February 16, 2012

Stuart Attwell has lost his EPL slot


Referee Stuart Attwell has been taken from the select group of Premier League officials after a four-year spell dogged by controversy.
Attwell became the youngest referee to officiate in the top flight when, aged 25, he took charge of a match between Blackburn and Hull in 2008 after one season in the Football League.
However, a month later he awarded a 'ghost' goal in a Championship match between Watford and Reading. 
In 2010, he awarded Liverpool a controversial goal against Sunderland at Anfield when the away team believed the ball to be dead.
Most recently, he came under fire in December for sending off former Bolton defender Gary Cahill for denying Tottenham's Scott Parker a goalscoring opportunity, despite the offence taking place near the halfway line.
The red card was rescinded. Attwell, 29, will return to the national list to continue his development in the Football League.
In a statement, Professional Game Match Officials Limited general manager Mike Riley backed Attwell to improve as a referee and return to the top level.
'Throughout his career in the Select Group Stuart has demonstrated great courage and mental strength in responding to the challenges that he has faced,' Riley said.
'He has shown many of the attributes of a top flight official but the Premier League is an exacting standard with huge demands. It is imperative that PGMOL deliver the best officiating possible to the English game at all levels.
'This is not the end for Stuart. There are several match officials who have returned to the National List and benefited from it.
'Stuart has a high level of maturity and responsibility and I'm convinced that he has a long-term future as a referee at the very highest level.
'PGMOL sincerely hopes to be welcoming Stuart back to the Select Group in the future.'
Attwell said: 'I have learned a great deal from my involvement in the Select Group over the last four years and I am now looking forward to building on that valuable experience.
'I strongly believe I have a lot to offer refereeing, and I now look forward with commitment and enthusiasm to the new challenge that I am undertaking.
'This is supported by a determination to continue my career development, and return to the Select Group as soon as possible.'
Attwell spent only one year on the national list prior to his promotion to the select group four years ago.
He made his Premier League debut as a referee in the 1-1 draw between Blackburn and Hull in August 2008.
Following the Watford-Reading game, further controversies followed when he was accused of 'losing control' of a Derby-Nottingham Forest derby, having disallowed two Derby goals in the final stages, booking eight players and sending off Forest's Lewis McGugan.
He has also attracted the ire of Wigan manager Roberto Martinez, who accused the referee of lying about his reasons for sending off Gary Caldwell in April 2010, while Stoke's Danny Higginbotham claimed Attwell could be too easily influenced by players.
Later that year, he awarded Liverpool a highly controversial goal against Sunderland. He had awarded the Black Cats a free-kick inside their own half and Michael Turner touched the ball back to Simon Mignolet, apparently for the goalkeeper to take the set-piece.
But Attwell ruled the ball active, allowing Fernando Torres to steal it and set up Dirk Kuyt to finish into an empty net.

source: dailymail


  1. Shocking but deserved. Having seen him many times in England I came to the conclusion that he wasn't ready.

  2. I agree. Next FIFA ref from ENG should be Taylor.

  3. Of course Taylor. Who else?

  4. Not suprised, but I feel sorry for Attwell. He was mismanaged from the start, and never really had a chance to settle. Should have spent longer on the National List before promotion.
    As for Taylor, he must get a FIFA badge. Last season he looked another really poor PL ref, but this year he has simply been outstanding!!!
    Finally, the PGMO need to act quick and promote 1 maybe 2 referees to the PL, as the current group are looking tired and subsequently making numerous errors.

  5. Sad news...

    Qatar Stars League:
    Al Sadd SC - Al Jaish SC (Serge Gumienny, Frank Bleyen, Walter Vromans - BEL)
    Qatar SC - Lakhwiya SC (Cyril Zimmermann, Sandro Pozzi, Johannes Vogel - SUI)

  6. F. Taveira16/2/12 16:15

    In Portugal, the news say that Benquerença is seriously considering to end his career. Serious injury plus international discredit are the main reasons.

  7. F. Taveira16/2/12 16:26

    hope this case to be used in many others decisions. When selecting referees for FIFA lists or international competitions, look first to quality+preparation and later to the age. Yes, more and more the age seems to be more important then a very good background preparation. I wish good luck to Attwell. He will be back in some years with better conditions.

  8. I think he has nearly reached everything, it it a good step to my mind.
    He will have chances to work for committees or as observer.

    In general, I do not think that FA's policy in the area of refereeing is good at the moment. One has two, perhaps three promising, but extremely young refs in PL. But where are the 1975 - 1978 born refs who are old enough, experienced enough and aspiring enough to get the FIFA badge? Attwell was an experiment which went wrong, Oliver is the next trial.
    And then there are the old men like Halsey, Foy, Dowd etc who more or less may do what they want to.

    And then there are men like Swarbrick and Moss who are too old for FIFA.

  9. I am constantly baffled by the way in which the FA/PGMO decide for promotions. They clearly have no intention to fulfil the FIFA allocation, and that is sad.

  10. Anonymous16/2/12 17:21

    Phil Dowd and Mark Halsey are best Premier League referees, and Michael Oliver will become very soon, he is great if you watched his matches.

  11. Yes, I watched a few of them, he is good.
    Halsey I agree is good, too, but I do not like Dowd's style, but that's a question of taste.

  12. Uh..DFB has courage, they send Sippel to Schalke after the mess he did in October 11. I am excited how the crowd will react when his name and photo are shown at the video cube ... anyway, he has Salver and Borsch at the sidelines, so good.

    Schiffner really seems to be injured, again no appointment..probably, that is the full reason for the strange appointment of Lupp at Brych's side.

    1. Then Schalke should bring their goalkeeper in a save place :)
      Sippel, Salver and Borsch can travel directly from Alkmaar to Schalke.

    2. That was probably the idea behind the appointment.
      Unnerstall has to be careful, yes :D

    3. Anonymous17/2/12 18:35

      Hi Suricate,

      according to the DFB website, Thorsten Schiffner is scheduled
      to assist Felix Brych at ENGLAND - NETHERLANDS on 29/02/2012.

      Kind regards from Vienna,

    4. I know, they made the appointment in early January and in the late January, Schiffner was replaced in a match by Anklam.
      After that, Aytekin had two matches in Bundesliga, both without Schiffner, therefore, an injury could be the reason.

    5. And Unnerstall was not careful...: collarbone fraction
      Schalke really should have taken him to a save place.

    6. das ist natürlich scheiße gewesen
      aber mit dem Spiel kann ich leben :D auch wenn es hätte 7-0 ausgehen müssen

  13. About Attwell, it's not a demotion, it's a decision taken by both Attwell and Riley (as PGMOL's manager). Demotions and promotions from/to Select Group only at the end of the season (really recommended to read Ratetheref forum in this case).

    1. Thanks for this info, I just copied the dailymail article, but then I'll change it.


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