July 13, 2012

UEFA Referee of the Season 2011/12: Pedro Proença

On the basis of marks awarded by our observers during the last season, World of Football Refereeing can finally offer an entire ranking of those referees who were joining UEFA Elite Group of referees in the past season 2011/12. 

Our "Referee of the Season 2011/12" : Pedro Proença (c) ZIMBIO

Pedro Proença of Portugal has unfolded to be last season's obvious number 1 in Europe. Appointed for 2012 UEFA Champions League final and 2012 UEFA EURO final at Poland/Ukraine, this result is surely not astonishing at all, but the finals are certainly not the only reasons for it, since his season in general was pretty impressive. Therefore, he is World of Football Refereeing's "Referee of the Season 2011/12".
The Portuguese is followed by a quatrain of excellent and promising future referees including Turkish official Cüneyt Çakır in the second place, Nicola Rizzoli from Italy being placed third and German official Felix Brych and Englishman Howard Webb nearly being dead even on 4 and 5.

The full ranking can be checked at the bottom of this page


  1. Overrated ref I think. But of course two finals indicate something. Overall, UEFA's final assignments' policy is very very strange.

    FK Renova - FK Homel
    Hubert Siejewicz, Konrad Sapela, Radosław Siejka, Paweł Pskit

  2. I really doubt that he is overrated. At least he has overseen two finals in a very good manner, has become a staple in UEFA refereeing, although the lists above also indicate that he did not receive the best single marks. However in the end, the result, i.e. matches he was in charge of, speaks for itself.

  3. Good finals? So easy matches with which 2nd or maybe even 3rd class referee would cope. UEFA has many better referees like Kassai, Rizzoli, Webb, Stark, Cakir. How was Proenca's performance at EURO? Four extremely easy matches and normal refereeing. Every UEFA Elite referee should have coped better with them. It's only my point of view.

  4. Proenca at that moment is at the top of his career. He had a good Euro and a good final. From my point of view it doesn't matter too much if his games were easy but the fact that the players respected him. His personality made the final easy.

  5. I think poor Italy who had a bad luck made the final easy :) And it doesn't matter there would be Proenca, Webb, Cakir or Wouters, every international referee would have coped with that match without problems. And first Proenca's match was so easy and I had a feeling that referee there was amateur (too many little and stupid mistakes). Yes, I know players respect him and he is good referee, but is he the best? I think he get the best matches that are easy and it's all.

  6. Out of topic, the club friendlies appointments:

    Hertha Berlin - FK Teplice
    Norbert Giese, Henry Müller, Andy Stolz - GER

    Dijon - Reims
    Clement Turpin, Benoit Moreliere, Sebastien Paris - FRA

    St-Etienne - Ajaccio
    Nicolas Rainville, Stephane Mercier, Cyril Mugnier - FRA

    Olympique Lyon - Athletic Bilbao
    Wilfried Bien, David Durussel, Michel Dolmadjian - FRA

    Manchester City - Al-Hilal
    Michael Daxauer, Gerhard Schächl, Manfred Haas - AUT

    Benfica - Olympique Marseille
    Sascha Arnhof, Thomas Habegger, Antonio Fernandez, Fedayi San - SUI

    Porto - Evian TG
    Sandro Schärer, Jean-Yves Wicht, Michael Lüthi, Lionel Tschudi - SUI

    Manchester City - Dinamo Dresden
    Gregor Danler, Reinhold Fischer, Stefan Gamper - AUT

    Werder Bremen - Tiroler Liga Auswahl
    Michael Schiffmann, Michael Margreiter, Gerhard Luxner - AUT

  7. What Yun Hyeon has said is not totally wrong, but in my opinion we can't anyway "reduce" Proença to a normal referee, at least in this 2011/12 season.
    He got two finals and this is something extra-ordinary, right, but we have also to take into account the reasons (Niclas, if you remember we have talked about that) which have led the Portuguese referee to get the EURO2012 final, the second in a row, after the CL one.
    In his EURO matches he was lucky, right, nothing extra-ordinary happened, and in the only two cases in which a difficult decision was probably needed, he decided to let the game flow. I mean of course the two handballs in penalty areas: the first in Sweden-France and the second (more famous) in Spain-Italy. We can consider these two decisions both as correct, but we can also wonder if another referee would have whistled those penaties. Both were anyway irrelevant for the final scores.
    Another interesting question is: Was his authority to make the matches easy, or maybe the matches were easy by itself? Very hard to answer, for sure the UEFA referees committee has also evaluated Proença especially for his skill to communicate and make every decision accepted by players. About that, his ability is indubitable.
    Now if you say: every referee could have faced Proença's matches in this EURO2012, I nswer: yes, but probably with a different result.
    We shouldn't take for granted everything. So, all the other things have always to be checked. The only certain thing is that Pedro wrote the history. :)

  8. That's it. Dealing with the enormous pressure requires experts and very good referees, especially with regard to mental aspects. Proenca has managed that in all the matches I have seen from him. His authority was never undermined. Concerning his four matches. If we compare it to 2008, Rosetti did not have the most difficult matches either, but received four clashes including a final. UEFA's perspective cannot be that it was a coincidence that Proenca's 4 matches (or before the final nomination 3 matches) were easy to handle. And it is no coincidence. His approach and way of refereeing the match, Chefren emphasized it, can also make a match easy. We should not make this nitpicking. Perhaps it was easy for every referee (although I strongly doubt that), the result were four at least satisfying including at least two very good performances. That's what counts, nothing else. In addition one must take into account the luck one HAS to have as a referee: five referees on the pitch, five sources for possible mistakes of potentially big impact on the match. Showing 2 performances at a high level without bigger mistakes is at least required for K.O., then you must hope that you receive a quarterfinal (mostly it was like that). If this is excellent as well, your national team naturally has to fail and then there is perhaps still another excellent candidate for the final. Finally, another important aspect is the trust the committee obviously had in Proenca. Collina does not appoint a referee without reason.

    His 1st place was no surprise hence. But what about the rest of the ranking? It does not contain any personal evaluations, it is just this system of specially adding our (average) marks for the 2011/12 performances. I know, it is hard to say and to classify referees within a classification, it is just a trial. Do you think it is close to reality?

  9. I think it is, but maybe Brych is too high in this ranking...
    I overall agree with your opinions, maybe I don't with Niclas' doubts about every referee would have cope with this final. For me, Cakir and especially Webb were better choices than Proenca, but as Niclas mentioned, Proenca had much luck (Webb's two finals and Cakir too young and appointed for semi). OK, good communication is important thing, but is it all? Proenca makes many small mistakes in every match, too many as the best referee in the Europe. This season was just lucky for him. Of course, good consistent performances were needed and that's it - Proenca's consistency. His performances are good (NOTHING MORE!) and he hadn't terrible matches in his European career. It's such Lannoy with better communication - many small mistakes, but overall still good. However, Lannoy had catastrophes, Proenca - not.

  10. I guess the two main reasons for Brych's high position were 6 cl matches and 1 el match and an average mark of something around 79/80. Despite of the EURO matches of many others and although the EURO factors are actually higher, this is the result.
    I again emphasize that Proenca is not MY choice, it is only the result of the marks in 2011/12, but personally, one cannot ignore two finals (I am sure IFFHS' choice is already sure as well....). Perhaps he is not the best because his performances were never excellent, I do not want to evaluate that, but at least, the others obviously have not managed this consistency.

  11. I don't blame you for that, Niclas :) I only wanted to discuss ;) I never doubt in Proenca's skills, only think there are better referees than he is :)

  12. Aby sprawiedliwości stało sie zadość to należy porównać finał MŚ-RPA-2012 HOWARD WEBB i finał ME-2012 PEDRO PROENCA OLIVEIRA ALVES GARCIA, otóż który z obu panów wypadł lepiej jako referee końcowe MŚ i ME odpowiedź brzmi że to jednak 42 latek z lizbony był leprzy niż jego vis a vis z angli 41 letek z schefield. Ale najleprzym jest i tu się niestety powtórzę że jest nim UZBEK RAWSZAN IRMATOV i to on powinien otrzymać nagrode best referee 2010 i 2011 a także 2012 od tej federacji IFFHS


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