August 31, 2011

My prospective list for WC 2014

As the list will be published by FIFA in a few weeks, here is my final prospective list of referees joining FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.
My prospective list contains my opinion combined with what I think FIFA thinks ..
> Prospective List
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Instructions for top referees: protect the players!

Protect the players – protect the image of the game. This is the message being given by UEFA to Europe's international referees as they move into another hectic season of club and national-team duty.
UEFA's chief refereeing officer Pierluigi Collina spelt out the message at UEFA's European football kick-off events in Monaco. He also underlined the overall satisfaction with the ongoing experiment with two additional assistant referees, and highlighted the December date with destiny for Europe's elite match officials as they strive to be appointed for next summer's UEFA EURO 2012 finals in Poland and Ukraine.
Protecting the players, Collina said, meant taking action against serious foul play and reckless tackles. "We do not want to see broken legs," the Italian emphasised. "We have to avoid the potential for a player to see his health endangered by someone else. We do not need doctors on the pitch. We have to convince players not to put the safety of an opponent in danger. Respecting opponents and protecting players is one of our main objectives.
"The other main aim is to protect football's image," Collina added. "We don't want to see referees mobbed by players. We are experiencing situations where players run from a long distance to put pressure on and crowd the referee. We are recommending referees not to accept this kind of behaviour." The message has been reiterated to the referees at this week's UEFA summer gathering in Nyon.
Collina also spoke of the punishment that faces players who deliberately provoke a yellow card to receive a suspension. "Players will receive a two-match ban," he stressed. "This is clear – you cannot decide when you want to be suspended."
The experiment with additional assistant referees continues this season in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, and the two additional assistants will also be deployed at UEFA EURO 2012. "Very positive feedback has been received from the referees," Collina said. "They feel they have a better control of what is happening on the pitch, and that the presence of the additional assistants is serving as a deterrent against holding or pulling offences in the penalty area from set pieces."

As with any experiment, improvements are being sought constantly – the positioning of the additional assistants has been changed, and special efforts are being made to make the public more aware of the role of these assistants.
Moreover, Collina explained the UEFA refereeing set-up. The UEFA Referees Committee, he said, comprises 16 members appointed by the UEFA Executive Committee. Chairman Ángel María Villar Llona and deputy chairman Şenes Erzik are both members of the UEFA Executive Committee and all the other members are former referees.
In February 2010, the UEFA Executive Committee appointed Collina as UEFA chief refereeing officer, and Marc Batta (France) and Hugh Dallas (Scotland) as refereeing officers with the task of coordinating UEFA Referees Committee activities, defining UEFA's refereeing technical strategies, and preparing and appointing referees for UEFA competitions.
A common situation: His opponents despair of Messi
Referee preparation, meanwhile, involves three main areas – physical, technical, and development and future. Referees receive training programmes, nutrition instructions and advice, and their fitness levels are subject to remote monitoring. Fitness tests throughout the season and medical examinations complete the thorough catalogue of activities – including a visual ability test to ensure that referees can 'fix a vision', take an 'instant photograph' of an incident, focus on close or moving objects and react to movements around them.
The referees are also regularly followed by UEFA Referees Committee members and observers for assessment and coaching reasons. Courses are held for different referee levels, and development and future activities include the talents and mentors scheme, as well as training at UEFA's Centre of Refereeing Excellence (CORE) within the UEFA Centre of Football Excellence in Nyon.
The refereeing teams for UEFA EURO 2012 will be chosen in December. "Referees from the UEFA elite category will be monitored until then, the list of the 12 selected quintets of match officials will be finalised in December, and the selected match officials will then be monitored from February until May 2012," said Collina. "The selected quintets will work together." A EURO preparation workshop will be held in Warsaw next May, and the assistant referees are set to receive specialist coaching.

taken from
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August 30, 2011

UEFA Euro 2012 Qualifiers - September Appointments (I)

Paolo Tagliavento has been appointed to referee the seething derby between Germany and Austria in Gelsenkirchen-Schalke

02 September 2011

Group A, Baku, 18:00
Azerbaijan vs Belgium
Referee Lee PROBERT (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1 Simon BECK (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2 David RICHARDSON (ENG)
4th Official Mike DEAN (ENG)

Group A, Istanbul, 19:00
Turkey vs Kazakhstan
Referee Clément TURPIN (FRA)
Assistant Referee 1 Mikhael ANNONIER (FRA)
Assistant Referee 2 Laurent STIEN (FRA)
4th Official Olivier THUAL (FRA)

Group A, Gelsenkirchen, 20:45
Germany vs Austria
Assistant Referee 1 Cristiano COPELLI (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2 Massimiliano GRILLI (ITA)
4th Official Mauro BERGONZI (ITA)

Group B, Moscow, 18:00
Russia vs FYROM
Referee Bülent YILDIRIM (TUR)
Assistant Referee 1 Erdinc SEZERTAM (TUR)
Assistant Referee 2 Mustafa Emre EYISOY (TUR)
4th Official Tolga ÖZKALFA (TUR)

Group B, Andorra la Vella, 18:00
Andorra vs Armenia
Referee Aleksander KOSTADINOV (BUL)
Assistant Referee 1 Krum STOILOV (BUL)
Assistant Referee 2 Divan VALKOV (BUL)
4th Official Angel ANGELOV (BUL)

Group B, Dublin, 20:45
Republic of Ireland vs Slovakia
Assistant Referee 1 José Tiago GARCIAS BOLINHAS TRIGO (POR)
Assistant Referee 2 Ricardo Jorge DOS SANTOS (POR)
4th Official Joao Carlos SANTOS CAPELA (POR)

Group C, Belfast, 20:45
Northern Ireland vs Serbia
Referee Thomas EINWALLER (AUT)
Assistant Referee 1 Andreas FELLINGER (AUT)
Assistant Referee 2 Armin EDER (AUT)
4th Official Gerhard GROBELNIK (AUT)

Group C, Ljubljana, 20:45
Slovenia vs Estonia
Referee Stephan STUDER (SUI)
Assistant Referee 1 ? (prediction: Manuel NAVARRO (SUI))
Assistant Referee 2 ? (prediction: Sandro POZZI (SUI))
4th Official ?

Group C, Torshavn, 20:45
Faroe Islands vs Italy
Referee Tamás BOGNAR (HUN)
Assistant Referee 1 Vencel TOTH (HUN)
Assistant Referee 2 Oskar LEMON (HUN)
4th Official Istvan VAD (HUN)

Group D, Minsk, 19:30
Belarus vs Bosnia
Referee Viktor KASSAI (HUN)
Assistant Referee 1 Gabor EROS (HUN)
Assistant Referee 2 Gyorgy RING (HUN)
4th Official Mihaly FABIAN (HUN)

Group D, Luxemburg, 19:30
Luxembourg vs Romania
Referee Sergey KARASEV (RUS)
Assistant Referee 1 Nikolay GOLUBEV (RUS)
Assistant Referee 2 Dmitry MOSYAKIN (RUS)
4th Official Maksim LAYUSHKIN (RUS)

Group D, Tirana, 21:00
Albania vs France
Referee Aleksei NIKOLAEV (RUS)
Assistant Referee 1 Anton AVERIANOV (RUS)
Assistant Referee 2 Thikon KALUGIN (RUS)
4th Official

Group D, Helsinki, 17:30
Finland vs Moldova
Referee Anastasios KAKKOS (GRE)
Assistant Referee 1 Dimitris SARAIDARIS (GRE)
Assistant Referee 2 Christos AKRIVOS (GRE)
4th Official Stavros TRITSONIS (GRE)

Group E, Budapest, 19:45
Hungary vs Sweden
Referee Damir SKOMINA (SVN)
Assistant Referee 1 Primoz ARHAR (SVN)
Assistant Referee 2 Marko STANCIN (SVN)
4th Official Matej JUG (SVN)

Group E, Eindhoven, 20:30
Netherlands vs San Marino
Referee Liran LIANY (ISR)
Assistant Referee 1 Shabtai NAHMIAS (ISR)
Assistant Referee 2 Elias BITON (ISR)
4th Official Alon YEFET (ISR)

Group F, Tel Aviv, 15:05
Israel vs Greece
Referee Craig THOMSON (SCO)
Assistant Referee 1 Francis ANDREWS (SCO)
Assistant Referee 2 Alasdair ROSS (SCO)
4th Official Steven MC LEAN (SCO)

Group F, Tblisi, 19:00
Georgia vs Latvia
Referee Leontios TRATTOU (CYP)
Assistant Referee 1 Michael SOTERIOU (CYP)
Assistant Referee 2 Charalambos CHARALAMBOUS (CYP)
4th Official Stelios TRIFONIS (CYP)

Group F, Ta'Qali, 19:00
Malta vs Croatia
Referee Tony CHAPRON (FRA)
Assistant Referee 1 Emmanuel BOISDENGHIEN (FRA)
Assistant Referee 2 Fredji HARCHAY (FRA)
4th Official Fredy FAUTREL (FRA)

Group G, Sofia, 20:15
Bulgaria vs England
Referee Frank DE BLEECKERE (BEL)
Assistant Referee 1 Peter HERMANS (BEL)
Assistant Referee 2 Mark SIMONS (BEL)
4th Official Christof DIERICK (BEL)

Group G, Cardiff, 20:45
Wales vs Montenegro
Referee Luca BANTI (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1 Andrea STEFANI (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2 Renato FAVERANI (ITA)
4th Official

Group H, Oslo, 20:00
Norway vs Iceland
Referee Ovidiu Alin HATEGAN (ROU)*
Assistant Referee 1 Cristian NICA (ROU)
Assistant Referee 2 Octavian SOVRE (ROU)
4th Official Pavel Cristian BALAJ (ROU)

Group H, Nicosia, 20:45
Cyprus vs Portugal
Referee Gianluca ROCCHI (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1 Luca MAGGIANI (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2 Gianluca CARIOLATO (ITA)
4th Official ?

Group I, Kaunas, 17:00
Lithuania vs Liechtenstein
Referee Ken Henry JOHNSEN (NOR)
Assistant Referee 1 Svein Erik MIDTHJELL (NOR)
Assistant Referee 2 Geir Age HOLEN (NOR)
4th Official Espen BERNTSEN (NOR)

03 September 2011

Group I, Glasgow (Hampden Park), 16:00
Scotland vs Czech Rep.
Referee Bernie Raymond "Kevin" BLOM (NED)
Assistant Referee 1 Wilco W.A. LOBBERT (NED)
Assistant Referee 2 Nicolaas George "Nicky" SIEBERT (NED)
4th Official Hendrikus "Bas" NIJHUIS (NED)

*  Hategan replaces Weiner due to a still unknown reason.

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August 29, 2011

Wolfgang Stark again with heavy work

As usual, the German referee head Herbert Fandel had some special announcements for the new Bundesliga season concerning issues in and off the pitch. He told the German tabloid "Bild" a few weeks ago:

"It is out of the question that coaches are madly jumping. There were some cases at the sideline which will not be possible anymore." (excerpt: Bild, 3rd August 2011)

Jürgen Klopp and Stefan Trautmann...
In the last year's first half of the season, Jürgen Klopp - coach of the champions Dortmund - clashed with the Fourth Official Stefan Trautmann (photo r.) in the match between Dortmund and Hamburg after the main referee Deniz Aytekin did not give free-kick to Dortmund after an obvious foul. In the 2nd leg between those two teams, Klopp turned in a freaky cheers-sprint after his team equalized in the very last minute. For both scenes, he received a punishment (10.000 €).
Moreover, several coaches attacked referees in after-match-interviews so that Fandel seemed to have felt compelled to urge the 18 Bundesliga coaches and their assistants to avoid that.

"..there were some cases at the sideline which will not be possible anymore.", really Mr Fandel?

Last Saturday, the first top clash of the recently started Bundesliga season was held when Leverkusen met Dortmund; correspondent to the importance of this match, DFB appointed the German WC 2010 trio for this match: Wolfgang Stark, Jan-Hendrik Salver and Mike Pickel while Bundesliga referee Markus Schmidt functioned as Fourth Official. 
And again, Klopp showed a behaviour that cannot be accepted by the referee; this time, he blamed Stark for a straight red card given to the German "Super-Mario" Götze. This time, Klopp even shouted at the TV moderator who only wanted to get to know his opinion on this dismission (one could really feel sorry with the helpless Sky-reporter..). In his interview, he then attacked Stark and stated that his perfomance "was no worldclass", but this was the kindest sentence in Klopp's monologue.
But what happened? A review in a nutshell:

- 45th minute: Leverkusen got the ball and had a promising counter, 3 against 3. What did Stark do? He whistled for half-time. A "by-the-book" decision without any sensitivity; he then cautioned Renato Augusto for kicking the ball away (just to let out steam...).
- 62th minute: Mats Hummels (Dortmund) fouled Augusto who was on the way to the goal, a clear tactical foul, he was already booked, has to be sent off, Stark only gave free-kick
- 65th minute: Michal Kadlec (Leverkusen) was dismissed for a foul from behind, rude foul, clear red card. Stark gave a straight red, although he had already seen yellow, good to send him off with a straight red!
- 71st minute: Götze was in front of the goal, slided away and slipped with foot-up into the goalkeeper, Stark gave only yellow, too less in my opinion.
Calm but strict: Stark dismissed Super-Mario Götze
- 77th minute: Götze was fouled by Balitsch and was then dismissed for a trial of retaliation. Correct decision.
- 83rd minute: Dortmund scored the first goal after a free-kick, but Stark was on the way to the Fourth Official, the free-kick was not released by him; sent then the Dortmund assistant coach off but forgot a yellow for the early execution of the free-kick.
- 90th minute: Dortmund wants to change, three times Stark tried to allow this substitution, however, the match had too small interruptions. The player who should come in was angry about that (Kehl) and shoved the Fourth Official Schmidt who noticed everything.

Who said that Bundesliga is boring ?!

The DFB sports tribunal has banned Kadlec for three matches, at the moment, they are negotiating suspensions against Götze, Dortmund's assistant coach but perhaps Klopp and Kehl as well...
UPDATE: Kehl has been suspended for two matches. 
Mario Götze has been suspended for two matches and has to pay 10.000 €.
Wolfgang Stark has achknowledged faults in an interview..

My evaluation:
Control (25%): 7,5; Calls (25%): 7,0; Neutrality (20%): 8,0; Style (20%): 7,5; Match Difficulty (10%): 9,0 = 7,625 = well done

Watch this video here:

(Do not pay attention to the commentator, he is from BVB-Netradio ....)

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August 26, 2011

4.Spieltag Bundesliga Ansetzungen

Der DFB gab diese Schiedsrichteransetzungen bekannt:

26.08.  20.30  Hertha BSC Berlin - VfB Stuttgart Dr. Jochen Drees, Florian Steuer, Guido Kleve, Norbert Grudzinski
27.08 15.30 Hamburger SV - 1. FC Köln Florian Meyer, Christoph Bornhorst, Harm Osmers, Bibiana Steinhaus
27.08 15.30 1. FC Nürnberg - FC Augsburg Thorsten Kinhöfer, Detlef Scheppe, Christian Fischer, Frederick Assmuth
27.08 15.30 SC Freiburg - VfL Wolfsburg Christian Dingert, Sönke Glindemann, Marcel Unger, Tobias Stieler
27.08 15.30 1. FC Kaiserslautern - Bayern München Peter Gagelmann, Matthias Anklam, Sascha Thielert, Christian Bandurski
27.08 15.30 1899 Hoffenheim - Werder Bremen Babak Rafati, Holger Henschel, Patrick Ittrich, Kai Voss
27.08 18.30 Bayer Leverkusen - Borussia Dortmund Wolfgang Stark, Jan-Hendrik Salver, Mike Pickel, Markus Schmidt
28.08 15.30 Hannover 96 - FSV Mainz 05 Deniz Aytekin, Thorsten Schiffner, Marco Achmüller, Bastian Dankert
28.08 17.30 Schalke 04 - Borussia Mönchengladbach Felix Zwayer, Daniel Siebert, Tobias Christ, Stefan Lupp
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Björn Kuipers with UEFA Supercup Final

The Dutchman Björn Kuipers has been appointed to referee today's UEFA Supercup Final between the last season's winners of CL and EL (Barcelona and Porto). The final will be held in Monte Carlo/Monaco).
As he did not appear in the CL Play-Offs, this appointment was no bigger surprise, even though only more experienced referees like Larsen, de Bleeckere or Busacca got these matches in the past. Kuipers regular assistant referee Sander van Roekel misses the final, UEFA has appointed Erwin Zeinstra instead of him, that is a surprise indeed.

UEFA Supercup Final 2011, Monaco, 26th August, 20:45
FC Barcelona vs FC Porto 
Referee Björn KUIPERS (NED)
Assistant Referee 1 Erwin ZEINSTRA (NED)
Assistant Referee 2 Berry SIMONS (NED)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Richard LIESVELD (NED)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Danny MAKKELIE (NED)
4th Official Bas NIJHUIS (NED)
UEFA Delegate Lars-Ake LAGRELL (SWE)
UEFA Referee Observer Bo KARLSSON (SWE)

Following this link, you may find an with Kuipers.
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August 20, 2011

U20 FINAL goes to...

Well Mark Geiger will referee the final, Antonio Arias will have the 3th place match. Both in their fist FIFA tournament.

20.08.2011 | 17:00 | México vs Francia
Árbitro: Antonio Arias (PAR)
Asistente: Carlos Caceres (PAR)
Asistente: Milciades Saldivar (PAR)
Cuarto árbitro: Djamel Haimoudi (ALG)
Reporter: Cagatay Iris (TUR)

20.08.2011 | 20:00 | Brasil vs Portugal
Árbitro: Mark Geiger (USA) (foto)
Asistente: Mark Hurd (USA)
Asistente: Joe Fletcher (CAN)
Cuarto árbitro: Kim Dong Jin (KOR)
Reporter: Carlos Salcedo (COL)
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August 16, 2011

u20 WC Semifinals


17.08.2011 | 20:00 | Brasil vs Mexico
Árbitro: Mark CLATTENBURG (ENG) 
Asistente: Simon BECK (ENG)
Asistente: Stephen CHILD (ENG)
Cuarto árbitro: KIM Dong Jin (KOR)

17.08.2011 | 17:00 | Francia vs Portugal
Árbitro: Cuneyt CAKIR (TUR)
Asistente: Bahattin DURAN (TUR)
Asistente: Tarik ONGUN (TUR)
Cuarto árbitro: Djamel HAIMOUDI (ALG)

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August 14, 2011

CL Play-Offs 1st legs: Referee Appointments

UEFA has published the match officials for the first legs of CL Play-Offs. These are the appointments:


16/08/2011, 20:45, Emirates Stadium, London
Arsenal FC vs Udinese Calcio
Referee Kevin BLOM (NED)
Assistant Referee 1 Nicky SIEBERT(NED)
Assistant Referee 2 Patrick LANGKAMP(NED)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Reinold WIEDEMEIJER(NED)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Tom van SICHEM(NED)
4th Official Danny Desmond MAKKELIE(NED)
UEFA Referee Observer Wilfried HEITMANN (GER)

16/08/2011, 20:45, Parken, Kobenhavn

Kobenhavn vs Plzen
Referee Martin ATKINSON (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1 Michael MULLARKEY (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2 Peter KIRKUP (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Anthony TAYLOR (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Kevin FRIEND (ENG)
4th Official Michael JONES (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer Nikolay LEVNIKOV (RUS)

16/08/2011, 20:45, Stade de Gerland, Lyon

Olympique Lyonnais vs Rubin Kazan
Referee Gianluca ROCCHI(ITA)
Assistant Referee 1 Elenito DI LIBERTATORE (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2 Nicola NICOLETTI (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Paolo Silvio MAZZEOLENI (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Paolo VALERI (ITA)
4th Official Andrea GERVASONI (ITA)
UEFA Referee Observer Francesco BIANCHI (SUI)

16/08/2011, 20:45, Twente Stadium, Enschede

Twente vs Benfica
Assistant Referee 1 Fermin MARTINEZ IBAÑES (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2 Juan Carlos JUSTE JIMÉNEZ (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Carlos CLOS GÓMEZ (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Cesar MUÑIZ FERNANDEZ (ESP)
4th Official  José Luis PARADAS ROMERO (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer Rodger GIFFORD(WAL)

16/08/2011, 20:45, Haradski Stadium, Borisov

BATE vs Sturm Graz

Referee Svein Oddvar MOEN (NOR)
Assistant Referee 1 Dag-Robert NEBBEN (NOR)
Assistant Referee 2 Kim Thomas HAGLUND (NOR)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Espen BERTSEN (NOR)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Brage SANTMOEN (NOR)
4th Official  Svein-Erik EDVARTSEN (NOR)
UEFA Referee Observer Christakis SKAPOULLIS (CYP)


17/08/2011, 20:45, Allianz Arena, Munich

Bayern München vs Zurich

Referee  Alexei NIKOLAEV (RUS)
Assistant Referee 1 Anton AVERIANOV (RUS)
Assistant Referee 2 Tikhon KALUGIN (RUS)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Stanislav SUKHINA (RUS)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Vladimir KAZMENKO (RUS)
4th Official  Maksim LAYUSHIKIN (RUS)
UEFA Referee Observer James MCCLUSKEY(SCO)

17/08/2011, 20:45, Maksimir, Zagreb

Dinamo Zagreb vs Malmö FF

Referee  Pedro PROENCA (POR)
Assistant Referee 1 Tiago TRIGO (POR)
Assistant Referee 2 Ricardo SANTOS (POR)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Joao CAPELA (POR)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Joao FERREIRA (POR)
4th Official  Hugo MIGUEL (POR)
UEFA Referee Observer Patrick KELLY(IRL)

17/08/2011, 20:45, TRE-FOR Park, Odense

Odense BK vs Villarreal CF

Referee  Damir SKOMINA (SLV)
Assistant Referee 1 Primoz ARHAR (SLV)
Assistant Referee 2 Marko STANCIN (SLV)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Roberto PONIS (SLV)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Dragoslav PERIC (SLV)
4th Official  Slavko VINICIC (SLV)
UEFA Referee Observer Jozef MARKO (SVK)

17/08/2011, 20:45, Henryk-Reyman-Stadium, Krakow

Wisla Krakow vs APOEL

Referee  Stéphane LANNOY (FRA)
Assistant Referee 1 Erick DANSUALT (FRA)
Assistant Referee 2 Fédéric CANO (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Oliver THUAL (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Ruddy BUQUET (FRA)
4th Official  Hervé PICCIRILLO (FRA)
UEFA Referee Observer rene H.J. TEMMINK (NED)

17/08/2011, 20:45, Kieryat Eliezer Stadium, Haifa

Maccabi Haifa vs KRC Genk

Referee  Wolfgang STARK (GER)
Assistant Referee 1 Jan-Hendrik SLAVER (GER)
Assistant Referee 2 Mike PICKEL (GER)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Peter SIPPEL (GER)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Christian DINGERT (GER)
4th Official  Guido WINKMANN (GER)
UEFA Referee Observer Dragutin Kario POLJAK (CRO)
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August 12, 2011

U20 Quarterfinals Referee Appointments

FIFA has chosen the next four referees who will be in charge of the quarterfinals of U20 World Cup 2011 held in Colombia. Although I had them in "Nuestras Designaciones" (in Carlos' blog) as well, they are a bit problematic as FIFA did not seem to have thought of the last four matches...I am excited how they will manage that.
These are the appointments:

M45, 13/08/2011, 20:00, Bogotá
Mexico vs Colombia
The Guatemalan trio (fr.l.: G.Lopez, W.Lopez, H.Leal)
Referee Cuneyt CAKIR (TUR)
Assistant Referee 1 Bahattin DURAN (TUR)
Assistant Referee 2 Tarik ONGUN (TUR)
4th Official Markus STRÖMBERGSSON (SWE)
Reporter Nacho PASCUAL (ESP)

M46, 13/08/2011, 17:00, Cartagena
Portugal vs Argentina
Referee Peter O'LEARY (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1 Ravinesh KUMAR (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 2 Jackson NAMO (SOL)
4th Official KIM Dong Jin (KOR)
Reporter Rubén LOPEZ (ESP)

M47, 14/08/2011, 18:00, Pereira
Brazil vs Spain
Referee Walter LOPEZ (GUA)
Assistant Referee 1 Hermenerito LEAL (GUA)
Assistant Referee 2 Gerson LOPEZ (GUA)
4th Official Mark GEIGER (USA)
Reporter Dino (Croref) (CRO)

M48, 14/08/2011, 15:00, Cali
Nigeria vs France
Referee Dario UBRIACO (URU)
Assistant Referee 1 Carlos PASTORINO (URU)
Assistant Referee 2 William CASAVIEJA (URU)
4th Official Wilson SENEME (BRA)
Reporter Cagatay IRIS (TUR)


M49, 17/08/2011, 20:00, Pereira
W47-W45 (BRA/ESP vs COL/MEX)
Referee TBD

M50, 17/08/2011, 17:00, Medellin
W48-W46 (NGA/FRA vs POR-ARG)
Referee TBD
Reporter Maicon DE OLIVEIRA (BRA)

3rd place: TBD
Final: everyone can send me his marks to make an average, Carlos will probably make the WR report as he will probably be in Bogotá.
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August 11, 2011

DISCUSSION: France vs Ecuador

KIM Dong Jin (Korea Rep., 1973)
Mercifully, football and its manifold laws consistently present new controversial situations which can be discussed. After this hotly debated incident in last week's Bundesliga encounter between Hannover and Hoffenheim, one of those decisions could be observed yesterday, too. That will be the last post for two weeks as I am gonna be on vacation.

It is a matter of yesterday's FIFA Under 20 World Cup Round of 16 match in Colombia between France and Ecuador when the only goal of the evening scored by France was given by the Korean referee Kim Dong-Jin, although some people of the community have seen an offside position there. As there is no good youtube video for this situation, you can use's service HERE.

The main question is: Did the French player who was offside influence the goalkeeper's reaction, behaviour or view? If yes, it is surely offside and consequently a match decisive mistake, that is what I thought before..)
Let us consult - again - FIFA Laws of the Game:

LAW 11 - Offside - FIFA Laws of the Game 2011/2012 - Page 33

A player in an offside position is only penalised if, at the moment the ball touches or is played by one of his team, he is, in the opinion of the referee, involved in active play by:
- interfering with play or
- interfering with an opponent or
- gaining an advantage by being in that position

The case of "gaining an advantage by being in that position" stands - in my opinion - for the situation if the reaction or view of the goalkeeper will be influenced by the player being in an offside position.
Was that the case? To my mind, not really. He had enough time to react; furthermore, the French who was offside made no move to get the ball as he surely recognized that he cannot get it, in addition, he was about one metre away from the ball from the goalkeeper's perspective.
In my opinion, this rule is out of the question as the Assistant Referees have to..

- pay attention to the moment when the ball is played
- be at level with the last defender
- decide in approximately 0,5 seconds whether the player was in offside and whether he is active or passive and finally...
- interpret whether the goalkeeper was influenced by that.

How should one handle that in extremely close situations?

Interpretation, that is the key word. In the school, there one says: "Every interpretation is correct or is not wrong as long as there are good reasons for it." These good reasons exist for both sides in this specific situation, for offside and for onside.
From my point of view, it is onside and therefore a correct and important decision made by Byoung Eun Yang.

The most important thing is that nobody can say that it was a mistake, because in this situation, where it was a 50-50 decision, there is simply no totally wrong decision. The rule emphasizes the expression "in the opinion of the referee", an opinion never is wrong.

But what do you think?
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August 10, 2011

2.Spieltag Bundesliga Ansetzungen

Thorsten Kinhöfer wird vom DFB für seine kapitale Fehlentscheidung mit einer weiteren Ansetzung belohnt, außerdem kommen Stark und Gräfe erneut zum Einsatz; Gräfe leitet das "Topspiel" zwischen Gladbach und Stuttgart:

Samstag, 13/08/2011, 15:30 (*18:30)/Sonntag 15:30**, 17:30***

Schalke 04 - 1. FC Köln Guido Winkmann, Dirk Margenberg, Christian Bandurski, Marcel Pelgrim

Hamburger SV - Hertha BSC Berlin Wolfgang Stark, Jan-Hendrik Salver, Mike Pickel, Harm Osmers

1. FC Nürnberg - Hannover 96 Marco Fritz, Volker Wezel, René Kunsleben, Marcel Unger

SC Freiburg - FSV Mainz 05 Thorsten Kinhöfer, Detlef Scheppe, Christian Fischer, Michael Emmer

1899 Hoffenheim - Borussia Dortmund Deniz Aytekin, Benjamin Cortus, Thorsten Schiffner, Guido Kleve

VfL Wolfsburg - Bayern München Knut Kircher, Robert Kempter, Stefan Lupp, Florian Steuer

Borussia Mönchengladbach - VfB Stuttgart Manuel Gräfe, Markus Häcker, Bastian Dankert, Frank Willenborg

1. FC Kaiserslautern - FC Augsburg** Tobias Welz, Tobias Stieler, Marcel Bartsch, Wolfgang Walz

Bayer Leverkusen - Werder Bremen*** Dr. Felix Brych, Mark Borsch, Walter Hofmann, Robert Kampka

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August 8, 2011

Collecting Friendly Appointments (10.8.)

If you have more appointments, please let me know, then we can collect them..

10/08/2011, 19:45, Budapest
Hungary vs Iceland
Referee Wolfgang STARK (GER)
Assistant Referee 1 Mike PICKEL (GER)
Assistant Referee 2 Guido KLEVE (GER)
4th Official ?

10/08/2011, 20:00, ?
Ukraine vs Sweden
Assistant Referee 1 Giorgio NICCOLAI (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2 Simone GHIANDAI (ITA)
4th Official ?

10/08/2011, 20:00, ?
France vs Chile
Referee Stuart ATTWELL (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1 David RICHARDSON (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2 Adam WATTS (ENG)
4th Official ?

10/08/2011, 20:30, ?
Turkey vs Estonia
Referee Lee PROBERT (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1 Michael MULLARKEY (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2 Jake COLLIN (ENG)
4th Official Husseyin GOCEK (TUR)

10/08/2011, 20.30, Lubin (Dialog Arena)
Poland vs Georgia
Referee Andriy SHANDOR (UKR)
Assistant Referee 1 Ihor PONOMARENKO (UKR)
Assistant Referee 2 Serhiy VOZNYAK (UKR)
4th Official Mariusz PODGÓRSKI (POL)

10/08/2011, 20:45, Stuttgart
Germany vs Brazil
Referee Viktor KASSAI (HUN)
Assistant Referee 1 Gabor EROS (HUN)
Assistant Referee 2 Tibor VAMOS (HUN)
4th Official ?

10/08/2011, 20:45, Bari
Italy vs Spain
Referee Felix BRYCH (GER, r.)
Assistant Referee 1 Thorsten SCHIFFNER (GER)
Assistant Referee 2 Mark BORSCH (GER)
4th Official Antonio DAMATO (ITA)

10/08/2011, 20:45, Glasgow (Hampden Park)
Scotland vs Denmark
Referee Marco BORG (MLT)
Assistant Referee 1 Konrad BORG (MLT)
Assistant Referee 2 Edward SPITERI (MLT)
4th Official Alan MUIR (SCO)

10/08/2011, 20:45, Dublin
Ireland vs Croatia
Referee Tom Harald HAGEN (NOR)
Assistant Referee 1 Svein Inge WIKEN (NOR)
Assistant Referee 2 Dag Roger NEBBEN (NOR)
4th Official ?

10/08/2011, 21:00, London (Wembley)
England vs Netherlands CANCELLED*
Assistant Referee 1 Roberto ALONSO FERNANDEZ (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2 Jesús CALVO GUADAMURO (ESP)
4th Official ?

10/08/2011, 22:00, Algarve Stadium
Portugal vs Luxembourg
Referee Antonio MATEU LAHOZ (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1 Javier AGUILAR RODRIGUEZ (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2 Pau CEBRIAN DAVIS (ESP)
4th Official Nuno ALMEIDA (POR)

* the match has been cancelled due to the recent riots in London (among others) !
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Very early predictions for CAF Africa Cup of Nations

The next CAF Africa Cup of Nations will be held in Gabon/Equatorialguinea from 21st January to 12th February 2012. Now, it is time for a very early list of referees I thought of.
Upon consultation with Carlos, we decided to put Codjia on the list as well..unfortunately.
There are normally 16 referees and 16 assistant referees including one referee and two assistant referees coming from AFC zone. Last times, there were Nishimura (2008) and Al Ghamdi (2010).
The first prospective list contains 18 referees from CAF zone and 2 from AFC zone (22 AR, 3 AR).


1. Khalid ABDEL RAHMAN, Sudan
2. Abdullah AL HILALI, Oman
Bouchaib El Ahrach discussing in OM-Lille (Supercup France)
3. Néant ALIOUM, Cameroon
4. Kacem BEN NACEUR, Tunisia
5. Daniel BENNETT, South Africa
6. Mohamed BENOUZA, Algeria
7. Coffi CODJIA, Benin
8. Koman COULIBALY, Mali
9. Jerome DAMON, South Africa
10. Badara DIATTA, Senegal
11. Kokou DJAOUPE, Togo
12. Noumandiez DOUE, Côte d'Ivoire
13. Bouchaib EL AHRACH, Morocco
14. Alireza FAGHANI, Iran
15. Djamel HAIMOUDI, Algeria
16. Slim JEDDIDI, Tunisia
17. Wellington KOAMA, Zambia
18. Eddy MAILLET, Seychelles
19. Helder MARTINS, Angola
20. Rajindraparsad SEECHURN, Mauritius

Assistant Referees

1. Naser Sadek ABDEL NABI, Egypt
World Cup 2010 AR: Evarist Menkouande
2. Mohammadreza ABOLFAZLI, Iran
3. Redouane ACHIK, Morocco
4. Hamad Sulaiman Marhoon AL MAYAHI, Oman
5. Jean-Claude BIRUMUSHAHU, Burundi
6. Balkrishna BOOTUN, Mauritius
7. Djibril CAMARA, Senegal
8. Inacio Manuel CANDIDO, Angola
9. Moffat CHAMPITI, Malawi
10. Kenneth CHICHENGA, Zambia
11. Jason DAMOO, Seychelles
12. Peter EDIBE, Nigeria
13. Foaad EL MAGHRABI, Libya
14. Alexis FASSINOU, Benin
15. Desire GAHUNGU, Burundi
16. Beshir HASSANI, Tunisia
17. Felicien KABANDA, Rwanda
18. Hassan KAMRANIFAR, Iran
19. Komi KONYOH, Togo
20. Aden MARWA, Kenya
21. Evarist MENKOUANDE, Cameroon
22. Enock MOLEFE, South Africa
23. Angesom OGBAMARIAM, Eritrea
24. Zakele SIWELA, South Africa
25. Songuifolo YEO, Côte d'Ivoire
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U20 Round of 16 Referee Appointments

As there is no real time for doing these MPs and MRs at the moment as I will be on vacation in a few days, I publish the next referee appointments in the common way:

Round of 16

Match 37, 09/08/2011, 20:00, Pereira
Cameroon vs Mexico
Referee Wilson SENEME (BRA)
Assistant Referee 1 Emerson DE CARVALHO (BRA)
Assistant Referee 2 Alessandro ROCHA (BRA)
4th Official Walter LOPEZ (GUA)
Blog-Referee-Observer Rubén LOPEZ (ESP)

Match 38, 09/08/2011, 17:00, Cali
Portugal vs Guatemala
Referee Djamel HAIMOUDI (ALG)
Assistant Referee 1 Ayman DEGAISH (EGY)
Assistant Referee 2 Foaad EL MAGHRABI (LBY)
4th Official Noumandiez DOUE (CIV)
Blog-Referee-Observer Carlos SALCEDO (COL)

Match 39, 09/08/2011, 20:00, Bogota
Colombia vs Costa Rica
Referee Mark CLATTENBURG (ENG, r.)
Assistant Referee 1 Simon BECK (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2 Stephen CHILD (ENG)
4th Official William COLLUM (SCO)
Blog-Referee-Observer Maicon DE OLIVEIRA (BRA)

Match 40, 09/08/2011, 17:00, Medellin
Argentina vs Egypt
Assistant Referee 1 Fredrik NILSSON (SWE)
Assistant Referee 2 Magnus SJOBLOM (SWE)
4th Official Robert SCHÖRGENHOFER (AUT) 
Blog-Referee-Observer Cagatay IRIS (TUR)

Match 41, 10/08/2011, 17:00, Armenia
Nigeria vs England
Referee Antonio ARIAS (PAR)
Assistant Referee 1 Carlos CACERES (PAR)
Assistant Referee 2 Milciades SALDIVAR (PAR)
4th Official Dario UBRIACO (URU)
Blog-Referee-Observer Dino (Croref) (CRO)

Match 42, 10/08/2011, 17:00, Manizales
Spain vs Korea Rep.
Referee Mark GEIGER (USA)
Assistant Referee 1 Sean Mark HURD (USA)
Assistant Referee 2 Joe FLETCHER (CAN)
4th Official Cuneyt CAKIR (TUR)

Match 43, 10/08/2011, 20:00, Barranquilla
Brazil vs Saudi Arabia
Referee Istvan VAD (HUN)
Assistant Referee 1 Gyorgy RING (HUN)
Assistant Referee 2 Zsolt Attila SZPISJAK (HUN)
4th Official William COLLUM (SCO)

Match 44, 10/08/2011, 20:00, Cartagena
France vs Ecuador
Referee KIM Dong Jin (KOR, r.)
Assistant Referee 1 LEE Jungmin (KOR)
Assistant Referee 2 YANG Byoung Eun (KOR)
4th Official Abdulrahman MOHAMMED (QAT)
Blog-Referee-Observer Nacho (ESP)

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August 7, 2011


For queries of any sort with regard to international refereeing or the content of this blog, you may contact this blog's admin either via mail ( ) or using the contact form below. A query sent by mail is normally dealt with quicker.
At any rate, your data will be confidentially treated.

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August 5, 2011

Our Appointments: CL Play-Offs (1)

After Carlos and Maicon did it in their blog for several tournaments in the past, I will establish this game here as well, but only for UEFA Champions-League.
Everyone who wants to participate can do that (mail to
These points will be given:
- 1 point for the correct matchday appearance (that means: if you appoint Rizzoli for Match 1 but he appears in Match 2, you will get 1 point)
- 3 points for the correct nation (that means: if you appoint Rizzoli for Match 1 but Rocchi is appointed, you will get 3 points)
- 5 points for the correct referee

UPDATE/NOTE: As Meyer is injured, he cannot referee any of those matches. Those who are concerned can send me a replacement.

Just as warm-up: a mixture of the official CL Intro and Wembley Final's anthem:

These are the designations for the First Legs of CL Play-Offs:

16 August, 20:45
FC Kobenhavn vs Viktoria Plzen
Referee: TBD
Carlos: Aleksei NIKOLAEV (RUS)
Niclas: Stéphane LANNOY (FRA)
Dino: Stéphane LANNOY (FRA)
Pipo: Bernie Raymond "Kevin" BLOM (NED)
Maicon: Laurent DUHAMEL (FRA)
Assistant Ref: Aleksei NIKOLAEV (RUS)

BATE vs Sturm Graz
Referee: TBD
Carlos: Jonas ERIKSSON (SWE, r.1)
Niclas: Laurent DUHAMEL (FRA, r.2)
Dino: Pavel KRALOVEC (CZE)
Pipo: Svein Oddvar MOEN (NOR)
Maicon: Nicola RIZZOLI (ITA)
Assistant Ref: Laurent DUHAMEL (FRA)

Twente vs Benfica
Referee: TBD
Carlos: Gianluca ROCCHI (ITA)
Niclas: Nicola RIZZOLI (ITA)
Pipo: Gianluca ROCCHI (ITA)
Assistant Ref: Howard WEBB (ENG)

Arsenal vs Udinese Calcio
Referee: TBD
Carlos: Damir SKOMINA (SVN)
Niclas: Felix BRYCH (GER)
Assistant Ref: Wolfgang STARK (GER)

Olympique Lyonnais vs Rubin Kazan
Referee: TBD
Carlos: Felix BRYCH (GER)
Niclas: Björn KUIPERS (NED)
Dino: Felix BRYCH (GER)
Pipo: Felix BRYCH (GER)
Maicon: Bernie Raymond "Kevin" BLOM (NED)
Assistant Ref: Olegário Manuel Bártolo Faustino BENQUERENCA (POR)

17 August, 20:45
Wisla Krakow vs APOEL
Referee: TBD
Carlos: Serge GUMIENNY (BEL)
Niclas: Svein Oddvar MOEN (NOR)
Dino: Serge GUMIENNY (BEL)
Pipo: Craig Alexander THOMSON (SCO)
Assistant Ref: Bernie Raymond "Kevin" BLOM (NED)

Maccabi Haifa vs KRC Genk
Referee: TBD
Carlos: Laurent DUHAMEL (FRA)
Niclas: Stefan JOHANNESSON (SWE)
Dino: Laurent DUHAMEL (FRA)
Pipo: Pavel KRALOVEC (CZE)
Maicon: Martin ATKINSON (ENG)
Assistant Ref: Svein Oddvar MOEN (NOR)

Dinamo Zagreb vs Malmö FF
Referee: TBD
Carlos: Bernie Raymond "Kevin" BLOM (NED)
Niclas: Bernie Raymond "Kevin" BLOM (NED)
Dino: Manuel GRÄFE (GER)
Pipo: Serge GUMIENNY (BEL)
Maicon: Howard WEBB (ENG)
Assistant Ref: Gianluca ROCCHI (ITA)

Odense BK vs Villarreal CF
Referee: TBD
Carlos: Craig Alexander THOMSON (SCO)
Niclas: Craig Alexander THOMSON (SCO)
Dino: Stéphane LANNOY (FRA)
Pipo: Laurent DUHAMEL (FRA)
Maicon: Jonas ERIKSSON (SWE)
Assistant Ref: Stéphane LANNOY (FRA)

Bayern München vs FC Zürich
Referee: TBD
Carlos: Martin ATKINSON (ENG)
Dino: Olegário Manuel Bártolo Faustino BENQUERENCA (POR, r.3) 
Pipo: Damir SKOMINA (SVN)
Maicon: Aleksei NIKOLAEV (RUS) 
Assistant Ref: Jonas ERIKSSON (SWE)
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August 4, 2011

Felix Brych leitet Bundesligaeröffnung in Dortmund

Felix Brych wird am morgigen Freitagabend das Bundesligaeröffnungsspiel zwischen Meister Borussia Dortmund und dem Hamburger SV leiten. Indes wird Wolfgang Stark das Spiel zwischen Stuttgart und DFB Pokalsieger Schalke 04 leiten, mit diesem Spiel hat er bereits eingehende Erfahrung.
Dies gab der DFB heute bekannt.
Die vollständigen Ansetzungen lauten:

Freitag, 20:30
Borussia Dortmund - Hamburger SV
Schiedsrichter Dr. Felix Brych (München, r.)
Schiedsrichterassistent 1 Mark Borsch (Gladbach)
Schiedsrichterassistent 2 Marco Achmüller (Freyung)
4.Offizieller Guido Winkmann (Kerken)

Samstag, 15:30
Hannover 96 - 1899 Hoffenheim
Schiedsrichter Thorsten Kinhöfer (Herne)
Schiedsrichterassistent 1 Detlef Scheppe (Wenden)
Schiedsrichterassistent 2 Christian Fischer (Hemer)
4.Offizieller Frederick Assmuth (Köln)

Werder Bremen - 1.FC Kaiserslautern
Schiedsrichter Günter Perl (München, r2.)
Schiedsrichterassistent 1 Georg Schalk (Augsburg)
Schiedsrichterassistent 2 Michael Emmer (Thurmansbang)
4.Offizieller Dirk Margenberg (Wermelskirchen)

VfB Stuttgart - FC Schalke 04
Schiedsrichter Wolfgang Stark (Landshut)
Schiedsrichterassistent 1 Mike Pickel (Mendig)
Schiedsrichterassistent 2 Sönke Glindemann (Erftstadt)
4.Offizieller Markus Wingenbach (Diez)

1.FC Köln - VfL Wolfsburg
Schiedsrichter Manuel Gräfe (Berlin)
Schiedsrichterassistent 1 Markus Häcker (Pentz)
Schiedsrichterassistent 2 Bastian Dankert (Rostock)
4.Offizieller Kai Voss (Großhansdorf)

FC Augsburg - SC Freiburg
Schiedsrichter Dr. Jochen Drees (Münster-Sarmsheim)
Schiedsrichterassistent 1 Tobias Christ (Kaiserslautern)
Schiedsrichterassistent 2 Guido Kleve (Köln)
4.Offizieller Martin Petersen (Sindelfingen)

Samstag, 18:30
Hertha BSC Berlin - 1.FC Nürnberg
Schiedsrichter Peter Gagelmann (Bremen)
Schiedsrichterassistent 1 Matthias Anklam (Buchholz i.d. Norderheide)
Schiedsrichterassistent 2 Sascha Thielert (Buchholz i.d. Norderheide)
4.Offizieller Tobias Welz (Wiesbaden)

Sonntag, 15:30
Mainz 05 - Bayer Leverkusen
Schiedsrichter Michael Weiner (Giesen)
Schiedsrichterassistent 1 Norbert Grudzinski (Hamburg)
Schiedsrichterassistent 2 Christoph Bornhorst (Damme)
4.Offizieller Benjamin Cortus (Nürnberg)

Sonntag, 17:30
Bayern München - Borussia M'gladbach
Schiedsrichter Babak Rafati (Hannover)
Schiedsrichterassistent 1 Holger Henschel (Braunschweig)
Schiedsrichterassistent 2 Patrick Ittrich (Hamburg)
4.Offizieller Volker Wezel (Tübingen)

St.Pauli-Alemannia Aachen: Steuer, Siewer, Foltyn, M.Bartsch
Fortuna Düsseldorf-FC Ingolstadt: Willenborg, Wijnen, Jablonski, Glasmacher
Union Berlin-SC Paderborn: Schriever, Dittrich, Heitmann, Helwig
Greuther Fürth-Dynamo Dresden: Stieler, Blos, Jöllenbeck, Schmitt
Energie Cottbus-1860 München: Schmidt, Walz, Gittelmann, Schmickartz
Erzgebirge Aue-Karlsruher SC: Osmers, Rohde, Ostheimer, Hofmann
FSV Frankfurt-MSV Duisburg: Kampka, Göpferich, Schaal, Brand
Eintracht Braunschweig-Eintracht Frankfurt: Dingert, Unger, Gerach, Pelgrim
Hansa Rostock-VfL Bochum: Steinhaus, Aarnink, Gorniak, Lupp
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August 3, 2011

U20 World Cup Matchday 3 Referee Appointments

Mark Clattenburg (ENG) with BRA-PAN
The first four appointments are made:

Match 25: Brazil vs Panama..................MP
Match 26: Mexico vs England................MP
Match 27: Egypt vs Austria..................MP
Match 28: Argentina vs Korea DVR.........MP
Match 29: Portugal vs New Zealand........MP
Match 30: France vs Mali.....................MP
Match 31: Uruguay vs Cameroon...........MP
Match 32: Colombia vs Korea Rep..........MP
Match 33: Ecuador vs Costa Rica............MP
Match 34: Saudi Arabia vs Nigeria..........MP
Match 35: Croatia vs Guatemala............MP
Match 36: Australia vs Spain.................MP
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DISCUSSION: Predictions for Euro 2012

As Pierluigi Collina announced a few days ago that he will choose the 12 referees for the next UEFA Euro in Poland and Ukraine in December, it is time for doing some predictions. 
One has to mention that the appointments depend on UEFA's decisions concerning the new system after IFAB has announced that additional assistant referees will be used again. Therefore: how will they appoint them? A single country team? Or let us say eight pairs of additional assistant referees from different countries as the main referee? Will there be 4th Officials from Poland or Ukraine?
In addition to this, there are some "battles" or "duels" between referees coming from the same country. As he will choose the referees in December, it means that all the referees are on the current Elite list.
Therefore, I will go through the whole Elite list and finally, I will come to a result which consists of two different lists...

1. England
Martin Atkinson has shown a very good last season when he was appointed several times for important Europa League matches (e.g. the 1/2 2nd leg between Braga and Benfica) or when he oversaw the sparkling CL quarterfinal between Internazionale and Schalke 04 (2-5). It is obvious that he got more and better matches than the World Referee of 2010, Howard Webb. Furthermore, Atkinson was always assisted by Mullarkey and Kirkup, this may be another indication for the fact that Atkinson may have overtaken Webb in UEFA competitions, although I simply cannot imagine that Webb has to stay home after all his finals and good matches. 

Possible Assistant Referees for Euro 2012:
Darren Cann, Stephen Child, Peter Kirkup, Michael Mullarkey.

2. Spain
One of those difficult duels is apparent in Spain where one always had the agony of choice. In Euro 2008, Cantalejo was "defeated" by Mejuto Gonzalez. Nowadays, the two names are Alberto Undiano Mallenco and Carlos Velasco Carballo (r.). I cannot remember that there was any referee in history who had his first season in Champions-League, immediately got five matches including a semifinal and the EL final.
Whereas Undiano's liked by FIFA. Although he had a poor World Cup, he again got matches like Chelsea vs Manchester United where he made an important mistake. 
When following my feeling, I think that Velasco Carballo is at the moment the clear no.1 of Spain in UEFA Primera Division, there are other ones. Another clue can be that Undiano's AR1 Martinez will retire from international refereeing in 2012 (born in 1966)

Possible Assistant Referees for Euro 2012:
Roberto Alonso Fernández, Jesús Calvo Guadamuro, Roberto Diaz Perez-del Palomar, Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez.

3. France
Well, yesterday I talked with Carlos about this topic and we also talked about the opportunity that there is no French referee, as it was the case in 2008 where Lannoy was only 4th Official. Taking the current perfomances into consideration shown by Stéphane Lannoy and Laurent Duhamel, we will not see a French for sure.

Possible Assistant Referees for Euro 2012:
Eric Dansault, Laurent Ugo, Mikhael Annonier.

4. Germany
The country with the highest number of Elite referees although we can easily say that Florian Meyer will not join the competition. Another of these close duels will be between Wolfgang Stark and Felix Brych (r.). Both showed strong perfomances in last season's CL where Stark had "the honour" of refereeing "El clásico". He showed courage to make the correct decisions and was not influenced by Mourinho, the players and the whole atmosphere. No perfect perfomance, but who does expect that in this match? 
Brych is a high-flyer as he quickly moved up to the peak of European referees. He was elected by the community as 4th best referee of the last season. He showed that he is capable to convince even in big matches and with his 36 years (today it is his birthday), the future is widely opened for the Bavarian. I do not want to say that it will certainly be Stark or Brych, see the lists below.

Possible Assistant Referees for Euro 2012:
Mark Borsch, Mike Pickel, Jan-Hendrik Salver, Thorsten Schiffner.

5. Hungary
Viktor Kassai will make it without any words to say about him except World Cup semifinal and Champions-League final in Wembley..

Possible Assistant Referees for Euro 2012:
Gabor Eros, Gyorgy Ring, Tibor Vamos

6. Italy
The clear no.1 in Italy is of course Nicola Rizzoli (r.) and we can certainly focus on him as Gianluca Rocchi will have no chance at all. Pierluigi Collina comes from the same referee academy like Rizzoli (in Bologna), consequently he will be in Poland/Ukraine for 100%.
He showed an outstanding perfomance in the first leg of Arsenal vs Barca in CL 1/8 finals. 
Moreover, he has been elected by you to the 3rd best referee of the past season.

Possible Assistant Referees for Euro 2012:
Elenito Di Liberatore, Renato Faverani, Luca Maggiani, Andrea Stefani

7. Netherlands
Björn Kuipers should be the clear favourite as Kevin Blom did not manage to convince me in his first Elite season. Kuipers oversaw the U21 Euro final between Germany and England in 2009 and the fact that he was invited by FIFA to last year's Club World Cup shows that he must be on FIFA's prospective list which means that UEFA cannot presume to tell him he must stay at home.

Possible Assistant Referees for Euro 2012:
Berry Simons, Sander van Roekel

8. Norway
Well, there is only one Elite member with the young Svein Moen who got the final appointment at the latest u17 World Cup in Mexico in front of 99.000 visitors in Estádio Azteca. He showed good perfomances in CL last year and he may be a certain contender for Euro 2012.

Possible Assistant Referees for Euro 2012:
Frank Andas, Kim Thomas Haglund, Geir Age Holen

9. Portugal
What I have said about Spain and Germany counts for Portugal as well. I cannot say without any doubt who will make it: Olegário Benquerenca or Pedro Proenca? Both showed good perfomances last season although Proenca got the better matches. This is often a clue for UEFA's opinion but can UEFA leave a 1/4 referee of the last World Cup at home?

Possible Assistant Referees for Euro 2012: José Cardinal, Bertino Miranda, Joao Santos, Ricardo Santos, Tiago Trigo.

10. Russia
A difficult case can be observed in Russia. I had a small arguement with Carlos about Aleksei Nikolaev yesterday. In Mexico, he got four matches including a semifinal but our marks pointed out that he was the 3rd worst referee of this u17 competition (average mark 6,8).
His first season as Elite referee was not good but not bad. His CL group stage matches were pretty easy and he showed good or decent perfomances. Then, he got his first chance to confirm what UEFA saw so far in a K.O. Round match: Valencia vs Schalke. Unfortunately, he was a total failure as he did not get even basics right, missed obvious card, gave unnecessary ones and finally forgot that a German player had already been booked so that his AR2 Averyanov hat to told him that...his last match was in EL quarterfinals the encounter between Villarreal and Twente where no real improvement could be observed.
Consequently, we have to question that UEFA can put a referee on the Euro 2012 list who struggled in matches when he was under pressure. In my opinion, it is impossible but you never know..

Possible Assistant Referees for Euro 2012:
Anton Averyanov, Thikon Kalugin

11. Scotland
The Scot Craig Alexander Thomson should be taken into consideration as well. I can imagine that UEFA wants to have some experienced referees and some young referees. Thomson would count to the first group.
He had good perfomances last year and consequently, he might be a real option.

Possible Assistant Referees for Euro 2012: 
Graham Chambers, Martin Cryans, George Drummond

12. Slovenia
Damir Skomina (r.) joined Euro 2008 as 4th Official when he sent two coaches off (the Austrian and German trainers). He showed pretty good perfomances in the last two seasons, although his first quarterfinal in CL between Schalke and Internazionale was not good. However, I think that Skomina should be in Poland/Ukraine for sure as well.

Possible Assistant Referees for Euro 2012:
Primoz Arhar, Marko Stancin

13. Sweden
After names like Frisk or Frojdfeldt, the Swedish refereeing is slightly depraved. Jonas Eriksson, the only Swedish referee on Elite list, showed good perfomances overall and got one 1/8 final, too.
However, I wonder whether it is enough for a Euro..the fact that Strombergsson owns the future of Swedish refereeing emphasizes that. I do not think he has a chance..

Possible Assistant Referees for Euro 2012:
Henrik Andren, Mathias Klasenius, Stefan Wittberg

14. Turkey
Cuneyt Cakir (r.) showed impressing perfomances last season, e.g. in ManCity vs Dynamo Kyiv or in his CL group stage match between Bremen and Internazionale. His style has future and the first two matches we saw at FIFA U20 World Cup which is held in Colombia at the moment were very very convincing, too. I hope he is on the list, but the fact that he is only on Elite list for two months might be a reason for UEFA not to take him, but Erzik should be able to abolish such doubts..

Possible Assistant Referees for Euro 2012:
Bahattin Duran, Tarik Ongun.

I have made two lists:
- one for the opportunity that we see two referees of the same country and ..
- one for the opportunity that we only see one referee per country which is probably more probable..

List 1 (if two referees from one country are allowed; according to shown perfomances)

List 2 (if two referees from one country are not allowed; according to politics..)

Furthermore, I have chosen a pool of 4th Officials:
Normally, there are six 4th Officials, the following pool contains nine names (in case if list 1-conditions are right or in case if list 2-conditions are right..):
Tony Chapron (FRA), William Collum (SCO), Serge Gumienny (BEL), Alan Kelly (IRL), Pavel Kralovec (CZE), Aleksei Nikolaev (RUS, in case of list 1), Robert Schörgenhofer (AUT), Markus Strombergsson (SWE), Stephan Studer (SUI).

What do you think?
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Your and my Top10 Referees for 2010/2011

Ravshan Irmatov, your referee of the season 2010/2011 *
The recent poll defined our top10 list of referees for the last season 2010/2011 which includes competitions like UEFA CL, EL, CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores, AFC Asian Cup and CONCACAF Gold Cup as well. The U17 World Cup is not included in this season. As I had a few other names in my brain, I will present both, your and my list.
Carlos asked me to that as most of the readers and voters here are European so that it is nearly impossible that everyone has seen each match of Pezzotta or Roldan.

Community's list:

1 Ravshan Irmatov (UZB, 38 votes, 63%)
2 Viktor Kassai (HUN, 32 votes, 50%)
3 Nicola Rizzoli (ITA, 27 votes, 42%)
4 Felix Brych (GER, 25 votes, 39%)
5 Pedro Proenca (POR, 22 votes, 34%)
6 Sergio Pezzotta (ARG, 18 votes, 28%)
7 Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP, 16 votes, 25%)
8 Cuneyt Cakir (TUR, 16 votes, 25%)
9 Damir Skomina (SVN, 15 votes, 23%)
10 Yuichi Nishimura (JPN, 13 votes, 20%)
Just outside the top10 with 12 votes each: Wolfgang Stark (GER), Wilmar Roldan (COL) and Roberto Silvera (URU). 

My list:

My referee of the season 2010/2011: Nicola Rizzoli
1 Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)
2 Viktor Kassai (HUN)
3 Sergio Pezzotta (ARG)
4 Felix Brych (GER)
Ravshan Irmatov (UZB)
6 Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP)
7 Pedro Proenca (POR)
Wilmar Roldan (COL)
9 Yuichi Nishimura (JPN)
10 Cuneyt Cakir (TUR)
Just outside the top10 in my list: Damir Skomina (SVN) and Roberto Silvera (URU).

* picture taken from Zimbio. Interesting to see that it is the same picture like the title photo of FIFA's Laws of the Game 2011/2012..the only difference is that there, Irmatov wears a yellow kit...
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August 2, 2011

Regelkunde für Bundesligateams

Frankfurt/Main (dpa) - Ungeliebte Schulstunde: Wenn die Spitzenreferees vor Beginn der Bundesligasaison zur Regelkunde einladen, stößt dies nicht bei allen Vereinen auf Interesse. 

Dr. Jochen Drees gibt Regelkunde vor der Bundesligasaison 2011/2012

«Das wird eher als Pflichtveranstaltung genommen. Manche Clubs schicken sogar nur Trainer oder Co-Trainer», sagt Erstliga-Schiedsrichter Jochen Drees (Münster-Sarmsheim). «Dabei wäre eine Diskussion wünschenswert.» Und die Unparteiischen haben einiges zu sagen vor der neuen Saison - zu den Streitthemen passives Abseits, Handspiel und «Disziplinkontrolle».
HAND!!! Wie oft tönt der Aufschrei durch die Stadien. Aber es war doch keine Absicht - sagen die einen. Angelegter Arm - die anderen. «Die Schutzhand gibt es nicht», erklärt Lutz-Michael Fröhlich, hauptamtlicher Schiedsrichter beim DFB. Allenfalls noch, wenn die Profis bei einem Freistoß die Hände vor ihr Allerheiligstes legen. Aber wenn der Arm zum Ball geht, wird gepfiffen. Egal, ob reflexartig oder nicht. Nur wer aus ein, zwei Metern angeschossen wird, darf auf «Freispruch» hoffen. Mit ausschlaggebend für die Referees, so verrät Drees, ist, ob der Spieler mit dem Arm die Fläche vergrößert, mit der der Ball abgefangen werden kann. Nicht Hand gepfiffen wird, wenn der Kicker den Ball nicht heranfliegen sah.
FOUL!!! Was für ein wüster Ellbogencheck - sagen die einen. Er hat doch nur mit den Armen Schwung geholt, als er hochsprang - sagen die anderen. Rot gibt es, so Drees, «wenn der Ellbogen als Werkzeug oder Waffe eingesetzt wird.» Neuerdings kann auch der vierte Offizielle, der ebenso wie die Assistenten per Headset mit dem Schiedsrichter verbunden ist, entsprechende Hinweise auf solche Regelverstöße geben. «Ich sagen ihnen immer: Guckt mir aufs Spiel, ihr seid nicht die Aufpasser für die Trainer da draußen!» Grundsätzlich entscheiden die Unparteiischen bei Zweikämpfen zwischen Fahrlässigkeit (Pfiff), Rücksichtslosigkeit (Pfiff und Gelb), brutalem und gewaltsamen Vorgehen (Pfiff und Rot).
ABSEITS!!! Passiv - sagen die einen. Eine neue Spielsituation - sagen die anderen. Bisher waren die Bundesliga-Referees recht großzügig, was das passive Abseits betrifft: Wenn also ein im Abseits stehender Spieler nicht in die Partie eingegriffen hat. Doch von der Besprechung des «Referee Assistence Program» von FIFA und UEFA im Mai in Düsseldorf haben Fröhlich und Lehrwart Lutz Wagner die Anweisung mitgebracht: «Wenn der im Abseits stehende Spieler das Spiel wieder kreuzt, soll eher die Fahne kommen.» Von den Extremauslegungen, so Fröhlich, wird zurückgerudert. Das heißt, wenn ein im Abseits stehender Profi den Torwart nur leicht irritiert, wird abgepfiffen.
Auch wichtig für Diskussionen auf den Tribünen und an den Stammtischen: Wenn der Ball von Gegenspielern nur abprallt, wird keine Abseitsstellung aufgehoben. Das gilt auch für «missglückte Zuspiele» von Gegenspielern. Die Referees und ihre Assistenten müssen künftig nicht nur darauf achten, ob jemand im Abseits steht oder nicht - sondern auch noch, ob sie jemanden irritieren. «Ich glaube, dass gewisse Situationen noch schwerer zu beurteilen sein werden», fürchtet Drees.
Der Informationsaustausch zwischen Bundesliga-Vereinen und Referees steht im Pflichtenkatalog des Lizenzierungsverfahrens. Die auserwählten Spielszenen aus der vergangenen Saison auf der «Vereins-DVD» sind teilweise so knifflig, dass man eine Halbzeit lang darüber streiten könnte. «Am Ende», sagt Fröhlich mit einem Lächeln, «muss man immer den Einzelfall betrachten.» Der 41-jährige Drees, im Hauptberuf Arzt und seit 2005 Bundesliga-Schiedsrichter, räumt ein: «Es ist jedes Wochenende ein Rasierklingenritt.»


Hier kann man einen weiteren interessanten Artikel zu Regeländerungen und Anweisungen finden (danke an PanaManga).
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