21. Yes... Velasco was poor. My marks: control-6, calls-5, neutrality-6, style-8 (penalty for Germany - handball of Kutcher, what do you think?, missed yellows for Gotze and Devic (symulation) and Kroos (tactical foul), however good foul detection)

  22. Hm, there was a contact on Götze, I think it was no dive but no penalty either.

  23. Proenca got CRO-TUR, Rizzoli Montenegro-CZE

  24. as expected. UEFA makes very good and reasonable Play-Off appointments. I think these 8 are at the moment the best.

  25. (apart from talents like Moen or Cakir)

  26. Astonishingly, UEFA decided to consider two referees from Germany and England respectively but only Björn Kuipers from the Netherlands while disregarding Suricate's special friend Kevin (or Bernie as he is used to be called) Blom. ;-))

    Kind regards from Vienna,

  27. hm, Blom is out of everything, I think there is no room for discussion about that. At least on international level, he should be no option anymore.

  28. Blom neither as fourth official in Ireland - Estonia...

  29. right. Why should have UEFA appointed him? FIFA wants to focus on Kuipers and Nijhuis..

  30. @ Suricate:

    I was only joking. ;-))

    Kind regards from Vienna,

  31. Full italian appointment:

    Nicola Rizzoli
    Andrea Stefani
    Renato Faverani
    Gianluca Rocchi

    Observer: Vladimir Šajn (SVN)

  32. Ui, finally it is Rocchi. Sajn, why Sajn? Rizzoli needs no observation to my mind.

  33. @ Peter: haha yes, I had hoped so as well..

  34. the best appointment is Cuneyt Cakir for Holland-Germany

  35. I hope he will do well, I am actually sure.
    A referee who gets one of the most traditional duels which is played between the current 3rd and 2nd of the world, this referee may not stay at home and watch the Lannoys etc on TV at home in Turkey.

  36. I wacthed the game live. I think, he didnt dissappoint us. Again, flawless IMO. But, the game wasnt that demanding either. On the issue of EURO list, I believe that Collina will somehow surprise us.

  37. F. Taveira16/11/11 14:34

    until yesterday I was in favour of Stark as german representative... but yesterday his and his assistants performance was so poor that i am in doubt now. Everyone as a bad days an d Stark can do a lot better. ysterday he didn't had any influence in the outcome, probably a good day to have a bad performance... but in a more serious situation with don't want a performance like that.

  38. Ok, two answers:

    1. Cakir was far away from a flawless perfomance, he forgot to book several players, protests of both sides were allowed, Duran stole NED a great goal attempt, it is a friendly, I know...

    2. Stark. I think we all agree that most of the cards (actually all the cards, if you do not prefer a penalty, then of course he may not book Coentrao..), but the penalty situations:

    1st: I think he was right when NOT WHISTLING the penalty, there was a contact, yes, but well, sometimes the phrase "not enough for a penalty" is suitable here. Postiga wanted the touch and even fell a few parts of a second earlier than he was hit. But as there was a small contact, I doubt that it was a dive.

    2nd: You can argue that it was a small distance and no deliberate handball. I would argue like this:
    Coentrao wanted to get a free kick, he tried to simulate a foul by the striker, which was NOT apparent. So he fell in a spectacular way, this means he has to pull his arms in the height to show : "Hey ref! I was fouled!!", for this reason an unnatural hand position, Salver immediately ran to his penalty position, again I would not say that it was a wrong call, but summa summarum, taking both situations together, it was quite harsh..I would not say he disappointed us and that it was a really bad perfomance, not his best day, that is for sure. That is the problem when you get a match where everything is open and both teams have really to fight. Of course, if you get a match like Kuipers did or Proenca as well, then you have an easy going evening. But Proenca managed to show many cards for more or less nothing. Protests etc. That is of course not NOTHING, but at least some issues which go together with an obvious lack of authority, he showed that in Villarreal, too, now again, I doubt there, too.
    But for me, Brych and Proenca have won the duels.
    No - I will not change my opinion which I mean honestly speaking and not just due to the fact I am German: no Spaniard, but both Germans - simply applying the perfomance principle, Mr UEFA.

  39. just a small info:
    I told you that I have made a list of all the perfomances of ELITE officials in the year 2011. Undiano is in the area of place 18-20 / that enough for EURO 2012? Velasco has not that much either, but obviously more than Alberto..

  40. Niclas, I have written the report. I have sent it to your blog inbox. Please let me know what do you think. Maybe it's too long (I have also talked about first leg match because I thought it was needed) and there is also a pic.
    I don't know if you will be able to publish it, however it's my first report. Sorry also if I don't have a perfect English...

  41. No problem, I will look it up later, at the moment not enough time. Thanks a lot for your work !!

    BTW: i totally forgot to mention the missed offside position at the 3-2 of BIH, perhaps too many situations to keep in mind, but of course, my mark 7,5 is then too high, would have given 7,0 in this case.

  42. As I said in my report in Worldreferee: It was not a penalty on Postigua, Penalty for Bosnia was 100% correct, BUT: Penalty for Portugal in 60th minute (Papac's handball) must be called and second goal for BiH was obvious offside. Two big mistakes.

  43. F. Taveira16/11/11 17:26

    About Stark...

    I said poor because the errors in other circumstances could be very serious. The match was decided by players and not by the refs, but in a more 50-50 match those decisions would be pretty bad.

    1)I agree with the no penalty to Postiga.
    2)The penalty for BIH I have doubts about it, but i give the benefit of the doubt to the AR, he was pretty secure of the decision.
    3)big off-side in BIH second goal. The off-side was easy to see and no flag came up.
    4)AR1 was so fast to point to penalty mark in a arguable penalty committed by Coentrão and Papac's was even easier to spot and Salver was not so effective in the ocasion.
    5)About yellow card's given or not by Proença or the authority he shows... I believe every ref should prepare the match in a proper way and choose a way to conduct the game. If more strict, if more relaxed, if a mixed of both...that's not my call... but i am not in the pitch to know what the ref listens and sees. For example i don't know why Stark send out Lulic...but probably for something that hurts the respect of the game.

  44. Hmm yes, you are right. The handball of Papac, yes, should be a penalty. We have to state that - in difficult or close matches (remember el clásico or CHI-ARG u20), the control is actually a bigger problem than his calls. Yesterday, it was different.
    I also want to emphasize the sovereign calls by the ARs apart from the goal-mistake, all the other situations (e.g. prior to 4-2 and 6-2) were detected in a superb way.
    The second yellow card was for heavy protests against Salver, there was a small replay in German TV, it showed that he had made gestures with his hands and then Stark approached and sent him off.
    Proenca missed some fouls e.g. yesterday, then a turkish complaint, and he was right when doing so, Proenca grimaced (symbol for "Baah, I do not want to listen to this shit"), this was the only way to teach the players that he was the boss, to my mind, this is more or less the only point of criticism I have when thinking of Proenca, if he improves that, he certainly belongs to the top3 of Europe.
    I could not believe it, but the results of my excel list where I have taken all the matches of the Elite referees together (perfomance is more important than appointment..) are ready. Kuipers is UEFA's no.1 if he will do not any shit in his last CL Group Stage match. Thomson is very high ranked as well, due to his large amount of EL insets in 2011. Haha, my marks also show the close distance between Stark and Brych:
    Brych: 756.5 points
    Stark: 753.5 points

    as comparison: Kuipers has 912 points, Kassai 881. Kuipers also with many EL matches and the super cup final which create the basis for his dominance, but everything is open, changes are possible. Unbelievable that even Blom got more matches in 2011 than Undiano :S


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