June 23, 2012

2012 UEFA U19 EURO Estonia - Match Officials

Group A: Estonia, Greece, Portugal, Spain
Group B: Croatia, England, France, Serbia
Tournament to be held from 3 - 15 July.

Alain Bieri, SUI, 13/03/1979
Vadims Direktorenko, LVA, 31/01/1981
Kenn Hansen, DEN, 29/05/1980
Arnold Hunter, NIR, 15/03/1979
Danny Makkelie, NED, 28/01/1983
Paolo Valeri, ITA, 16/05/1978 (photo)

Assistant Referees:
Anatolie Bodean, MDA, 02/03/1974
Yves de Neve, BEL, 11/06/1975
Johann Gudmundsson, ISL, 08/09/1978
Ivo Kolev, BUL, 25/06/1979
Aleksei Lebedev, RUS, 17/07/1980
Tomasz Listkiewicz, POL, 06/10/1978
Marco Tropeano, LUX, 30/12/1974
Dmitry Zhuk, BLR, 22/04/1986

Fourth Officials:
Kristo Tohver, EST, 1981
Eiko Saar, EST, 1978

UEFA Referee Observers:
Juan Antonio Fernandez Marin, ESP
Jozef Marko, SVK
Are Habicht, EST
Uno Tutk, EST

Information without engagement.


  1. A jednak Michał Listkiewicz włożył Tomka. Pogadał z Collina i już ten jedzie do Estoni

  2. Anonymous24/6/12 10:07

    incorrect list...

  3. Then please correct it...

  4. Anonymous24/6/12 20:16

    On the official Estonian web site it says that one of the ARs is Stefan Lupp (GER): http://www.jalgpall.ee/u19em/?p=322

    1. Right, I have received the info from a source that Gudmundsson of Iceland will replace him, perhaps due to Lupp's engagement at FIFA Olympic Games?


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