January 9, 2012

Chris Foy causes some astonishment

In my opinion, one can partly understand Foy. His alarm bells must have rung. Foot-up tackle, both legs in front, but he did not really touch his opponent who by the way continued playing without any sign of having been fouled. 
To my mind, it was an exaggerated call by Chris Foy who was not the best choice for this intense Manchester derby in general; he created many problems himself. 
What is however the correct punishment for this foul? I do not think that only a free kick would have been enough, a yellow card may be issued, but never a red one.
I am still waiting for an official who has the courage to send Rooney off for his complaints and impudent trials to demand cards for opponents.

What do you think of the red card issued to Vincent Kompany? 


"An Independent Regulatory Commission has today dismissed a claim of wrongful dismissal from Manchester City’s Vincent Kompany following his red card for Serious Foul Play in The FA Cup Third Round tie between Manchester City v Manchester United on 8 January 2012.

Kompany will serve a four-match suspension with immediate effect. The suspension consists of a statutory three-match suspension for Serious Foul Play plus one additional game given this is Kompany’s second dismissal of the season." (thefa.com)


  1. I agree, that is not a red card. I think, if he had not whistled at all in this situation, there wouldn't have been many protests. But if you punish Kompany for dangerous play, it's only a yellow.
    Furthermore, IMO there was no foul before the 1-3 free kick and City should have got a penalty in the hand ball situation in the end. The penalty for United was correct, of course.
    All together, no good performanca of Foy, who got many top games in the last seasons, although he is (and was) not a FIFA referee. But probably it's time to retire soon for the 49-years-old referee.

  2. Yes, you are right.
    But the 2nd hand situation, this is a difficult call. Strictly applying the rule book, one can see that as no deliberate handball, hence it is no penalty, but I think it is rather a penalty than nothing.

  3. Anonymous10/1/12 16:56

    Companys perfectly out. He is one
    player very violent.

  4. hm I think de Jong is more violent ;)

  5. I am surprised you think this card not justified.

    It is a clear red for me - and was upheld by the FA. This type of challenge has been consistently punished in England. Roallega, Spearing, Rodwell etc.

    I agree that Foy missed one penalty: Kolarov on Valencia. Other than that, he had a decent game. 80

  6. I do not think that FA is right when going this way. Yes, this kind of fouls, if they harm the health of the opponents, must be red. But one can also "over-interpret" such situations.
    Rodwell's red card was too harsh as well IMO.

  7. I agree with you Niclas. In my opinion no reason for red card. It was undoubtedly dangerous play from Kompany, which should be punished with indirect free kick and probably with a yellow card. I personally would prefer to warn the defender with words but never with a red card.


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