June 14, 2012

UEFA EURO 2012 - Referee Appointments Matches 17-24

Big task for Nicola Rizzoli (ITA): POR-NED (c) ZIMBIO

M17, Group A, 16 June 2012, 20:45 CET, Warsaw (POL)
Greece - Russia
Referee: Jonas Eriksson (SWE)
Assistant Referee 1: Stefan Wittberg (SWE)
Assistant Referee 2: Mathias Klasenius (SWE)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Markus Strömbergsson (SWE)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Stefan Johannesson (SWE)
Fourth Official: Hüseyin Göçek (TUR)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Bahattin Duran (TUR)
UEFA Delegate: Geir Thorsteinsson (ISL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Pierluigi Collina (ITA)

M18, Group A, 16 June 2012, 20:45 CET, Wroclaw (POL)
Czech Republic - Poland
Referee: Craig Thomson (SCO)
Assistant Referee 1: Alasdair Ross (SCO)
Assistant Referee 2: Derek Rose (SCO)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: William Collum (SCO)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Euan Norris (SCO)
Fourth Official: Fredy Fautrel (FRA)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Frédéric Cano (FRA)
UEFA Delegate: Nodar Akhalkatsi (GEO)
UEFA Referee Observer: Iouri Baskakov (RUS)

M19, Group B, 17 June 2012, 20:45 CET, Lviv (UKR)
Denmark - Germany
Referee: Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1: Roberto Alonso Fernández (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: David Fernández Borbalán (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Carlos Clos Gómez (ESP)
Fourth Official: Mark Clattenburg (ENG)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Peter Kirkup (ENG)
UEFA Delegate: Jozef Kliment (SVK)
UEFA Referee Observer: Bo Karlsson (SWE)

M20, Group B, 17 June, 20:45 CET, Kharkiv (UKR)
Portugal - Netherlands
Referee: Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Renato Faverani (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Andrea Stefani (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Gianluca Rocchi (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Paolo Tagliavento (ITA)
Fourth Official: Martin Atkinson (ENG)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Mike Mullarkey (ENG)
UEFA Delegate: Ainar Leppänen (EST)
UEFA Referee Observer: David Elleray (ENG)

M21, Group C, 18 June 2012, 20:45 CET, Gdansk (POL)
Croatia - Spain
Referee: Wolfgang Stark (GER)
Assistant Referee 1: Jan-Hendrik Salver (GER)
Assistant Referee 2: Mike Pickel (GER)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Florian Meyer (GER)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Deniz Aytekin (GER)
Fourth Official: Richard Liesveld (NED)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Sander van Roekel (NED)
UEFA Delegate: Christian Schmöelzer (AUT)
UEFA Referee Observer: Kyros Vassaras (GRE)

M22, Group C, 18 June 2012, 20:45 CET, Poznán (POL)
Italy - Ireland
Referee: Cüneyt Çakır (TUR)
Assistant Referee 1: Bahattin Duran (TUR)
Assistant Referee 2: Tarik Ongun (TUR)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Hüseyin Göçek (TUR)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Bülent Yıldırım (TUR)
Fourth Official: Viktor Shvetsov (UKR)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Oleksandr Voytyuk (UKR)
UEFA Delegate: Adonis Procopiou (CYP)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jozef Marko (SVK)

M23, Group D, 19 June 2012, 20:45 CET, Donezk (UKR)
England - Ukraine
Referee: Viktor Kassai (HUN) 
Assistant Referee 1: Gábor Erös (HUN)
Assistant Referee 2: György Ring (HUN)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: István Vad (HUN)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Tamás Bognar (HUN)
Fourth Official: Tom Harald Hagen (NOR)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Damien Macgraith (IRL)
UEFA Delegate: Armen Minasyan (ARM)
UEFA Referee Observer: Marc Batta (FRA)

M24, Group D, 19 June, 20:45 CET, Kyiv (UKR)
Sweden - France
Referee: Pedro Proença (POR)
Assistant Referee 1: Bertino Miranda (POR)
Assistant Referee 2: Ricardo Santos (POR)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Manuel de Sousa (POR)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Duarte Gomes (POR)
Fourth Official: Pol van Boekel (NED)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Roman Slyško (SVK)
UEFA Delegate: Janis Mežeckis (LVA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Iouri Baskakov (RUS)


  1. Interesting that they split parts of the English team for both Group B matches.

  2. Now it's clear the pattern for the last 4 matches: Stark, Cakir, Kassai and Proença. Proença and Kassai in group D, because both had already a match in group C.
    So, for group C Stark and Cakir.
    Wolfgang Stark has already Italy-Ireland in his palmares, he was heavility criticized by italian fans and press because he sent off Pazzini after a few minutes, for a controversial elbow.
    I'm going to think that Cakir will referee Italy-Ireland.

    About these appointments: the second presence of Collina as observer, again with Greece, and again in Warsaw :) This could sound strange, anyway it's important for Eriksson, this is maybe a signal that he is one of the referees which UEFA is going to keep for the KO stage.
    I consider Collina always more important than all other observers, maybe I'm wrong but this seems clear.
    Carballo for Denmark-Germany was expected, I hope (of course) that he can have a better match, without any problem.
    Finally (last bt not least) another big match for Nicola Rizzoli, even though France-England was easy, I hope that Nicola can handle this match better, because some smal mistakes were done by his team in the previous match.
    Of course, excellent appointment also for Thomson, deserved.

  3. I have thought many times about potential K.O. stage referees and those who will be sent home. I am not that sure that Rizzoli will get a third match, so he has to perform very well. Thomson and Lannoy have been very very strong, which I did not expect. I do not see any chance for Kuipers, but let us wait for his next match, in addition we have not seen Proenca yet.

  4. Provisional observer appointments:

    Greece - Russia (Eriksson): Mohammed A F (EGY)
    Czech Republic - Poland (Thomson): Cagatay I (TUR)
    Portugal - Netherlands (Rizzoli): Philipp S (GER), Niclas E (GER)
    Denmark - Germany (Velasco Carballo): Edward A (GRE)

  5. Anonymous14/6/12 12:10

    Thomson and Lannoy have been very very strong? I disagree. Lannoy gave every free kick he possibly could(compare to Stark). Thomson let Pepe to fool himself by feinting serious injury and made the same mistake in the end of first half. Otherwise he was ok, but not strong in my opinion. That I cannot disagree that he got a very important match.

  6. These are the most logical appointments IMO. Eriksson for Greece match means that he is supported a lot from the Committee and they think that he is a referee who won't create any problems at this match. Especially after the Greek protests to UEFA for the 2 first matches. Probably this is why Collina was again (?) appointed as observer.
    As for the other matches Thomson is a steady referee who (if you erase Twente - Schalke) had a very good season. So this is a deserved game for him.
    Rizzoli gets the biggie even though I wasn't pleased by him as an observer at France - England. I believe he will get a QF match if he performs well.
    Finally Carballo. He is a referee I rate a lot. But he had 1 bad moment in Greece 1st match. I believe he is a referee who could get a QF match even though the chances for that are few.

  7. Webb almost excellent, just one mistake when he whistled a wrong foul against Cassano.
    For the rest, Kirkup with 3 mistakes against Italy... always borderline decisions, no offside, but he always raised the flag.

    1. Yes, I call it a "still good performance". No way to allow Chiellini's challenge. Yes, I know, he played the ball, but there the officials have to be more uniform. Lannoy had whistled such contacts at any rate. It was too intense in my opinion. Srna should have been booked, I think the last offside decision made by Kirkup, where the striker nearly started from his own half, was closely offside. I liked Webb's way of communicating with the players, I think in this field he is the best, even if you do not need to be a friend of his partially theatrical gestures ;)
      Fandel said in an interview that UEFA was very content with all the shown performances and also emphasized their fortune about Stark's performance.

  8. Niclas, I have a question for you abut Pedro Proença (this evening the first referee with the blue kit).
    Do you stil think that he is chaotic? :)

    1. Not anymore, his movement was very good, and of course his positioning led to one of the funniest situations of this tournament ;) I think he should have definitely sent off St Ledger for a studs-up foul. I have doubts about the correctness of the fourth goal, I think it could have been offside before the corner kick that led to Fábregas' goal. Will check that. Miranda with a regular performance, some mistakes, Santos good. Proenca with some weird calls at the beginning (e.g. this handball call at the Irish box in favour of IRL in minute 9 or something in this area).

  9. Excellent decision to suspend the match. Kuipers, his team and probably the delegate have made the biggest decision correct today.

    1. I think that it was a decision by UEFA because Kuipers and the two captains haven't talked at all about that.
      More generally, when a match is under UEFA's organization, the referee has not the authority to stop it by himself.
      I reember many UEFA Europa and Champions League matches played in the snow, in the thunderstorm and in the heavy rain.
      UEFA wants always to play but this time they have wisely recognized the danger of thunder and lightning for the safety of players.
      In the home leagues (serie A, Bundesliga, Premier and so on) it's different, every referee has his authority.

    2. Urs Meier emphasized something in the German tv.
      Even though the delegate is involved, the decision is made by the referee. Only by him. So it was Kuipers' decision, as he probably did not think that ensuring his responsibility to protect the players was possible.

  10. I do not think that the match will be re-kicked-off today. These puddles are really huge..

    1. They must resume the match today because in a such tournament there isn't time to postpone matches.
      Very difficult decision to take.

    2. Anonymous15/6/12 19:00

      Rudolf Kreitlein does not see any problem in postponing this match until tomorrow since each team would still have two rest days prior to its last encounter then.

  11. Anonymous16/6/12 09:36

    Kuipers good decision to postpone match but he didnt referee very good
    Skomina very good

  12. Anonymous16/6/12 10:46

    When will be report ready for gmes Italy-Croatia(Webb) , Spain-Irealand(Proenca), Ukraine-France(Kuipers) and Sweden- England(Skomina)

    1. Soon...we cannot conjure ;)

    2. The first marks available are (reports will be uploaded later):
      Webb: 80,0
      Kuipers: 67,1

  13. Observer Appointments for Matches 17-24

    GRE-RUS (Eriksson): TBA (still to come)
    POL-CZE (Thomson): Cagatay I (TUR)
    POR-NED (Rizzoli): Philipp S (GER), Niclas E (GER)
    DEN-GER (Velasco Carballo): Edward A (GRE)
    CRO-ESP (Stark): Maicon O (BRA), Carlos S (COL)
    ITA-IRL (Cakir): Pascal J (SUI)
    ENG-UKR (Kassai): Mohammed A F (EGY), Filipe T (POR)
    SWE-FRA (Proenca): Chefren (ITA)

    1. And GRE-RUS to Maicon and Carlos.

  14. Anonymous16/6/12 17:46

    Howard Webb was awful,missed and did not caution the foul by Croatia player.He should me on his way home.

    1. Anonymous16/6/12 17:49

      Agree terrible foul on Motta!

    2. So a referee is sent home because he did not caution a foul? Do you mean that seriously?

    3. Anonymous16/6/12 21:49

      He and his assistant refs had a poor game!He gave free kicks that were not even fouls.I think we could all see that.As I said should take no further part.

    4. I did not see that. Apart from this foul a good performance, AR2 with problems.

    5. Anonymous17/6/12 13:17

      Well i did!He was poor.

  15. Anonymous16/6/12 18:41

    Niclas how did yestrday referees refereed their matches (Kuipers and Skomina) ?

    1. You can find the Kuipers report on the match files page.
      In general I think that Kuipers was decent but missed a clear 2nd YC, he should have given a penalty but that was difficult to see.
      Skomina with a decent performance as well, I think he was good. Probably, one or two more yellows would have been necessary. The report of this match will be uploaded soon, too.

  16. Thomson do domu kiepski sędzia Baros za łokcie powinien być na trybunach. 10 lat temuna MŚ w korei z portugalią sędziował rodak tomsona dziś cłonek sztabu sędziów UEFA Hugh Dallas i też fatalnie sędziował pod portugalie dziś tomson sędziował pod czechy dobrze że kiepskiego tomsona nie było w rpsa na mś i mam nadzieje że do brazyli ten cienias nie pojedzie

  17. Oh my God! Probably the two weakest performances so far at this EURO. Thomson really poor. Missed three elbow-fouls for which should have booked Dudka twice (59', 60') and Hubschman (67' - even a red card possible). Missed penalty to Poland after deliberate handball by Baros (volume of the body, 86'). Some smaller mistakes like lack of yellow card to Wasilewski (53' - foul). Thomson and his team totally lost control in second half and lack of concentration, allowing the elbow-fouls made a match tougher and bad atmosphere there.
    Also extreme mistake (Probably I'm not idiot, saying it was deliberate mistake by AR2) by Derek Rose when signaled alleged offside by Baros - 2 metres non-offside (76')! Alasdair Ross with excellent performance
    Of course, after this really poor show, Scottish team must be send to home, no other way. A pity, taking into connsideration first really good match by them.

    THOMSON - 4,7 (weak/average)
    ROSS - 8,5 (excellent/fantastic)
    ROSE - 3,0 (very weak)
    COLLUM - 5,0 (should have signaled handball by Baros and penalty, even if Thomson saw it better)
    NORRIS - 6,5 (not challenged)

    Eriksson also in home after Greece - Russia for sure. Obvious penalty qualified as a dive (Strombergsson 'extremely pushed referee' show).

    Note: my marks are not so low due to Poland was kicked off the tournament, referees were really poor and I'm one of the biggest fan of Thomson...

    1. I disagree.
      First concerning Eriksson. A clear penalty. I do not contradict that Karagounis merged and looked for the contact, but the Russian clearly carted out his leg. I do not blame Eriksson, he had an angle which was not the best to detect the extent of the contact, Klasenius either, there was a player who perhaps took his area of vicinity, but Johannesson..he must see that, he simply must. I think after the tournament, I will develop a stats sheet with the percentages of missed yellows and penalties, the number will be probably remarkably high. Collina observed that. I do not know how the rest of the match was. But of course you cannot argue now that Eriksson gets a third match and Lannoy not..difficult to evaluate, I would give him a third chance, but perhaps UEFA will think in another way.

      Onto Thomson. To call Baros' handball as a deliberate one and one to be penalized is to my mind wrong. He did not really extend the volume of his body, furthermore, when jumping in the height, you have to hold your balance. This is only possible like that, the shot was not far away, played with a high pace, so I 100% agree with Thomson here.
      The problem of his performance are the missed yellows. I counted 4. Wasilewski, the two ellbows (very important!) by Dudka in a row (60') and then the one on Lewandowski. These missed conducts are important. The other yellows he issued were all correct.
      Some words on Derek Rose. There was no replay and UEFA knows why. I recorded the match and re-watched the minute and stopped there, it was approximately 0,5 m no offside. In addition, there was a chance after 70 seconds, an overhead trick by a Polish striker, which cleary followed an offside position, too, Rose did not raise the flag.
      Ross was very good again.

      My marks for Thomson:

      Control (20%): 80,0 - quick prevention of upcoming riots, good way of communication, even though he did not manage to eliminate the "poison" or the tension out of the match, which was however a difficult task. The number of 8 cards could be expected.

      Decisions (40%): 65,0 - the missed ellbows can be evaluated as "no clear or important mistake, however, slightly below expected level, important area for improvement (ellbow offenses) and too many smaller weaknesses/mistakes.

      Style (30%):
      Physical aspects: 80,0
      Tactical approach: 70,0

      Difficulty (10%): very intense match also due to the group situation. Big importance and high tension. 90,0


      AR1 Ross: 85,0
      AR2 Rose: 60,0

      AAR1 Collum: 75,0
      AAR2 Norris: 75,0

    2. Sorry the second word of my comment should be "agree", not "disagree" ;)

    3. I have watched the penalty situation in Greece-Russia and I agree with what you wrote, Niclas.

      Yes, it is a penalty, but the kind of penalty that I don't like to give. The player knows for sure how to get it, because he sees before the leg of the opponent and he does anything to avoid the contact.
      Anyway, the defender is stupid. He can remove his leg. I also think that it was a decision by the additional because Eriksson was not
      in the good position to evaluate that.
      Johannesson was so close and maybe he shared this idea in his mind, even though, as I have said, this is more penalty than a dive.
      Now waiting for the next appointment we will see how Collina has evaluated that situation.

    4. Yes, just to point that out again: i would have agreed 100% with Eriksson if he had let the game flow, or more likely I would have understood that. But a dive call is wrong at any rate. According to a laws, it is penalty, and I agree with Chefren, I would hate awarding it.

    5. Thomson's report to follow today. I am really dissapointed...Some visible faults, moslty in YCs, obviously a btter performance was possible. In my book, lost his chance for KO

    6. Ok take your time. I think overall, taking both into consideration, Thomson can be content with his EURO, I also think that one should not send him home, he can be 4th in a QF.

    7. Niclas, I take your opinion, but I think Baros knew what he was doing. I think, that this elbow was deliberate to stop the ball. Of course, it's a field to referee's evaluation here.

    8. That's clear, no complaint into Thomson's direction, it was interpretation, your's is deliberate handball, mine not. Against the background that every referee - except Velasco Carballo - was very lenient in doubtful penalty situations, his decisions suits to the tournament.

  18. Yun wiesz co jak tak obserwuje prace sędziów na tych mistrzostwach to wielu z nich nie daje sobie rady z sędziowaniem chociarz to zawodowcy (bo u nas w polsce dopiero teraz wprowadzono zawodowstwo wśród sędziów)to jednak niektórzy zchowywali się jak prawdziwi amatorzyi znowu Blatter będzie miał problem co zrobić i jak poprawić sędziowanie i czemu się dziwić że z innych kontynentów lepiej sędzióją mecze niż europejczycy skoro Webb Erikson Thomson Kassai Skomina itd. sędziója fatalnie niestety sędziowiena obecnych ME są najsłabsi tak jak to było 8 lat temu na ME w Portugali

    1. Podzielam Twoje zdanie, że sędziowie na tych mistrzostwach są po prostu słabi, ale nie zgodzę się natomiast, że Webb czy Kassai sędziowali słabo w pierwszych meczach. Faktem jest, że przeoczyli oni oczywiste kartki, ale większych błędów nie popełnili. Mają swój pobłażliwy styl i tyle. Dla mnie występ Kassaia i pierwszy Thomsona były najlepsze, jednak ten drugi dzisiaj zaprzepaścił swoją szansę na pozostanie w Polsce i na Ukrainie.

      Mam jedną prośbę, nie mógłbyś pisać tutaj po angielsku, bo tylko ja rozumiem, co piszesz i myślę, że założyciel bloga i jego użytkownicy nie są z tego powodu zadowoleni ;)

  19. Anonymous17/6/12 08:40

    Why cant you write your coments in English that we all could understand what are you writing?

  20. wiesz co YUN niestety nieumiem pisać po Angielsku bo się nieuczyłem znam tylko kilka słow a to za mało by móc pisac z wami po Angielsku sorry ale nic nie poradze w takim razie żegnam

  21. Anonymous17/6/12 10:30

    I have one information by Rade Mijatovič (vice-president of Slovenian referees) he tould that Jozef Marko uefa referee observer for match Sweden-England as he said Vlado Šajn (president of Slovenian referees and uefa commite member) that he can be proud by performance of Damir Skomina.
    So can now Damir Skomina get a K.O. match?

    1. After SWE ENG and yesterday, his chances are high in my opinion. If Germany will qualify as the group leader today, GER-GRE could be his game.

  22. Anonymous17/6/12 13:11

    70,6 is a really low mark for Skominas performance in match Sweden-England (Proenca got 80.3) in a match that was really easy and Skomina and Proenca did their job really good. So why Skomina got 70.6 and Proenca 80.3??

  23. Anonymous17/6/12 13:54

    And how can be match between Sweden and Englan easier to referee than Spain and Ireland?

  24. From whom do you expect an answer? I have not observed these matches, I can only give the guidelines for observation, it is our observers' assessment, not mine. Furthermore, match difficulty marks do not depend on the teams' names but on the circumstances during the match. It could also be that DEN-GER today has an importance or difficulty of 80,0 and POR-NED, despite of 2006, only 70,0.
    I can utter my opinion on both performances if you want, I would have given Proenca something in the area of 74,0, Skomina 75,0. But I was not the observer. My opinions will be given tomorrow or Tuesday in a seperate and longer thread.

  25. Terrible tackle by Willems (Ned). Why doesn't Rizzoli send him off? Only a yellow card (51').

    1. Yes, it was the only noticeable call of the whole match, I think that a read card would have been adequate.
      For the rest, easy.

    2. What do you think about the elbow offence of Van Persie against Pepe (69') ?
      Rizzoli decided to give a yellow card.

    3. Anonymous18/6/12 16:52

      Hardley an elbow!Not a red card,correct call yellow card.

  26. An earlier prediction for Germany-Greece:

  27. SWEDEN-ENGLAND, Reserve Assistant is changed, Roman Slysko instead Erwin Zeinstra. Injury maybe?

  28. Anonymous18/6/12 02:38

    I'm very dissapointed with all of you because I haven't read anything about the technical mistake done by Eriksson in the match between Russia and Greece.

    If you can watch the replay, please, go directly to the moment when there is a free kick in favour of Greece and the ball touchs the goalpost. Pay attention.

    Congratulations for this blog.

    1. Why don't you wait for our report on this match? Many of us have seen Thomson, not Eriksson. Velasco missed a penalty to DEN, apart from that good

    2. You are right Anonymous, it seems a big mistake.
      Tzavellas hits again directly the ball, after the spot, a clear irregular action.
      An indirect free kick to Russia was the right decision to take, nevertheless the russian player got the card for his foul.

    3. I was curious anyone mention it :) Right, I was really disappointed when Carballo or more Clos Gómez didn't show on the penalty spot after Badstuber's foul on Bendtner. Really obvious... Other calls good, especially non-penalty to Germany after Muller's action in 65'

  29. My marks for Velasco:

    Control (20%): 80,0
    Decisions (40%): 60,0 (one important mistake, missed pen to DEN after foul on Bendtner committed by Badstuber, dark yellow would have been the consequence)
    Style (30%): 75,0
    Difficulty (10%): 70,0

    1. Report to follow but here are my marks for Carballo

      Control: 80
      Decisions: 62
      Style: 75
      Difficulty: 70

  30. Stark misses penalty for Croatia in first half, in my opinion. Tackle by Sergio Ramos on Mandzukic. Under the eyes of the AAR1.
    Fear to give a penalty?
    What do you think?

    1. Probably so close to the AAR that he had no clear view. However, still a major error by Stark's team..

  31. Anonymous18/6/12 22:43

    I don't think so, but it should be a penalty for Croatia in 84 minute on Corluka.

  32. Another tough match for Cakir...
    Reckless tackles, pushes by players all match long. What could u expect from referee? Players with no intension to play football, far away from spirit of game.

    RC was justified. A correct foul was whistled, an exaggerated complaint, and a swear as well most probably, results in second YC.

    Good no penalty decision in first half (hit to shoulder), good presence of AAR on line at 1st goal, clearly in. In second half, a penalty appeal by Italy, too close comes from his body. His shape is totally wierd. A penalty could be whistled.

  33. Hah, very controversial situation... I think the lack of penalty is good call. I re-watched this situation many times and:
    1 - it was foot-up tackle (for many refs this is reason to give penalty, but
    as we know, Stark is very lenient in giving those)
    2 - Ramos played the ball first
    3 - Then, Mandzukić played the ball
    4 - Ramos played the ball as the last player
    DECISION - Penalty or corner kick. Meyer decided the second, he was right I think.

    Another possible penalty to Spain this time in after Mandzukić' elbow-foul on Pique (68'). Stark let the play on. I would be a fan of giving this penalty. Again, in every other field-zone, it would be a free kick, so why not penalty?

    One more possible penalty to Croatia when Ćorluka was pulled by one of the Spanish defender (86'). I think again, it should have been a penalty, but taking into account Stark's ultra-lenient approach in this match, it's still OK.

    Many smaller mistakes:
    09' - missed Pique's foul on Mandzukić
    19' - lack of yellow card to Srna after a deliberate foul on Jordi Alba,
    warning is to less
    20' - missed Alonso's foul on Pranjić
    20' - lack of yellow card to Vukojević after a foul on Silva
    40' - lack of another yellow card to Srna after an elbow-foul on Iniesta

    Great call when let the play on after an alleged Iniesta's handball in the goal situation (88')

    World Class by Jan-Hendrik Salver in goal situation, when let the play on in two passes on borderline of offside.

    STARK - 6,7 (Control-7, Calls-6, Neutrality-6, Style-7, Match difficulty-9)
    SALVER - 8,8 (Match difficulty-9, Calls - 9, Style-7)
    PICKEL - 6,8 (Match difficulty-6, Calls-7, Style-8)
    MEYER - 8,0 (Match difficulty-8, Calls-8)
    AYTEKIN - 7,0 (Match difficulty-7, Calls-7)

  34. What a match for Cakir! I agree with Cagatay, he had to face a war, players were really nervous and many difficult decisions had to be taken.
    Excellent first half in which Gocek saw rightly the ball crossing the line. Excellent decision also when Cakir didn't give a penalty for an alleged handball: it wasn't.
    In second half, match became also more difficult for the referee. The given cards were almost correct, about offsides I'm not sure, this time the TV was reluctant to show replays.
    I think that the only possible mistake was the penalty in second half, also reported by Cagatay, but in a so intensive and difficult game, it's a thing that can happen.
    I would assign a deserved quarterfinal to the turkish team.

    About Stark, waiting for the whole match to watch, I have seen the penalty situation at 28': well, after many replays it seems that the Spanish player hit the bal before, then later also the opponent (and in a heavy way).
    In situations like these, you can whistle penalty or not.
    Many commentators say: "He has hit the ball, before, so it isn't penalty". But another sentence could be: "Although he has hit the ball, he can't do that kind of tackle, hitting also the opponent, so it was penalty".
    My final opinion is that the referee didn't do a mistake, giving the corner and not the penalty, anyway very difficult situation and of course Stark wasn't in the position to evaluate that, he trusted Meyer.
    Furthermore, in the last Stark's atch, when he didn't whistle a penalty to Russia in first half, the Russian player got a hit on his leg, and also in this situation the defender was able to cath the ball, before.
    Later I will try to watch the other situations mentioned by Yun Hyeon, giving also my opinions.

  35. Anonymous19/6/12 07:58

    Disaster from referees at this tournament. We might say it at this point. 4 out of 6 teams in next round were decided with missed penalty situations.

    One penalty decision so far and numerous rule's violation situations in penalty area.

    Great decisions of assistant referees, doubtful benefit of additional assistant referees at this tournament (regarding missed penalties or elbowing in penalty area).

    1. Unfortunately, I must agree. The referees at this EURO haven't a courage to whistle sometimes obvious penalties or indirect free kicks, too many smaller mistakes taking into account it's EURO and Elite of Elite. Additional assistants are sometimes good, sometimes blind like main referees. I am not a fan of such leniency and I think AFC refs are better in this case - they use rule book in every zone of the field. As I mentioned in some comments, I am very disappointed of referees in this tournament (only Kassai and Webb maybe Lannoy, Cakir and Skomina were good, the rest failed in my eyes)

    2. Anonymous19/6/12 14:31

      Cakir is the best UEFA referee at this point but I am not sure if UEFA will do justice to him and appoint him for the final.

      Skomina is controversial because of handball situations in his first match. Despite the fact that discussion about those calls is ongoing, my opinion is that those situations must be treated as handballs because the nature and history of the football game.

    3. Anonymous19/6/12 14:32

      And rules of the game, of course.

    4. Yes, my opinion is the same, Skomina should have given penalty in 28', but in 89' I am not so sure. His second performance was very good.

  36. Yun Hyeon, I have watched the other two situations: I think that the most discussed call was anyway only the first.
    Referees aren't accostumed to whistle so "easy" penalties, even though probably (as you have said) if you whistle a similar foul in the middle of the pitch, you have also to whistle it in the penalty area, you can't think that a penalty is a different situation to evaluate from a "normal" foul.
    But... what if Al Ghamdi was there, in the place of Wolfgang Stark? :)

    1. We have other points of view :) I like more Al-Ghamdi even though he sometimes whistles soft penalties, than referees who are blind in such kind of situations. I'm not a fan of using rule book on the field in exception of penalty area. If Al-Ghamdi was there in the place of Stark, he would give at least 3 penalties, that would be right...

  37. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=427783663911456&set=a.377873782235778.82868.215198838503274&type=1&theater
    This picture is the proof: a clear penalty for Croatia.

  38. F. Taveira19/6/12 12:19

    IMO the first situation is a safe penalty. The croatian player as the ball and tries to do a pass to the center of the spanish area. Ramos with a reckless approach hits the foot of the croatian. Ramos approach could have a severe impact in the other player. the correct decision would be a penalty and the obvious YC (more orange than yellow) to Ramos. And this situation isn't a "regular foul"
    The others situations are arguable.
    In my view Stark, in the end, tended to be pro-Spain. Probably some influence of Platini desire to see Germany and Spain in the final. Mr Platini should be quiet. His words have impact in others agents in the game.
    About Stark it's time to go home. With Germany trough the next phase I believe he has no space to be in EURO2012.

  39. F. Taveira19/6/12 13:31

    In Portugal Proença was the best referee this season. Benquerença was second;3. Jorge Sousa; 4. Joao Capela; 5. Soares Dias.

    Bruno Paixao was 14. Two years in a row with bad performances at home and for that reason in january 2013 he will be out of the FIFA list. So for 2013 Portugal will have two spots to fill with new internationals (most likely Hugo Miguel(1977) and some other)

    1. I'm sorry for Bruno Paixao, he seemed a promising refeere.

  40. Yun twai typ kandidat final euro? My KUIPERS CAKIR & Rizzoli

    1. My final candidate: Kassai, Webb, Cakir, Rizzoli. Kuipers not, he missed 2 penalties in every match.


      Moi kandydaci to Kassai, Webb, Cakir, Rizzoli. Kuipers nie, ponieważ przeoczył po jednym karnym w obu meczach. Prawdopodobnie już nie posędziuje na tym Euro.

    2. Moi kandydaci do prowadzenia finału: Cakir, Kassai, Rizzoli, Webb. Kuipers przeoczył dwa karne w swoich meczach, więc raczej nie.


      My candidates to whistle final: Cakir, Kassai, Rizzoli, Webb. Not Kuipers due to missed two penalties in his matches.

  41. Im not happy with Stark performance, not only for the penaltys which could be discussed, is because of his style, Stark was a symbol of calmness, but control on the match, his calls were not always perfect, but mostly he whistel what he saw, this time and since Bucarest final, I see a different Stark, a Stark which does not want to whistel when he normally did, a Stark who does not want to give those cards he never forgets. I don´t know if UEFA asked him to be like that since Bucarest, but Im still waiting for the old Stark, the solid Stark...

  42. For the ones who had not seen them: the new CL kits http://www.refereeworld.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=80006&language=en

  43. I am not very happy with Cakir's performance in ITA vs IRL either. No major mistakes but extremly fussy which got him into trouble late on. I have seen him perform much better this season. Full report to follow soon.

    1. Final mark for Cakir: 72,9

  44. Schörgenhofer and Kelly out from ED, Vad in. List may be found here: http://www.fotball.no/Documents/PDF/2012/Dommer/UEFA_dommerrangering_menn_2012.pdf?epslanguage=en

    1. Kevin Blom is now CAT1

    2. Only Collum promoted, and not Kralovec?!?

      Interesting that in the press release of the Scottish FA they talked about 24 Elite referees, and now here there's still only 22...

    3. Anonymous19/6/12 16:29

      I believe that at least 1 page is missing from the document posted on the Norwegian FA web site. There must be more than 31 referees in the First Category!

    4. We had already a thread of that.
      I have "overflown" your comments onto yesterday's performance and I think that it is a phantom debate concerning Stark. The clearest penalty you can give. Horrible mistake. That's all, he must be sent home. Furthermore, missed two other possible penalties. No courage, a disaster, sorry, I am very very disappointed of the performances at this tournament, it started with so good performances, and now..the list of missed penalties and cards is getting longer and longer, Collina, who allegedly prefers the referee who has courage, must feel that, too.

    5. But again: with few exceptions (Rose and Kirkup in one of their match each), the assistant referees are the winners of this competition.

    6. and here http://footballrefereeing.blogspot.de/2012/06/william-collum-promoted-to-elite-group.html

    7. Anonymous19/6/12 19:38

      Can anyone get the full list (the one posted is missing at least one page) and also the lists for women and futsal?

  45. Niclas, is Florian Meyer still an Elite referee for the next six month?
    Can you confirm that? You said that he was going to leave the category but now I read his name still there.

    1. It was a guess if Gräfe is ready to be promoted. Kircher will reject his FIFA badge in 2013, perhaps you/we mixed that up once.

  46. Niclas, I recognize your honesty about Stark but I think that we can discuss about the penalty situation.
    Do you really believe that it was a penaty without any possible debate?

    1. Yes :)
      I do not see where Ramos has touched the ball first. It was a studs up tackle, if the line had exhibited it, one could IMO even argue about red. If this happens outside the pen. area, it is a clear foul and at least yellow. Ramos, I want to quote Urs Meier here, jumped into the opponent "like a fanatic". Clear penalty in my opinion and of course you can always have an opinion about it, but in this case, I am irritated that there is even room for it.

    2. By the way, the next reports are finally out.
      Rizzoli still to come, Philipp's marks are moving in the area of 72-76, I will watch the match now and then we will discuss it.

    3. I am sure, Ramos touched the ball as first. It was visible in especially one replay and in slow motion. But, he touched the ball and opponent of course, then Mandzukic touch the ball, then again Ramos. I think, it's possible debate, especially this is Stark (ultra-lenient at this EURO). However, my opinion is: three penalties were possible and even should have been given :) As Carlos wrote, it's not solid Stark at this tournament, he made many small mistakes, missed cards, had not a courage to whistle penalties in both matches. I don't like that Stark. And he was really nervous and arrogant in second match, too long whistles :/

    4. I have watched the situation about 40 times from (I counted!) 7 different camera angles. I do not see Ramos touching the ball first and even if, you cannot justify a non-given penalty with this criterion. Furthermore, Meyer probably could not even detect that in this high pace.
      Krug, Urs Meier have stated that it should be a penalty and I think this time, the experts are more than 100% right.

    5. Anonymous20/6/12 08:12

      If Ramos have touched the ball first it is still penalty. It was careless start using excessive force and endangering for opponent.

      The rest two situations are also penalties, no space for discussion about it. Those situations shouldn't be allowed in any match!

  47. Yun Webb no FINAL ME . Webb FINAL WCH 2010 RPA FATALITY. Rizzolli-&- Cakir yes FINAL ME .Kassai no FINAL on no beste REFEREE

  48. Even Hellmuth Krug- referee head of DFL (Deutsche Fußball Liga) has confirmed that it should have been a penalty.

    1. So, EURO2012 is over for Stark, even more because Germany is still there...

    2. I think that too, but I still can imagine a debate about this situation. As you know, those experts are not always so perfect in their statements :) Of course, foot-up tackle is a basis to give penalty, but Stark was ultralenient in this tournament, so it's still good (as you often say) call I think. Of course, I mentioned, I am a fan of giving those penalties, and AFC refs are better in it. I can't polemize with what you saw, I saw Ramos touched the ball first, and it's of course not basis to not give this penalty, but I try understand Stark's (and other refs at this EURO) cryteria about penalties. I can't :)

    3. I think that we have to accept these wrods from an expert, even though many peple and also some italian referees of which I can read opinions are saying that it was not a penalty, just because the Spanish player has hit the ball, before.
      It could be an endless speech, but finally it's up to Collina and the committee, to take the decision.

    4. And your words, Chefren, show us that it can be a debate about this situation and I can justify a non-given penalty by this criterion. Some Italian (and I think other countries too) referees say it was not penalty, Meyer, Krug say it was penalty, so why I can't justify this situation by my point of view? Niclas, give me that right :) Seriously, it can be many points of view and everyone can have own opinion. How to understand experts say in different language? Meyer, Krug - penalty, Italian refs - no penalty? It show us it's controversial situation without one easy solution. Regards

    5. Come on, Yun Hyeon. It's about the pace and intensity with which Ramos enters the duel with Mandzukic. That was disproportionately. It was a reckless tackle, so a penalty. You can discuss about the color of the card. It's in the direction of red. But there's no way of discussion about a penalty or not.

    6. I also want to touch on a possible reason behind this call (if we call it a mistake, only then of course..):
      Was it Meyer's mistake, Stark's mistake or the mistake of both? Meier stated in the German television studio that Stark could not see it as we would be 30 metres way. And he is right, his positioning was awful yesterday. Very far away from the occasions, which could be a sign that he has a deep trust in his assistant referees so that he solely followed Meyer's advice. I am surprised by the way that Salver did not interfere, we know him, he is very active. But one must again say that it was a very high pace. Salver in the 1-0 was of course great.

    7. Of course you can ask that question, but in the end it matters little. They are supposed to work together as a team, so they also take responsibility together as a team. If Stark relies on Meyer to make the decision and Meyer makes a mistake, it is also Stark's responsibility, if you know what I mean.

      Let's see if Fandel will protect them from being sent home...

    8. Come on, ArbitroMondo, can you understand defender does everything to kick off the ball to interfere opponent? The one question is: were this tackle correct according to the rule book and interpretation? Many of you often underline the strict using rule book is not good. In rule book, it's dangerous play and reckless tackle, but referee's interpretation may be different, especially Ramos touched the ball as first. I didn't say it's penalty or not. I understand referee's decision and will be defend this. Everyone may have a different point of view. I have such that it must not be a penalty and many people give me right and many people will negate it. I understand all opinions, but I can't understand trying to change my opinion only because it's different to other's one. Again repeat it, penalty could have been given not must have.

    9. The problem which I see at the whole tournament is that the laws of the game are considered or interpreted DIFFERENTLY contrary to midfield duels, and this is not reasonable. There are so many workshops here for stud-up fouls, for the question of when the borderline "hard football" is passed and when not and those 12 guys who should be idols for young referees do not apply this, either because they have another understanding of that or because UEFA instructed them to do so.

    10. And here, full agree. Why Platini and Collina say it's tournament of excellent referees' performance? It isn't. And I mentioned it, why referees using own rules in penalty areas at this EURO? I am disappointed by inconsistency of referees' calls in this field. I start to think Collina instructed them to be lenient in penalty areas, but it's not good in my opinion. Rules are the same for any field-zone. Many obvious penalties and many possible penalties at this tournament weren't given.

    11. Stark also missed an indirect free kick/penalty and high leg in last minutes in POL-RUS. Now three possible penalties not given. It's in big opposite to Collina's words 'protect the players'. Is allowing 'flying legs' protecting the players? NOT

  49. Stark good baye ME FATALITY REFEREE no beste REFEREE Yun

  50. Viktor Kassai this evening will show us another excellent performance, I'm sure.
    Anyway, I have to watch Pedro and I will do it.

    1. Unfortunately, no excellent performance by the Hungarian team. :S

  51. Anonymous19/6/12 22:08

    Goal for Ukraine not awarded... No comment.

    1. Anonymous19/6/12 22:13

      The 2 seemingly missed offside calls by the AR on that sideline are more concerning...
      The possible goal... well I'd like to see how many of us could make that call of a goal with the naked eye even with the best possible angle.

    2. Anonymous19/6/12 22:17

      Why do we have AAR than?

    3. Anonymous19/6/12 22:29

      Understandable. Most would agree it is not the best way to have these decisions decided. UEFA doesn't seem to want technology so this is the best they are willing to compromise. The AAR wasn't sure so he did not make the call, he has to be sure if he is going to give it. For now he has missed it, and made a poor decision sure. But maybe another replay will vindicate him in the future...

  52. Mohammed Abdul Fattah19/6/12 22:22

    Istvan vad commits his biggest mistake in the tournament . Clear goal for Ukraine not given , this goal could be lead to eliminate Ukraine from euro 2012

  53. So probably Kassai is returning home after that. It is a pity he has to take the fall because his AAR didn't helped him in a goal situation. But Ukraine is the co-host and this mistake is gonna count.

    1. my friend michalis from greece,dont be so sure about that yet.We just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow.Maybe they send home only vad :).What a pity for him after his promotin last week...

    2. as we have learned from World Cup 2010 with Massimo Busacca if you tick off the hosts you are going home. The AAR and the AR(particularly the AR) seem to have had a rough game, have ticked off the hosts to boot. Kassai and his crew surely will be sent home unfortunately.

    3. Sent home only the AAR and not the referee? Surely that would be a first.

    4. its only a joke my friend michalis.Mr collina will have to decide about the whole hungarian team

  54. What about RC for Sheva instead of YC?

  55. Anonymous19/6/12 22:37

    I haven't seen Proenca in FRA-SWE yet, nevertheless I'd go this way for QF:

    CZE-POR Cakir
    GER-GRE Skomina
    SPA-FRA Webb
    ENG-ITA Proenca

  56. The ghoast-goal has decided to join EURO2012, we missed this one, too! :(
    The mistake is the biggest possible one, in my opinion. I have just finished to watch Pedro Proença in Sweden-France, with a 2-0 win by the Scandinavian team.
    This result means that with a draw in the other match (1-1) Ukraine could have had the last hope for qualification. And of course, the fact that Ukraine is one of the host-nations, it's the worst possible thing for UEFA reputation.
    Now, my war against FIFA goes on. We can't accept that kind of mistake on the pitch.

    1. Furthermore, the offside mistake prior to that situation is unacceptable, this isn't the first time for Gabor Eros.
      I'm sorry for Kassai.

    2. First, this should have never happened because the man was offside on the long ball that was a critical mistake as well(arguable worse considering the difficulty of the call). That said in a way... it is good because we may soon see some kind of technology to support. Though I feel for the AAR because surely if you are not 100% sure you cannot give it.

  57. Kassai really good, the red card to Shevchenko should have been given, no doubt. Apart from that, a solid performance with, as always, excellent style and control. And this is the biggest problem to me. Kassai will be sent to home after terrible mistake by Vad. NOT, AFTER TERRIBLE MISTAKE BY FIFA! How much time they need to understand AAR experiment is failed. Of course, one can show me matches with good influence by AARs, but I can show many many matches, where AARs did nothing to help referee, in opposite, they destroyed many matches.
    Second thing is bad performance by Eros. It wouldn't be any discussion about goal or not if he detected offside in this situation. There was offside, normal visible offside, Mr Eros. And in 87' there was another missed offside.

    KASSAI - 7,6 (very good)
    EROS - 6,1 (good, due to many correct calls)
    RING - 7,3 (very good)
    VAD - 2,4 (extremely weak)
    BOGNAR - 7,0 (very good)

    I'm really sorry for Ukraine and Viktor Kassai, who was my best final candidate. No way, Hungarian team will be sent home due to weak performance of Vad (official) and due to FIFA idiots, who don't want a goal-line technology. Sorry, I haven't any other words to describe it. Now, only Webb was very good in both matches and rest refs more or less failed. And great referee Kassai will be sent home :/ Oh f...

    1. Totally agree with Yun Hyeon.
      Our battle must be against FIFA, not against Vad (every referee could have been in that situation). The human eye isn't perfect, that's clear. I will never be bored to repeat that, though I can look like an idiot saying always the same words.
      They are always testing the technology, meanwhile they are destroying football (and also innocent referees).

    2. Yeah, this long-time testing technology is absurd. What is to testing in it? It's obvious, if the equipment works well, then there should be no problems... How much harm must be caused to innocent referees and innocent teams, that this one technology was finally accepted by FIFA?

  58. My candidates to stay at tournament:
    Webb, Cakir, Rizzoli, Proenca, Skomina, Lannoy and two 4th official - Stark and Thomson

  59. Anonymous20/6/12 00:04

    When is it decided which referees who get to stay and more importantly the appointments for QF?

  60. Anonymous20/6/12 01:31

    Nicola Rizzoli - number one !

  61. Anonymous20/6/12 01:37

    Kuipers, Stark, Kassai, Eriksson and Carballo should go home. Kuipers, Eriksson and Carballo because themselves, Stark and Kassai because their Aditional assistants didn't see obvious (penalties and goal).
    I would appoint Rizzoli, Proenca, Lannoy and Webb for QF. In case someone of them show EXCELLENT, really EXCLLENT performance I would appoint him for a final, and Skomina and Cakir for semis. In case that performance in QF are average, nothing special, Skomina and someone from QF for semis, and Cakir for final match. I think Cakir showed best performance in group stage and I would appoint him for a final even without QF match. I would also leave Thomson as 4th official fo QF. In QF I would appoint referees that are not from the same country as referees: Fandel, Vassaras, Šajn, Dallas, Marko, Baskakov or Karlsson.

    1. Anonymous20/6/12 01:38

      *referee observers ;)

  62. Only referees who showed us two very good performances were Webb and Cakir. Also Kassai, but we know everything about it. Webb's assistant Kirkup was poor in second match, so an advantage of Cakir, but I didn't see his second performance.

    1. Anonymous20/6/12 17:26

      Webb was awful in Italy v Croatia game missed a foul on Motta more an assult.He also made alot of bad call for fouls as well.

    2. Oh man, one missed foul and yellow card for it can't be call as awful performance. Don't think so he made a lot of bad calls for fouls in this match, but it's of course, my opinion ;)

  63. I could cry. The camera angles are however not that satisfying because they were far away, the question of millimetres, you know that the committee has deep technological opportunities, I would not be that sure that the Hungarians have to go.

    My final team:

    Kassai, Ross, Yuste Jiménez, Göcek, Buquet :P

    1. Serious predictions:
      CZE-POR Skomina
      GER-GRE Proenca
      ESP-FRA Webb
      ITA-ENG Lannoy

    2. Do you seriously considering Lannoy as referee in ITA-ENG?

  64. Mohammed Abdul Fattah20/6/12 10:27

    My predictions for round of 8:

    CZE-POR :Skomina.
    GER-GRE :Webb.
    ESP-FRA :Thomson.
    ITA-ENG :Stark.

    Deserved Final for Cüneyt Çakır

    1. Anonymous20/6/12 10:29

      :D Thomson and Stark for big clashes, you got to be kidding...

  65. Anonymous20/6/12 11:01

    Stark could maybe stay as fourth official, but his performance in CRO-SPA was not good and he didn't deserve third match. @Niclas: It would be a pitty if they send Kassai home because that goal situation and I hope they won't send him. In that case QF for him, and with great performance in QF, final for him, Cakir for semis, he's young, he'll have oportunity to referee on 2 more EURO's ;). About Stark, only German we may see in knock-out stage is Fandel if you ask me :).

  66. petschovschi20/6/12 12:57

    From my point of view Kassai is the 1st who should go home. What happened yesterday is unacceptable at this level. Indeed, Kassai didn't make mistakes yesterday but he is also responable for his team (both AAR1 and AR1 made mistakes).
    I remember you that also in 1st game Kassai missed three 100% yellow cards (De Rossi, Cassano, Arbeloa).
    It wasn't the tournament of Kassai this time.

  67. Some people is arguing that for the role of additional assistant referee, the most adequate man would be an assistant referee and not a referee, because he is more accostumed to see and understand if the ball has crossed or not the line.
    What do you think?
    My final answer is always that we can't go on in this way with that kind of ghost goas.
    A terrible offence for the whole world of football.

  68. Yun a nie mówiłem ci że Kassai na sędziego FINAŁU się nie nadaje tak samo jak jego zwycięstwo w rankingu IFFHS było przesadne teraz pokazuje że nawet nie dorównuje swojemu rodakowi Sandoriwi Puhl a Vad nie powinien sędziować mecze w CH.L. tylko iśc do okulisty bo ślepy nie widział ewidentnej bramki wstyd na Finał to tylko Rizzolli lub Cakir

  69. Anonymous20/6/12 14:24

    Skomina will stay in EURO 2012, Germany-Greece is his game, confirmed by Slovenian friend

    1. If confirmed, it was deserved and also my prediction.
      In my opinion, I repeat again that all the handballs in Netherlands-Denmark were not to punish, or at least we can discuss about that. No pure mistakes.

  70. F. Taveira20/6/12 14:33

    Information in a portuguese newspaper (not officially confirmed)

    Czech Republic.Portugal Howard Webb
    England.Italy Pedro Proença


  71. Any news about quarter final appointments?


  72. So
    CZE-POR WEBB 4TH Eriksson OBS Batta
    Ger-Gre Skomina 4th Lannoy Obs Uilenberg
    Fra-Spa Rizzoli 4th Thompson Obs Vassaras
    Eng-Ita Proenca 4th Cakir Obs Marko

    1. It means that the referees sent home are: Kassai, Carballo, Kuipers and Stark.
      It would be logical.

    2. and semi Cakir and ?

    3. Well, it depends on the risult of quarterfinals now.
      If France will defeat Spain, no room for Lannoy. So probably Cakir for that match, even though he could officiate Italy the second time in a row.
      On the other side, I think we have Eriksson and Thomson fighting for an appointment.
      About the final, it's clear that here we have to consider also possible the appointment of a referee already used in these quarterfinals.
      This seems the situation, now.

    4. Logical appointments. Semis probably Cakir and Lannoy then.

    5. Webb 'only' in CZE-POR. It seems to be the strongest candidate to final, but it depends on England will reach the final.

    6. Anonymous20/6/12 15:37

      I do not understand the decision to send Kassai home. Of course his additional assistant made a great mistake but it is not the mistake of Kassai. IMO a referee with the power of Kassai should stay in such a tournament - especially when there are possible semis like GER-ENG/GER-ITA and ESP-POR/FRA-POR. It would haven been more logical to sent the additional assistant home and give another one to Kassai´s team.
      In contrast to that, Eriksson (who did a good job in GER-NED) made a "referee"-error in GRE-RUS (not given penalty) but he stays in tournament.

    7. I think that we have to point out two things, after your message, Anonymous: about the chance to send home only the additional assistant and not the referee: it never happened in the history of recent important tournaments (under FIFA or UEFA organization).
      If you do a mistake, you do a mistake as member of the whole team.
      The referees teams were already known before this tournament.
      I think that it's impossible to change this situation.

      About your second observation: yes, Eriksson is still there, even though he missed a penalty, nevertheless Greece was able to win the match. What is the meaning?
      And so, probably the meaning is that the 4 referees already sent home, have made bigger mistakes than him, so it was a choice between mistakes.
      And this last consideration brings us to the final remark: the level of refereeing in this tournament wasn't absolutely the expected one, and UEFA had to choose the "less worse" referees.
      Where is the Elite refereeing?
      Those 12 officials were supposed to be a safe bet: well, something went in a wrong way. And now the result is that UEFA has not a big choice for KO-stage appointments.
      I would have liked to see excellence of refereeing in this tournament, instead we have seen again the normality.

  73. Full Appointments

    Czech Republic - Portugal

    Referee Howard Webb(ENG)
    Assistant referee Michael Mullarkey(ENG) , Sander van Roekel(NED)
    Additional assistant referee Martin Atkinson(ENG) , Mark Clattenburg(ENG)
    Fourth official Jonas Eriksson (SWE)
    Reserve official Stefan Wittberg (SWE)
    UEFA Delegate Geir Thorsteinsson (ISL)
    UEFA Referee observer Marc Batta (FRA)

    Germany - Greece

    Referee Damir Skomina (SVN)
    Assistant referee Primož Arhar(SVN), Matej Žunič(SVN)
    Additional assistant referee Slavko Vinčić (SVN), Matej Jug (SVN)
    Fourth official Stéphane Lannoy (FRA)
    Reserve official Frédéric Cano (FRA)
    UEFA Delegate Christian Schmöelzer (AUT)
    UEFA Referee observer Jaap Uilenberg (NED)

    Spain - France

    Referee Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)
    Assistant referee Renato Faverani (ITA) , Andrea Stefani (ITA)
    Additional assistant referee Gianluca Rocchi(ITA), Paolo Tagliavento(ITA)
    Fourth official Craig Thomson(SCO)
    Reserve official Alasdair Ross(SCO)
    UEFA Delegate Armen Minasyan(ARM)
    UEFA Referee observer Kyros Vassaras(GRE)

    England - Italy

    Referee Pedro Proença (POR)
    Assistant referee Bertino Miranda (POR), Ricardo Santos(POR)
    Additional assistant referee Manuel De Sousa (POR), Duarte Gomes (POR)
    Fourth official Cüneyt Çakır(TUR)
    Reserve official Bahattin Duran (TUR)
    UEFA Delegate Jānis Mežeckis(LVA)
    UEFA Referee observer Jozef Marko(SVK)

    1. Anonymous20/6/12 15:51

      Vincic and Jug have switched places as AAR. Like they already stood on the field...

    2. Peter Kirkup injured? And why Sander van Roekel, and not Stefan Wittberg for example?

    3. Anonymous20/6/12 17:19

      Maybe not used as his last performance was poor!

  74. So happy the shop is open!! Got some lovely things that sound great-thanks so much!


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