January 17, 2012

"Chiquimarco" suspended due to "double yellow"

The Mexican World Cup Referee Marco Rodríguez Moreno has been suspended for five matches by the Mexican Football Federation due to a maverick campaign. 

Rodríguez was in charge of the Mexican league final between UANL Tigres and Santos, when he issued two yellow cards at the same time. You may find the situation here. (for those who want to see the reds as well: minute 12, minute 68 (x2))
The responsible General Secretary of the Mexican federation stated that his move "was not anything which is considered in the rules of referees" and moreover exposed that the two-time World Cup Referee "failed the responsibilities and task of a referee". 

Rodríguez took part in two FIFA World Cups where he oversaw two Group Stage matches each. Furthermore, he assisted his compatriot Benito Archundia in 2010 FIFA World Cup's 3rd place match between Uruguay and Germany as 4th official.
He is working as teacher for the German school of Mexico City.

In the course of the match, Rodríguez issued seven yellow cards and dismissed three players.

Obviously, Rodríguez did not learn from this aftermath the German referee Thomas Metzen had to cope with who made the same move (s.b.).


  1. Josh R (jbfpack)24/1/12 23:57

    I have a problem with this suspension.

    Marcos is by far the best referee in Mexico and one of the best in CONCAFAF, having earned two WC appearances. I don't see the problem with him showing two yellow cards at the same time since he (referees in general) are allowed to show one yellow card and immediately put it down and raise it to show another player a yellow card.

  2. I can remember the explanations of DFB referee "heads" who declared that they do not want to see a referee overstepping his duty by showing two yellows at the same time.
    Show. That's the right word. Rodriguez of course likes it to be in focus of the TV camera and to my mind such a self-dramatization should not be allowed. Furthermore, I think that Roberto Garcia, who has unfortunately failed some fitness tests, is by far the best Mexican at the moment, of course considering the Mexican referee guild at a certain distance..


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