April 12, 2012

UEFA U17 EURO 2012 - Match Officials

The tournament will be played in Slovenia from 4-16 May 2012.

Emir Alečković (BIH) 14/08/1979
Marius Avram (ROU) 09/08/1979
Mattias Gestranius (FIN)  07/06/1978
Ivan Kruzliak (SVK) 24/03/1984
Harald Lechner (AUT) 30/07/1982
Alan Mario Sant (MLT) 16/08/1980

Assistant referees
Milutin Djukić (MNE) 23/07/1979
Mark Gavin (IRL) 23/09/1979
Serkan Gençeler (TUR) 06/09/1978
Haralds Gudermanis (LVA) 14/10/1979
Mubariz Hashimov (AZE) 19/02/1981
Borut Križarić (CRO) 05/08/1979
Leif Opland (NOR)  17/05/1980
Jean-Yves Wicht (SUI) 17/01/1980

Fourth officials
Dejan Balažič (SVN) 23/09/1980
Mitja Žganec (SVN) 26/02/1983


  1. tu na liscie sędziów wsparcie techniczne nie powinien być Dejan Balaźić bo niema statusu międzynarodowego arbitra, zamiast niego powinien być Slavko Vincić bo on jest sędzią FIFA

  2. Off-topic: On a German football site is written, that the team Brych-Pickel-Borsch-Meyer-Aytekin has got a CL match next match. I have my doubts about that, because Brych had Chelsea a few weeks ago and it would be very disappointing for Stark. It seems more realistic, that it is indeed a EL match, probably Madrid-Valencia. Nevertheless, it would mean that Stark doesn't get a CL match.

    1. It's impossible Brych again for Chelsea and impossible 100% Brych for Bayern, in the other match. So, a clear mistake in that site, I think.
      The mentioned match will be surely a Europa League semifinal.
      About Stark: if it's confirmed Brych appointment, now the only match for Stark could be only the second leg between Barcellona and Chelsea.

    2. Anonymous12/4/12 20:22

      I do NOT regard an appointment of Dr. Felix Brych for Chelsea - Barcelona as completely impossible:

      Last year, Wolfgang Stark was in charge of Real Madrid in both the round of 16 and the semi-final. Usually, UEFA considers referees from countries with clubs involved in the semi-finals for the first leg which would mean that Dr. Felix Brych could handle Chelsea - Barcelona only in London.

      Kind regards from Vienna,

    3. a ja wam panowie powiem wprost w klasyfikacji IFFHS Stark zajął czwarte miejsce co było dlamnie przekrętem widziałem Starka w półfinale BARCA-REAL i to co wyprawiał to istny pokaz nieudolności, dodać należy że Stark sędziował na ostatnich MŚ mecz 1/8 i co wyprwiał a Brych to młody zdolny przed 40-ką i jedzie na Igrzyska i na pewno pojedzie do BRAZLI na MŚ

    4. As you see my friend Chefren nothing is impossible.Next time dont be so sure!!!

  3. fussball.de is a reliable source actually. I am confused :S Brych in Camp Nou would be great, but that does not make sense at all.

  4. It seems weird that Brych has another CL match. Stark is supposed to go to Euro and Brych is getting more appointments than him. Stark is only left at the EL.

    1. Stark is being kept for the UCL final (if Bayern goes out in the semi-final) or the UEL final.

    2. Good theory. UEFA could apply this policy of waiting. Real should actually go through, I think Madrid's individual class is better than Bayern's team class. As every year, difficult to say. There are so many opportunities. Last time I said 100% Rizzoli and then Kassai came. Now I say Proenca and perhaps Rizzoli will come ;)

    3. dear edward your friend tomson got his EL semi!!!

  5. By the way, how do you find the appts for U17 EURO? The original reason of the thread :D
    Aleckovic and Kruzliak could be talents, they got many appointments in the u17-u21 area. Lechner is good, too, Avram showed weak performances, then disappeared for a long time from UEFA competitions and is now there. No idea about Sant and Gestranius.
    The assistant referees are mostly new FIFA refs, except Opland, who is more experienced than the others and should be hence a final candidate.


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