February 9, 2012

Two remarkable red cards in DFB Cup

Yesterday, there have been two red cards in two different matches that were very controversial.
Felix Brych was in the focus and was heavily criticized for his decision that can be seen in the following video.

Hoffenheim - Fürth (Marco Fritz, Volker Wezel, René Kunsleben) 
minute 3:30

Hertha BSC Berlin - M'gladbach (Felix Brych, Guido Kleve, Marco Achmüller)

Nicola Rizzoli's red card

What do you think of the red cards?
In my opinion, both situations are very hard to evaluate, Fritz was perfectly right, but to my mind, Felix Brych was completely wrong. He could/should have whistled the foul committed by the striker, then there will be no problems. Honestly speaking, it is de Camargo who provocated and executed the contact with his forehead but then fall in a theatrical way. One should also keep in mind that the match was in extra time and the penalty was given in 101' minute. Therefore, this decision decided the match.


  1. I agree. Brych red card was wrong. It was a too theatrical fall, even though Hubnik had a wrong behavior, provoking the opponent.
    Fritz with a correct red, it could appear harsh, yes, but here you can send off the player because he really try to hit the opponent in a serious way.

  2. By the way, what do you think about this red card for Ibrahimovic in Milan-Napoli last sunday?


    It happened while Rizzoli was looking elsewhere. Cariolato (second assistant in the match) noticed it to the referee. the, Ibrahimovic was sent off. Do you think it's a correct card? It could appear a bit harsh, here in Italy he are having many discussions about it.
    And Aronica (the Napoli player) had a small reaction. No cards for him. Is also this correct?
    Furthermore, Ibrahimovic had a three-match ban!

  3. Yes, correct card and I have already been happy that Cariolato made such a good return. We all know the CYP POR incident and then he returns in a big match and makes that important call. Very important for him.

  4. Anonymous9/2/12 13:53

    Fritz - superb decision!!!

  5. I do not know inhowfar you understood the interview with the player who was sent off.
    But he was not that wrong. He stated that it was not ok that three players attack him and only one guy gets the yellow. Fritz could and should have booked no. 14 of Fürth as well.

    Chefren, you have received a mail!

  6. Thanks Niclas, I have read all your mails and I have answered. Sorry, I was a bit absent some hours ago.

  7. Anonymous9/2/12 14:20

    In such situations should be treated as Fritz.Player for violent conduct red card, a user group says the confrontation, the protests on referee's decisions at least one player must be punished-the rest is the domain of free referee beliefs.
    He punished the first who was the most aggressive and that caused the confrontation.

  8. Fritz correct, remember Lubos Michel and Drogba in CL final, similar situation, Brych made a mistake. Ibrahimovic's red card was also correct in my opinion, great call by the assistant.

  9. Fritz: Correct decision, although normally it's better to give two yellows or two reds. But here the Fürth player are only pushing, and Compper slaps in the face. So, he has no other choice.
    Brych: Wrong perception of the scene leads to a wrong penalty,a wrong red card and no second yellow for de Camargo, who had already been (wrongly) booked for diving.
    Rizzoli: Red card correct, but his opponent ist beating as well, so he should have been sent off, too.

  10. Here is an interview with Lutz-Michael Fröhlich, head of the referee department at the DFB about the Brych scene:
    His main points:
    -de Camargo fouled Hubnik first
    -the Berlin goalkeeper had the ball, so Brych decided for advantage
    -Hubnik runs towards de Camargo and touches him
    -de Camargo falls down, holding his face
    -Brych decides for red card and penalty, because the match wasn't stopped
    -the decision is comprehensible by the rules
    -de Camargo's behavior is questionable
    -the assessment of the situation is a problem for the referee, which can be solved only by fairplay of the players

    Furthermore Hubnik is banned for one cup match, so only the minimal punishment.

  11. Another paramount example for two aspects:
    - for the fact that federations protect their referees what is in general good but harms the teams and players involved in such situations
    - for the fact that common sense seems to be a foreign word in DFB referee department.

    Brych is a rule executer. One of many. I have this impression for a long time in Bundesliga. On CL level, he is a different referee.
    When you read the interview of Fröhlich as mere football fan, you are surprised. And the most ridiculous aspect is that DFB always claims more understanding for referees, after they behave like that. There are so many things to change in DFB refereeing, I don't know where to start.

    By the way, the last aspect Fröhlich mentioned is completely wrong. Brych had clear view, he must see that de Camargo is making the first touch, then there is no problem for anyone. Yellow to both and the situation is solved. Or better: in this moment, the advantage rule was senseless.

  12. Anonymous9/2/12 21:24

    Martijn: OK, Niclas your work is really insightful, but it's a bit weird when school-aged man points out the errors of head of referee department at the DFB or maybe I'm wrong? Good luck in creating your blog, Niclas. Kind regards from Haag! ;D

  13. Anonymous9/2/12 21:27

    And I forgot... Fritz - perfect decision, Brych - awful decision and Rizzoli - great Cariolato.

  14. Brych has made a statement about the scene. I try to translate as good as possible:
    "On the field, I was sure, that I was right. I don't want to take the whole blame on me, but I admit to have acted unluckily. There were three persons participating in this situation: Two players, who didn't behave properly and a referee, who could have stopped the game before. But I didn't want to take the opportunity for a fast counter attack of Hertha, so I decided for advantage."
    Source: http://www.bz-berlin.de/sport/hertha-bsc/hertha-schiri-brych-gesteht-fehler-ein-article1383296.html

    So he also sees the main mistake in not stopping the game earlier.

  15. @ Martijn: "The older you are, the wiser you are" is wrong. Blatter is the best example for that.

    One need not be an experienced man to see that DFB does not always behave in a lucky way. Since Fandel is there, things have begun to change and are in a good development. But sorry, I cannot understand why Fröhlich defends the decision against the background that Brych admitted that it was a rather wrong decision and moreover against the background that the DFB "punishment centre" ("DFB-Kontrollausschuss"), which is by the way independent from DFB refereeing, banned Hubnik only for one match. This shows more or less, that the responsible bodies consider the decision as wrong.

  16. Niklas I completely agree.

    Fritz had a great call. Brych on the other hand was too slow on reacting. He is absolutely wrong.

    Finally Rizzoli (Cariolato) made a great decision.

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