June 29, 2012

Pedro Proença in charge of 2012 UEFA EURO final

Portuguese official Pedro Proença will take control over Sunday's 2012 UEFA EURO final between Spain and Italy at Kyiv's Olympic Stadium. UEFA has confirmed his nomination being the first Portuguese ever appointed for a final of one of the major competitions (FIFA World Cup and UEFA EURO).

Proença, who works as a financial director in Pinhal Novo, a small town between Lisbon and Setubal, made his FIFA bow in 2003 and has been joining the UEFA Champions League roster since 2007. He has already overseen a total amount of 42 UEFA club competition matches. The Portuguese is able to speak apart from his mother tongue also French and English. Enjoying reading, writing and movies as well as skiing as leisure time activties, he has taken a significantly rising development since his participation at the 2009 UEFA U21 EURO Sweden. Before that, he also joined the 2004 UEFA U19 EURO Switzerland, where he refereed his thus far first international final between Turkey and Spain. 
One of his biggest successes is the nomination for the 2012 UEFA EURO Poland/Ukraine, after having refereed this year's UEFA Champions League final at Munich Arena between Bayern and Chelsea.
As part of the qualification mode, he took control over the playoff's 2nd leg between Croatia and Turkey as well.
Besides, he refereed the 2007 and 2010 Portuguese Cup finals and also ran the rule over two FC Porto successes in the domestic Super Cup in August 2003 and 2006.
Related to his previous insets, the Portuguese team had already come across both teams Italy and Spain. His personal opener match was the Group C duel between Spain and Ireland. After his second match (Sweden - France), he has overseen the quarterfinal match between England and Italy, when the squadra azzurra won after penalty shoot-out. In all three matches, he has performed (very) well according to our observation reports - and obviously also from UEFA's point of view.
The tie between Spain and Italy was already held at 10 June in Gdansk, when Viktor Kassai from Hungary took charge of the 1-1 draw. 

Final countdown for Spain, Italy and Pedro Proença (POR) (c) ZIMBIO

In compliance with the decision made by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), there will be a team of six officials, as it has been a common practice at the highest level of European club football, plus one reserve assistant referee. 
Bertino Miranda and Ricardo Santos will act as assistant referees, whereas Manuel de Sousa and Duarte Gomes (themselves UEFA First Group referees) will serve as additional assistant referees. Cüneyt Çakır of Turkey will function as fourth official, whereas his countryman Bahattin Duran has been selected as reserve assistant referee.
The team will be observed by English official David Elleray.


UEFA EURO 2012 final
1 July 2012, 20:45 CET - Kyiv (Olympic Stadium)
Spain - Italy
Referee: Pedro Proença (POR)
Assistant Referees: Bertino Miranda (POR), Ricardo Santos (POR)
Additional Assistant Referees: Manuel de Sousa (POR), Duarte Gomes (POR)
Fourth Official: Cüneyt Çakır (TUR)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Bahattin Duran (TUR)
UEFA Delegate: Janis Mežeckis (LVA)
UEFA Referee Observer: David Elleray (ENG)
Blog Referee Observers: Edward A (GRE), Çagatay Iris (TUR)


  1. Anonymous29/6/12 13:24

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  2. And so, the "wnner" among the 12 referees of this EURO2012 is Pedro Proença.
    Many things to say, I will try to summarize my thoughts.
    After the CL final in München one month ago, it was difficult or maybe impossible to thank that the Portuguese referee could have got another final in Poland and Ukraine.
    It wasn't UEFA habit to appoint the same referee for two different finals in a so short time, the case of Webb two years ago was pssible because the second appointment for the WC final was, of course, made by FIFA and not UEFA.
    UEFA has never acted in a way like this, but with Pierluigi Collina, now it's even clearer, everything has changed.
    Pedro Proença, in my opinion, was not only good in this tournament, but also lucky. I'm going to explain what I mean.
    The first match was the easy-going Spanish win against Ireland, here the Portuguese referee had an easy evening without problems.
    His second match was the unexpected win by Sweden, against France, in group D, but also here the two teams were really fair and the French team was yielding, that is without a great will to win or at least engage in the match.
    Anyway, Proença performance was good.
    His third match, the last quarterfinal: we have already said many things about that game. Probably, the fairest 120 inutes of the whole tournament, two cards and no problems at all. The important call wasmade by Bertino Miranda, which correctly disallowed an italian goal, scored in offside.
    Aso the second assistant was often perfect in his decisions.
    Now, I don't want to discredit Proença and his team, but the history shows that the luck of a referee is often also in the difficulty of the matches that he is going to officiate, undoubtable.
    Furthermore, after this appointment in my mind is clear that, if Germ players were able to qualify, Rizzoli was ready to take the honor of Spain-Germany, Collina would be inclined to appoint him, without any hesitation, despite Rosetti 4 years ago, and the italian team which reached the semifinal.
    Now we have Proença with two finals (Champions, EURO) and Rizzoi with anything.
    Well, it seems clear that it's impossible to talk when everything has happened, the difficulty for a Committe is always in the fact that they have to take decisions, before certain facts are going to happen.
    I think that we can't blame them. Webb would have been an adequate second choice, but Spain was there and they wanted to keep the peace.
    Anyway, Spain could move some criticisms also for the Portuguese appointment: probably they don't like to be refereed by a man of the country eliminated in the semifinal.
    Last but not least, something about Çakır. He was for sure another "winner" of this EURO. He is too young and unexperienced, otherwise he could have been the right man for the final. Anyway, a brilliant future is waiting for him.
    Finally, I think that it's fair to underline also Skomina's tournament, the young referees this time have often "beaten" the experienced ones, with excellent performance.

    1. Great and hardly nothing to add, thanks for that.
      Would be nice if those guys who worked with pro refs could give their attitudes as well as you did.
      I think one should not hide another reason for his appointment. Has anyone seriously thought before the tournament that Kassai could be sent home after group stage?
      I mean, Proenca was really good in three relatively easy matches, but we must keep in mind that two referees have been too poor, that one referee missed an important penalty and that the world's best ref failed due to an AAR's mistake. These are facts. Then, the other performances made only 4 final refs possible. To be honest, Eriksson, Skomina, Thomson and Lannoy were no real options, also with regard to their last seasons (Eriksson and Skomina had a very good last season nonetheless). So Proenca, Rizzoli, Webb or Cakir. The team's constellation did not allow Rizzoli. Spain's appearance could have been a hurdle which was struggled by Webb. And then, Cakir is probably too inexperienced, received a big honour in SF. So the only possible one - with the benefit of hindsight - was Proenca. Due to own commitments and good performances, but to a large extent also due to unexpectedly failing refs and the teams' constellations.

    2. Very good comment. I can add only one thing - Rizzoli refereed Europa League Final ;) Agree with brilliant future waiting for Cakir, good Skomina and disappointing performances by experienced refs like Stark, Carballo, Kuipers. I would prefer Webb for a final, but Proenca is good too and, as you mentioned, very lucky. However, I am not glad wth his first performance. It was average of not poor.

    3. Yes, I agree with you.
      For sure the ghost goal in Kassai match was another point in favor of Proença, it's not a so good thing to say, but it's clear that the event is very rare: two finals in less than two months.
      Many things happened, to allow this condition...

    4. Great comment Chefren. Proenca at the moment is considered one of the most steady and calm referees. Especially after the CL final he has won many points between the Committee members. But the most obvious reason for his appointment is Webb's rivalry with Spain. If the Spanish team wasn't at the final then the only candidate would have been Webb.

    5. I am totally content with final referee. Things are changing very rapidly. Once upon a time, we were discussing whether Benquerenca or Proença will be at EURO. I wonder, things would have changed if Benq. wasnt injured...But obvious result is: Now, we have one of the best european referee on pitch. As I always say, I do trust UEFA referee commitee in such appoitments since they basically consider performance aspect.

      And a word on Kassai: That was totally an unlucky moment in his career. None can deny he was natural candidate for final with his GS performances. From now on, he is again one of the hottest for WC2014 final. He is really a headmaster. One should emphasis this truth.

      I wish Proença a great final performance with whole hearth and his team. And as far as I know, they are very strong friends with Cakir since u21-2009. Hope they do their best as a team.

  3. it is just the best choice, because Proença actually walk on the see...
    he is the best.
    his personnality, his physical condition ...

    great and logical decision of uefa

    ps: for Rizzoli it was impossible because euro 2008... Rosetti... an italian

    1. Impossible for an italian referee adfter 4 years, but possible for a portuguese after 1 month and half?
      Yes, I know, Champions League was a different competition, anyway with Collina now everything is possible.

    2. everything can be possible, but i think their is some politics reasons..;
      but the reality is that Proença is realy better since 4-5 months
      best regards

  4. Yes Yun Hyeon, in my opinion the appointment of Rizzoli for EL final, in that time (2010) was a wrong choice by UEFA.
    Collina was not still there, and the appointment of the italian referee was deserved but at the same time a "possible" problem for the future.
    In fact, in the future this problem came out.
    I mean that with the EL appointment, it was more difficult to see him again appointed for a final, of course the Champions League one, in the following year, or also in this 2012.
    There were many experienced referees like Stark and Proença, for example, without any important final in their international career.
    So, it was almost sure that Rizzoli with that appointment for the Europa League final could hardly be taken again into account for an important appointment.
    The same speech now is possible for Stark: he got EL final and probably for the next year will be in the same situation of Rizzoli.
    Is Europa League final nowadays an excellent appointment for a referee?
    The answer is probably: YES. But it depends on the referee's previous career and experience.
    Frank De Bleeckere was the biggest name with this problem, anyway he got SUPERCUP.

  5. De Bleeckere was great I think, he would deserved it. His problem was perhaps that he had nobody behind him in the necessary committee(s) and that he struggled in the biggest moments (wc 2010 was not the best and FCB-INT either).
    Onto Stark, I hope DFB and UEFA/FIFA will now focus on Brych by 100%.

    1. To be honest, Rosetti was able to recognize Rizzoli's pressure, and after the WC 2010 he retired from the pitch probably also for this reason, after 2 world cups and 1 Euro Championship.
      Wolfgang Stark is almost in the same condition. He has got important achievements in South Africa and in this EURO. Now he could retire, at least from the international scenes, to help Brych in his growth.
      Brazil 2014 could be hist last tournament, at the age of 45, do you think that he will be still firm in his will to reach the top?

    2. I am not sure, Brych has everything he needs. A good signal of UEFA would be a final in the foreseeable future. 2014 CL or something like that.

    3. On UEFA.com there are the appointments for the first qualifying matches of Europa and Champions League next week.
      No big names for now.

    4. Of course no big names Chefren. On the 1st Qualif. Round they use only Third Category referees.

  6. Great decision

    Scored the highest marks just above Rizzoli and Skomina in my points system. I wasn't sure the blog was right when you commented that this year UEFA would send home semi-final candidates - i.e. POR progressed so Proenca goes home.

    I agree with all the analysis here. Rizzoli may have snatched it had Germany progressed, Webb had a big chance, but by season and tournament form, this was the right appointment. Superb display in Eng v Italy game, and has also refereed Spain. Fair.

    A decision for him - go with lax Kassai approach (first 60 mins at least in this encounter) or apply strict law from the start?

  7. Mozna tylko pogrtulować temu 42 letniemu sęziemu z Lizbony który w przeszłości uprawiał HANDBAL(PIŁKA RĘCZNA),ale nie oszukojmy się panowie ale we wszystkich prawie statystykach za sezon w EUROPEJSKICH PUCHARACH za sezon 2011\12 to właśnie PROENCA-OLIVERIRA-ALVES-GARCIA wygrywał statystyki i to on na pewno będzie nr.1 IFFHS na sędziego 2012

  8. jak juz mówiłem wcześniej Webb nienadawał się na finał ME bo sędziował dwa lata temu finał MŚ i go zepsuł. Główny szef sędziów FIFA-&-UEFA Hiszpan Aglel Villar-Llona i Collina zdecydowali że nie Webb, a Proenca zagwiżdrze we finale tegorocznych ME,jeśli niepopełni blędów to będzie to dobry wybór

  9. Anonymous30/6/12 15:48

    I wonder where are now those people who shouted that ThomPson would get the final (LOL!) :D

    1. ;)

      Has anyone infos concerning ref appointments for CL/EL 2nd Qualifying Round? FPF has already revealed e.g. Soares' appt for FC Basel.

    2. For EL only Anastasios Sidiropoulos has been appointed (don't know yet match but it is at 26 July).
      Also two Cypriot Referees have been appointed at EL 2 Qualif. Round.
      Marios Panayi at Kuopio (FIN)/Lianelli (WAL) - Macabi Netania (ISR) 26 July. Finally Leontios Trattou at Admira Wacker (AUT) - Zalgiris (LTU) at 26 July.

    3. Anonymous30/6/12 17:29

      For El João Ferreira from Portugal was appointed to MTK Budapeste - FK Senica, on 5 July.

      Luís Almeida

    4. German teams are appointed for the following CL qualifiers:
      17.7.: NK Maribor(SVN) - FK Zeljezniar(BIH)
      24.7.: GNK Dinamo (CRO) - PFC Ludogorets Razgrad (BUL)
      The names are still unknown, but I could imagine Zwayer and Fritz in these matches.

    5. If you have other info you can give it.

    6. 17.7.: NK Maribor(SVN) - FK Zeljezniar(BIH)
      Thorsten Kinhöfer / Guido Kleve / Patrick Ittrich
      24.7.: GNK Dinamo (CRO) - PFC Ludogorets Razgrad (BUL)
      Felix Zwayer / Holger Henschel / Florian Steuer

    7. Appointments of Greek Referees

      Champions League

      24/7 Partizan Beograd - Valeta/Luzitans
      Anastasios Sidiropoulos, Dimitrios Gagas, Damianos Efthimiadis, Athanasios Giahos.

      Europa League

      19/7 Hajduk Split - Skonto Riga
      Anastasios Kakos, Christos Akrivos, Dimitrios Tatsis, Anastasios Sidiropoulos
      19/7 Rapid Bukuresti - MYPA/Cefn Druids
      Dimitrios Tritsonis, Grigorios Panou, Michael Karsiotis, Michael Koukoulakis
      26/7 Pljevlja/Shirak - Bnei Yehuda
      Ilias Spathas, Dimitrios Bozatzidis, Ilias Alexeas, Anastasios Kakos
      26/7 Fitese - Lokomotiv Plontiv
      Michael Koukoulakis, Dimitrios Saraidaris, Leonidas Vasiliadis, Dimitrios Tritsonis.

    8. 19.7.: Siauliai(LTU)/Levadia(EST)- Anorthosis Famagusta FC (CYP)
      Marco Fritz / Christoph Bornhorst / Rene Kunsleben
      26.7.: St.Patricks(IRL)/IBV(ISL) - NK Siroki Brijeg (BIH)
      Deniz Aytekin / Detlef Scheppe / Christian Leicher

    9. 2 Welsh appointments

      UEFA Europa League 2nd Qualifying Round

      19 July 2012
      KAA Ghent (Belgium) v FC Differdange 03 (LUX)/NSÍ Runavík (FRO)

      Referee: Mark Whitby
      Assistant Referee 1: Phil Thomas
      Assistant Referee 2: Mark Dyson
      4th Official: Dean John

      26 July 2012
      FH (ISL)/FC USV Eschen-Mauren (LIE) v AIK (Sweden)

      Referee: Lee Evans
      Assistant Referee 1 J B Roberts
      Assistant Referee 2 Gareth Wyn Jones
      4th Official: Bryn Markham-Jones

  10. A gdzie Thomson się na FINAŁ ME tak samo jak Webb nienadawał się na FINAŁ równierz Kassai. Typowanie na przód to nic nie daje bo faworyci zawodzą i często sie to sprawdza niestety nawet wśród sędziów,tu kilku fatalnie na tych kończących ME sędziowało i nawet u mnie na osiedlu mówiono że Borski którego uznano najsłabszym sędzią minionego sezonu w naszej EKSTRAKLASIE i tutaj poradziłby sobie napewno lepiej

  11. Does anyone know why UEFA hasn't announced the delegate for the final?
    In the press kit, there is only the observer.

    By the way, Niclas I'm going to write something about each referee and his performance at this EURO2012, of course after the match, tomorrow.
    Are you going to open a similar discussion with your impressions, or I have to post here?

    1. Yes, I am going to do so on Monday, along with a UEFA ranking for the season 2011/12. Pls keep all your impressions firm until this thread will be there, it would be a nice discussion.

      Thanks for the info concerning CL/EL R2!

    2. Delegate for the final Chefren Janis Mezeckis (LVA)

    3. Thank you.

      Do you know Mario Ferri "il falco"?
      He is very famous, his hobby is to invade the football pitches during very important matches, wearing a "SUPERMAN" shirt. One can judge him as a stupid, other people can judge him as a genius, because always able to elude security.
      He did it in 2010 Spain-Germany WC semifinal, then in Champions League final Barcellona - Manchester (2011)
      Well, he has promised to do it again, this evening, trying to hang himself to crossbar... let's wait and see..


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