February 7, 2013

Jedidi suspended by CAF

Tunisian referee Slim Jedidi has been banned by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) after his controversial performance in Wednesday’s African Nations Cup semi-final between Burkina Faso and Ghana.

Slim Jedidi wrongly sending off Pitroipa (c) Kickoff.com

“CAF was not happy with the standard of refereeing in the match,” general secretary Hicham El Amrani told a media briefing on Thursday.
“We know they can make mistakes but we expected a better level of refereeing. They are graded on each performance and based on his marks the referee from Tunisia is now suspended for a period of time still to be determined.”
Among the contentious issues during Wednesday’s match in Nelspruit was the red card given to Burkina Faso forward Jonathan Pitroipa that could mean he will miss Sunday’s final against Nigeria.
Pitroipa received his second booking of the game, for simulation, in extra time after going down in the penalty area.
The organising committee will decide on Friday whether the player can take part in the final.
Burkina Faso have launched an appeal but El Amrani said the only way Pitroipa could avoid an automatic one-match ban will be if Jedidi acknowledges he made a mistake in his referee’s report.
“The organising committee does not have the power to change a referee’s decision,” El Amrani explained.
“If the referee has admitted a mistake in his report the committee will consider it and make any decision if necessary. But that report … is final.” [In the meantime, Slim Jedidi has admitted his error in a letter to the CAF general secretary which allows Pitroipa to play in the final.]
Jedidi also awarded a soft spot kick to Ghana in a display which threatened to overshadow an exciting encounter that Burkina Faso eventually won 3-2 on penalties. Furthermore, he missed a violent conduct committed by a Ghana player and neglected a possible penalty to Burkina Faso at the very beginning of the match.

Slim Jedidi of Tunisia is one of seven prospective African referees for the next FIFA World Cup to be held in Brazil in 2014. One has to wait whether this performance and the consequent suspension will have a certain influence on that.

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  1. I think that this news is reliable, surely more than the Grisha one.
    Indeed, we can read logical and consistent statements, for example the fact that CAF can't change the decisions of the referee if he doesn't admit the mistake in his official report of the match.
    The report should be always unchangeable, of course excepting the cases of extremely serious mistakes.
    Probably Jedidi will be suspended for a period from the whole CAF, otherwise it could be a nosense if related only to this AFCON, that is coming to an end.

    1. If you ask me, the whole AFCON refereeing (or it least major parts of it) is a nonsense. But an analysis will follow after the tournament.
      And with regards to Jedidi on the pre list, I really think that he could face severe problems if El Ahrach gets the final and performs very well.

  2. Slim Jedidi suspended by FEDERATIONS-AFRICA, it can be compared to him the dream of the W.C.2014. 3 years ago COFI CODJIA of BENIN for error during a match AFC-2010 that was suspended and the judg to SOUTH-AFRICA forthe W.C-2010 did not go. And the same fate could happen to TUNISIAN

  3. according to source Algerian Haimoudi favorites to take the final


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