December 17, 2012

Gözübüyük and his way to teach coaches respect

Respecting the referee and his decisions means more than the officials' mere badge they e.g. wear on their upper arms in UEFA matches...doesn't it?
Obviously, FIFA referee Serdar Gözübüyük of the Netherlands has found his own method to exhort crazed coaches respect.


  1. Sorry, If you ask me I think this is showoff. You can see it has no influence on the coach. He just keeps on yelling at the 4th official. Bad management and no personality.


  2. I also believe that this is wrong. Bad management and no personality. Following his career this is to be expected. No quality here.

  3. Too much criticism, boys... Maybe he met Richard Nieuwenhuizen in one day of his life, maybe this tragedy was something what forced Serdar to be in shock... Coaches react too impulsively, haven't any respect towards match officials. We have Clattenburg's and Nieuwenhuizen's cases...

    No personality, I believe he must have had a huge courage to make this show... He has one of the biggest personality in Eredivisie. He's a brave referee. It wasn't showing two yellow cards in the same time like Rodriguez, it was (I believe) a profound message not only to Maaskant, but to all referees in the World...

    1. *No personality? I believe...
      **to all coaches in the World...

      Sorry ;)

  4. One should not instrumentalize Nieuwenhuizen's death as an explanation for something like that, in my opinion such kind of show does not belong on the pitch, the same naturally counts for the coach's behaviour, that must be clear. Showing personality could have meant in this case that Gözübüyük calmly speaks with the coach, look at the distance between him and Maaskant, more than 2 metres. How do you want to lead a conversation based on mutual respect with such a physical distance?
    In general, federations should really bolster their officials up and sanction such behaviour of coaches. Of course everybody can show emotions somewhen, but there are really some managers who repeatedly act in an unrespectful manner.

    1. Sorry, as I mentioned above he had an own style to show this. I can't see nothing wrong in this behaviour, in contrary it was a positive and profound message. Don't blame referees for every detail like this one. Don't think it was deliberate show made by Serdar, he just showed what is the most important thing in refereeing. Don't found your criticism as something what could help to improve referees' job, it's just senseless nitpicking to my mind.
      By the way, it's another question about whole this discussion in Netherlands. Many people say if it was native Dutch and not man with Turkish descent, journalists would be proud of this kind of referee's behaviour.

    2. I do not want to judge his gesture now, we cannot be sure what the exact cause was. But I just think that one does not reach anything by symbolic gestures, call it show or don't call it a show..

    3. Dear friend, I'll repeat what is wrong. The ref must be unnoticeable!!! not to make such outbursts. The ref is not a circus clown to entertain the audience. This he will remain for a lifetime. I understand that you know him and defend...?, but here he made ​​a mistake in his personality. I agree with Nicholas E.
      A coach is like any other coach. The ref still has to be above such failure.
      I wish him all the best but this is not the way to draw attention to themselves. Ref calls attention to itself only with good job on the pitch and nothing more.
      Well he's not Colina!

    4. No, I don't know him but will defend him because I don't think he made something wrong. It was very positive message, not completely stupid show.
      Mistake in personality... don't think one can make a mistake in personality...
      The ref must NOT be unnoticeable! Collina stated something very different: "Contrary to what some people say, I think the best referee is not the one who hides"!!!
      I am able to accept such 'circus clown' if his shows will be so positive and profound like this one. Of course, he could have said something to coach but found another more expressive way of communication what is the most important in football community. And I don't think it's 100% wrong!

      He's not Collina but he still will can to be him!

  5. It would be anyway interesting to know the opinion of the Duth referees committee, that is the only important thing ;)

  6. Then I will provide you with the opinion of the Dutch Referee Committee :)

    In Algemeen Dagblad, Dick van Egmond, Chief Refereeing of the Royal Dutch Football Association, states:
    "We are convinced of the fact that his statement was well-meant, but it was not wise to do so. It's not the intention of individual referees to make this kind of decisions on their own. We understand Serdar's engagement and commitment, but he was too enthusiastic. As KNVB, we have to draw one line. Referees have three options to calm down coaches: a lecture, an official warning and a sending-off."

    After that Bert van Oostveen, president of the professional department of the Royal Dutch Football Association stated that "he was absolutely convinced of Serdar's good intentions, but found it unnecessary to action on his own".

    The reactions among the Dutch are divided; some praise the action of the referee, others find it an act of misplaced narcism.

    In Holland, Serdar Gözübüyük is much discussed. Almost two years ago there was an investigation for there were rumours that Gözübüyük would have played poker with some players of Feyenoord in a private setting (and for money), and last September it was said that he was linked to a web-company which was a sponsor of FC Utrecht.

    At this very moment, a discussion is going on about his secondary activities. According to two research journalists from Voetbal International, Gözübüyük has a connection to a malicious asset management company, has a mortgage of 800.000 euros, two big cars and had a enormous wedding last summer. Tomorrow (Wednesday) both research journalists will publish their findings in an article in this week's edition of the magazine "Voetbal International".

    Whatever the outcome, Gözübüyük isn't the dull type of referee...


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