March 3, 2013

UEFA Champions League - Round of 16 - Referee Appointments Second Legs (I)

UEFA has announced the appointments of the match officials for the first package of Second Leg ties of UEFA Champions League Round of 16.

A scene from Real - ManU (c) Münchner Abendzeitung

The absolute crunch encounter of this stage, Manchester Utd. - Real Madrid, will be overseen by Turkish referee Cüneyt Çakır being assessed by the referee committee's Chief Officer Pierluigi Collina. After his group stage matches Benfica - FC Barcelona, Real Madrid - Borussia Dortmund and Juventus - FC Chelsea, this has to be considered as another boost in his palmarès. The Turkish professional referee and former insurance agent also took charge of three matches at EURO 2012, including the semifinal between Spain and Portugal. Additionally, he accompanied the Portuguese referee team into the final as fourth official. The presence of Collina might also indicate that in case of a good performance, Çakır and the rest of the team could be vaulted into the favourite position with respect of awaiting an appointment for 2013 Wembley final.

At the same time (Tuesday, 20:45 CET), Slovenian Damir Skomina will blow the starting whistle in Dortmund between Borussia Dortmund and Shakhtar Donetsk. Having already whistled Shakhtar's home win over FC Chelsea in group stage, this match should definitely pose another reward of his stellar career during the past months, including several good performances at EURO 2012 and also in UEFA's Supercup final. It's furthermore remarkable that one of the most decisive heads in FIFA's referee committee, Denmark's Peter Mikkelsen, will attend Dortmund to observe the Slovenian officials being pre-listed for the next FIFA World Cup.

For Wednesday's matches, UEFA has again proven their will to break traditions and hazard novelties: Since the current UEFA referee category system was established, there have never been Elite Development Group referees in Champions League K.O. stage matches. This season, it's different.

Serbian official Milorad Mažić will head his team in the match between Paris S.G. and Valencia CF to be played at Paris' Parc des Princes. For the aspiring match official, who belonged to the pool of six referees who participated in 2011 UEFA Under-21 European Championship (in Denmark), it will be his fourth competitive Champions League match. After having refereed FC Barcelona - Spartak Moskva and Manchester Utd. - SC Braga, he was then appointed to take charge of the top clash between Borussia Dortmund and Manchester City. Committee member David R. Elleray's presence as UEFA referee observer in Paris underlines the high appreciation UEFA has got concerning this Balkan referee.

Juventus - Celtic certainly was the match with the clearest first leg result. Having beaten the Scottish side by 3:0, this match can be classified as a better practice match for Juventus, at least on paper. That was probably one of the reasons for UEFA to nominate the still quite (internationally) inexperienced Turkish match official Firat Aydınus for this match. Having sovereignly handled the encounters FC Bayern - Valencia CF, Dinamo Zagreb - Paris S.G. and finally Arsenal FC - Montpellier HSC, the professional referee from Istanbul gets another chance to advance. Serbian referee observer Zdravko Jokić will assess the officials' performances.

(c) M.M. Ilgaz
5 March 2013, 20:45 CET
Old Trafford, Manchester, England
Manchester United - Real Madrid CF (1:1)
Referee: Cüneyt Çakır (TUR, photo)
Assistant Referee 1: Bahattin Duran (TUR)
Assistant Referee 2: Tarik Ongun (TUR)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Hüseyin Göçek (TUR)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Mete Kalkavan (TUR)
Fourth Official: Emre Eyisoy (TUR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Pierluigi Collina (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: Rudolf Zavrl (SVN)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: David Allison (ENG)

(c) M.M. Ilgaz
5 March 2013, 20:45 CET
Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund, Germany
Borussia Dortmund - Shakhtar Donetsk (2:2)
Referee: Damir Skomina (SVN, photo)
Assistant Referee 1: Matej Žunič (SVN)
Assistant Referee 2: Bojan Ul (SVN)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Slavko Vinčić (SVN)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Roberto Ponis (SVN)
Fourth Official: Primož Arhar (SVN)
UEFA Referee Observer: Peter Mikkelsen (DEN)
UEFA Delegate: Jozef Kliment (SVK)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Günter Risse (GER)

6 March 2013, 20:45 CET

Parc des Princes, Paris, France
Paris S.G. - Valencia CF (2:1)
Referee: Milorad Mažić (SRB, photo)
Assistant Referee 1: Milovan Ristić (SRB)
Assistant Referee 2: Igor Radojčić (SRB)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Danilo Grujić (SRB)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Milenko Vukadinović (SRB)
Fourth Official: Dalibor Djurdjević (SRB)
UEFA Referee Observer: David R. Elleray (ENG)
UEFA Delegate: Geir Thorsteinsson (ISL)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Michel Lebrun (FRA)

6 March 2013, 20:45 CET

Juventus Stadium, Torino, Italy
Juventus - Celtic Glasgow (3:0)
Referee: Firat Aydınus (TUR, photo)
Assistant Referee 1: Serkan Ok (TUR)
Assistant Referee 2: Aleks Tascioglu (TUR)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Barış Simsek (TUR)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Tolga Özkalfa (TUR)
Fourth Official: Çem Satman (TUR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Zdravko Jokić (SRB)
UEFA Delegate: Eduard Dervishaj (ESP)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Fabrizio Malacart (ITA)

UEFA Referee Observers and UEFA Delegates for next week's Champions League matches:

FC Barcelona - AC Milan (0:2)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jaap Uilenberg (NED)
UEFA Delegate: Sune Hellströmer (SWE)
first referee-prediction: Pavel Královec (CZE)

Schalke 04 - Galatasaray (1:1)
UEFA Referee Observer: Charles Agius (MLT)
UEFA Delegate: David Findlay (SCO)
first referee-prediction: Pedro Proença (POR)

FC Bayern - Arsenal FC (3:1)
UEFA Referee Observer: Kyros Vassaras (GRE)
UEFA Delegate: Pierino Lardi (SUI)
first referee-prediction(s): Nicola Rizzoli (ITA) or Olegário Benquerença (POR)

Málaga CF - FC Porto (0:1)
UEFA Referee Observer: Ilkka Koho (FIN)
UEFA Delegate: Martin Sturkenboom (NED)
first referee-prediction: Viktor Kassai (HUN)


  1. I want to underline again that under the appointment of Pierluigi Collina as observer there is always something important. A clear reason for Collum, Collina was appointed to verify his reliability as Elite official, and in my opinion he "passed" the test.
    Then, now Cakir. As you correctly wrote, there aren't other explanations, if not a possible chance for Wembley. Surely, the Turkish referee is a hot candidate, along with Brych and Rizzoli (in my opinion).
    On the other side, Skomina. No chances for him this year for CL final, since he got Super Cup, so a normal appointment for him, with the presence of an important observer on the road to Brazil 2014.

  2. Anonymous3/3/13 12:01

    I don´t understand why Collina goes to Manchester,
    because he knows Çakir superabundantly.

  3. Completely deserved appointment for Cakir.
    Now whar concernes Skomina , you are probably right Chefren but now looking for Skominas team there is no Matej Jug so he might get a chance in Europa League Round of 32 ?

    1. I watched his match in Piraeus and it was quite good, but there was one conflict where he did not arouse the impression of having total control. Jug did not belong to Skomina's team in group stage either, so hm, I would not say it's a direct sign that Jug has a match in EL.

      Concerning the reason for Collina and Cakir.
      In 2011/12, Collina observed Proenca's last match in a UEFA competition (Schalke-Athletic) prior to Munich final. I think that explains everything.

  4. Çakır and Skomina were born in the same year: 1976. They, for different reasons, are considered among the best Elite UEFA officials. It would be interesting to make a comparison between them. Who is your favorite and why?
    I think that Skomina is a more lenient referee. He always tries to let the game flow, more than Cakir. Skomina has a big control even though he seems "away" from the match. Cakir approach is different, he is always on the middle and he whistles, giving more cards. But, at the end, they offer excellent performance at the same time.
    I feel that I'm closer to Cakir style. Skomina's one could be dangerous, when players don't want to play but they think only to foul the opponent.

    1. I really like them both! Agree with what you've said about leniency.

      I think that Cakir is nearer to Collina philosophy of 'referee who doesn't hide'. He's always ready to make an intervention, is close to action. Doesn't hesitate to show straight reds for unsporting behaviours. I think, he's the best possible imagination of Collina expectations.

      Skomina is someone like Kassai, but now more solid referee. He avoids crucial mistakes, introducing fresh style. He didn't interfere with play, is always far away from the action but has always excellent angle, what does mean a very good positioning. He tries to let the game flow as possible by not whistling minor things. Finally, he's always aware and has full control over the game.

      They are both excellent referees. I risk the thesis that they are both the best current referees in UEFA. And there is also Mazic who is not so experienced but has great skills. Definitely, my top 3 is Cakir, Skomina, Mazic. In any order! However, I like more strict approach, so would say: Mazic, Cakir, Skomina :)

      Regards, have a great Sunday!

  5. 4 of 6 matches in Qatar Stars League (3-4 March) will be handled by foreign crews:

    Al-Wakrah - Al-Jaish
    Nikolaj Hänni, Johannes Vogel, Bruno Zurbruegg (SUI)

    Al-Khor - Al-Sadd
    Jonas Eriksson, Mathias Klasenius, Daniel Wärnmark (SWE)

    Al-Gharafa - Al-Rayyan
    Tamás Bognár, Róbert Kispál, Péter Berettyán (HUN)

    Lakhwiya - Al-Kharaitiyath
    Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni, Michele Giordano, Giancarlo Rubino (ITA)

    1. Thank you for the Italian appointment!

  6. Mikkelsen Skomina observer, and so we have to 1 judge EUROPA in CONFEDERATION - CUP. It is almots 100% centrain. The next two FIFA-REFEREESor already has. Two REFEREE Cakir & Proencais candidate the MMŚ-U-20,& U-17.Cakir candidete MMŚ-U-20 in TURKEY, and ProencA the MMŚ-U-17 in PORTUGAL

  7. Ouch! Only see this ultra-brutal foul:

    The match was AS Saint-Étienne Loire - OGC Nice-Côte d'Azur. The referee Bartolomeu Varela Teles sent-off Valentin Eysseric from away team for this shocking foul.

    1. It resulted in open fracture of the fibula... Must be a huge ban!



    3. It has been the most unfair match (according to the cards) ever in Ligue 1.

    4. Just the Corsica derby :)

  8. Anonymous3/3/13 16:42

    Your variants,who will be refereeing at FIFA CONFEDERATIONS CUP 2013 from UEFA?

    1. I would choose Skomina.

    2. Anonymous3/3/13 17:02

      In 2009 in South Africa there were 3 referees:Webb,Hansson and Busakka!It means FIFA Referee committee must choose 3 one`s!!!!

    3. So, Skomina, Cakir and a big '?'.

      The '?' could be Brych, Eriksson, Kassai, Proenca, Webb or maybe even Mazic, Kralovec and Clattenburg?

    4. And Velasco Carballo of course.

    5. Anonymous3/3/13 17:36

      Why not Tagliavento or Moen?Who knows,when fifa will appoint referees for confed. cup??

    6. Tagliavento is not on the short-list for WC 2014, which disallows him to get a Confed Cup call-up.
      Probably, they will make the appointments very soon, the more interesting question is, when do we get to know them? ;)

  9. It's useful to report here all the trios appointed for 2009 FIFA Confederations CUP, played in South Africa.

    Matthew Breeze (AUS) with Matthew Cream and Ben Wilson.

    Coff Codjia (BEN) with Komi Konyoh (TOG) and Alexis Fassinou.

    Benito Archundia (MEX) with Marvin Torrentera and Hectr Vergara (CAN).

    Jorge Larrionda (URU) with Pablo Fandino and Mauricio Espinosa.
    Pablo Pozo (CHI) with Patricio Basualto and Francisco Mondria.

    Michael Hester (NZL) with Jan-Hendrik Hintz and Mark Rule.

    Massimo Busacca (SUI) with Matthias Arnet and Francisco Buragina.
    Martin Hansson (SWE) with Fredrik Nilsson and Henrik Andén.
    Howard Webb (ENG) with Peter Kirkup and Mike Mullarkey.

    Eddy Maillet (SEY) with Evarist Menkouande (CMR) and Bechir Hassani (TUN)

    Where is not specified, the assistants are from the same country of the main referees.
    For this edition I think that the number will be the same, 3 UEFA trios, and probably a reserve trio from CONMEBOL, considering that the tournament will be played in Brazil.

    Are there guesses from our friends Carlos and Maia? Here I would like to see (and I think that FIFA has to do it, too) Sandro Ricci. Mandatory appointment, in my opinion. Another referee which has to be tested is Alireza Faghani. Both referees are still without a FIFA tournament.

    Finally, here the UEFA preselected officials without any FIFA tournament in their whole international career are: Velasco Carballo (ESP), Milorad Mazic (SRB), Jonas Eriksson (SWE), Pedro Proença (POR).

    Therefore, my guess for UEFA is Mazic, Proença and Eriksson. It would be a logical choice.

    1. Well I have a different opinion:
      To take Ricci would be a bit stupid since he is not going to be able to take duells in group A, and only being in group B hmmm...

      Conmebol has 9 referees places for 10 pre-selected officials, so one is not going to take part of a tournament, but as far as i have spoke with some people, FIFA was disappointed with Soto (obvious) and Orosco performance in London the past year, so that there is a possibility that none of them takes part of a tournament for 2014.
      There are also 2 referee´s which need urgently a test: Sandro Ricci and Diego Abal. If you consider that nor Argentina or Brasil are on the u20 WC as a team, there is a big chance that both of them are in that tournament in which they can get more than one or two matches. The other name I would put in Turkey is Carlos Vera, since he made a super-b performance in Japan and Busacca was totaly happy with his job.

      For the Confederations Cup I would take Victor Carrillo, who acording of what I know has only a small chance of going to Brasil, and it would be a miracle for him to get the WC, so he might have a good test on that tournament. I would also take Enrique Osses, since I think he can do a very good job in that tournament. You may also say that Arias feeds perfectly to the Condeferations Cup since he already made 5 games in the u20 WC in Colombia and Osses only one in the Club World Cup 2011...

      For the u17 WC there are 3 countries left: so the choices would be Wilmar Roldán, Antonio Arias, and the uruguayan representativ, that for the moment is Martin Vázquez, but the comitee is waiting to see how Dario Ubriaco´s injury progress is to make a change.

      At last there is the Club WC and here I would take Ricci again, to give he the chance to get more experience...

      (I hope you were able to understand me...)


    2. Yes, everything is clear, thanks.
      I don't know why they want to put out Vazquez and wait for Ubriaco.
      Are there reasons?

      Now the change seems made on the pre-list, Vazquez is official.

    3. You have to see some points:

      1.) Silvera was the option all the time, they worked with him since 3 or 4 years so that he could be ready and then it came that illness

      2.) Ubriaco had a really good u20 WC, but he had always a problem: his knee. That knee hives him always problem, and when Silvera said he was out, Ubriaco was injured and they need an other referee, so they got the third and only choice left: Vazquez.

      3.) About Vazquez: 2010 was he as reserve official, but for that time Filippe was on FIFA´s Comitee as represenattive of Conmbol. Well Filippe (today in Conmebol Comitee) likes Vazquez very much, and he tried to do something really stupid (you will know why he is out from FIFA). For him Vazquez was better than Larrionda, so he wanted Larrionda out of the WC (I think he is mentally ill) and as he gave the idea, all told him, that he was crazy. Then he tried it a second time, but now he wanted Baldassi out of the WC... Grondona heared about it and Filippi had no more influence on the assunt, but you see Vazquez has some support on his back.

      (There is also an interesting history about 2006, but it cant be said here)...

      So Vazquez was (until last week) the perfect choice of uruguay, no physical problems, his performances where ok, but in Arsenal vs Atlético Mineiro this week on Libertadores he didi a real big mess, if you want to see it, please take a look on the penalty he gave to Mineiro, it was ok, but see at the foul on Ronaldinho, he did not gave anything...
      You should know that Grondona´s love team is Arsenal, and Vazquez disallowed a goal for them in a wrong way and as I already said did a mess, Loustau, one of the ref comitee members of conmebol, was on the pitch and saw everything, so that Vazquez has a suspension right now.

      With Vazquez suspended and with such a bad performance they want to see if Ubriaco gets better and pass the fitness test, if he does he will be in the list, if not Vazquez will cointinue but there are rumors that if he continues, uruguay may have not a referee in the World Cup, as traditional...

    4. I see, thanks for your long explanation. It would be also interesting to hear about the story of WC 2006 but I understand that you can't talk here.
      By the way, I watched the situation of Ronaldinho and it seemed to me very inexplicable, a so experienced referee missed a clear straight red.
      What about the other Uruguayan referees? No chances for the last names appointed on the FIFA list? For example, Fedorczuk? Since Brazil selected Ricci, a lot unexperienced, Uruguay could do the same thing... or not?

    5. Uruguay had a "renovation" on his list this year, 3 new ref came into the list so that you have 3 refs with 0 experience. Uruguay has 7 spots, Silvera, Vazquez, Ubriaco, Fedorczuk and the 3 new.

      Fedorczuk is really unexperienced, they are working withhim, but for 2018 not for 2014, as you see, the other ones (Silevra, Ubriaco and Vazquez wont reach the WC in Russia). Daniel is a good ref, but when you look to his palmarés he only has a Sudamericana match, he will do his Libertadores debut (with argentinian Germán Delfino) this week. He was in the u20 Sudamericano, and did 2 good jobs, but he was not concidered for the final stage and he also has an u15 Sudamericano. As you see not much experience.
      If you compare it with Ricci, he already had some Sudamericana matches and even reached the quarter-finals of the Libertadores, there is a big difference...

  10. I agree with your analysis and would like to read these names, I however have doubts. I predict Proenca, too. Eriksson is possible, but Mazic? I think what he needs is a U20 World Cup with 3 or 4 matches and no overstated, big tournament like Confed Cup. My prediction is Proenca, Skomina and Eriksson or Kuipers.

    For the other confederations, I would say: Arias and Roldan; Aguilar, Alioum, O'Leary and, as always, Irmatov.

    1. Anonymous3/3/13 17:31

      It will be U-20 and U-17 world cups,so + 2 referees!

    2. Don't get your point.

    3. Anonymous3/3/13 17:45

      The choise will be from elite group?

    4. From those who are on the pre list. Mazic is the only ED ref on that list.

    5. Will all the referees of U20 World Cup from UEFA Elite Referees and how many UEFA referees expected?

    6. You have always to take as reference the PRE LIST for Brazil 2014. FIFA will use all these competitions (WC UNDER 17, WC UNDER 20, CONFEDERATIONS CUP, CLUB WC) to test the referees on the road to the 2014 WC.
      Therefore, the UEFA officials which can be selected for FIFA U20 are: Bryc, Cakir, Clattenburg, Eriksson, Kassai, Kralovec, Kuipers, Lannoy, Mazic, Moen, Proença, Rizzoli, Rocchi, Skomina, Stark, Thomson, Undiano M., Velasco C., Webb.
      The last FIFA WC U20 was played in 2011 in Colombia and the UEFA referees were 6: Cakir, Clattenburg, Collum, Schörgenhofer, Strombergsson, Vad.
      Now in it would be logical to read different names, for example Mazic and Eriksson... very difficult in my opinion to see again Cakir there, since he attended already CWC officiating the final. By the way, being in Turkey, they could call him as stand-by...
      hope that everything is clear for you now,

    7. Thank you Chefren, very clear. According to Turkish media, Cuneyt Cakir will be appointed to WC U20. But I share the same opinion with you he will not be tested there, maybe even Firat Aydinus is not in the pre list, he might be appointed for WC U20. Let's see what will happen.

    8. Anonymous5/3/13 14:29

      Aydinus is not eligible since all FIFA tournaments held in the year prior to the World Cup must only use referees from the prospective list.

  11. Clattenburg with a YC to Adebayor, it might have been a straight red.
    Have you seen?

    1. Anonymous3/3/13 21:52

      Great work of Clattenburg at Tottenham-Arsenal.

    2. I agree. The decision was borderline, Yellow is acceptable.

    Fantastic action by El Sharaawy on Giorgio Niccolai. ;)
    Inter - Milan, 7 days ago.

  13. Anonymous3/3/13 20:49

    Filippi had never been in FIFA Referees Committee

    1. Anonymous3/3/13 21:49

      Maybe I was not able to explain myself I'm sorry about that but the point is that Mr. Filippi hat influence on the decisions they took...


    2. Anonymous3/3/13 21:54

      Who is that Filippi?

    3. Anonymous4/3/13 18:38

      I guess Ernesto Filippi Cavani, who refereed at the 1994 World Cup in the USA.
      If he has indeed that much influence, I wonder why Silvera was selected ahead of Vazquez on the pre-selected list for WC 2014?

  14. Hello what about Lannoy for 2014??

    1. Anonymous5/3/13 09:37

      When does this Frenchman Finally, no topreferee!

  15. Anonymous4/3/13 11:57

    Mazic with PSG - Valencia and Firut Aydenias with Juventus - Celtic.

    1. Aydinus - with Baris Simsek & Tolga Ozkalfa as AARs, Serkan Ok & Aleks Tascioglu as ARs 4th official is Cem Satman. I was expecting either Bulent Yildirim or Halis Ozkahya as one of AAR with Baris Simsek. I guess Bulent Yildirim and Halis Ozkahya (or one of them) will get a match at Europa League.

      Ugur B.

    2. Bülent Yildirim got a EL group stage (Basel - Genk) in which there were several mistakes, in my opinion.
      It is almost impossible to see him in KO stage.
      Furthermore, Ozkahya is still Category 2.
      I think that the additional assistant referees can be always different, this doesn't mean that there are other reasons. We have in our mind still the pattern of EURO2012, in which the first additional was always the number 2 of a certain country, now it's different.
      Those man are appointed by the national federations, UEFA appoints only the main referees.

    3. Yildirim would defintely be weird (Although he had some good games at Turkish League). He had only one game at EL groupstage.

      Most probably, no Turkish referees for EL R16.(Maybe Gocek: But I didnt hear/read about that)

      Btw, there are three Turkish referees for WC qualifier.

  16. Anonymous4/3/13 13:26


    Ref:Milorad Mazic
    with Milovan Ristic,Igor Radojcic
    4th:Dalibor Djurdjevic
    Aditional Refs:Milenko Vukadinovic,Danilo Grujic


  17. Anonymous4/3/13 14:41

    Wow, Mazic. Big match, great referee...
    Good luck!

  18. Nice policy made by UEFA, we must underline that. They simply give chances to referees who deserve it at the moment, ignoring categories etc.

    By the way, I have a bummer for you. Jaap Uilenberg will observe Barca-Milan next week. Now it's your turn to make guesses. For me, only Kralovec comes into question. Furthermore, there could be the possibility that - supposing that Layec and the committee saw Brych's performance with pleasure - Brych gets his second R16 match and is considered as a final candidate. But I like the Kralovec-prediction more and find it more realistic.
    Vassaras in Bayern-Arsenal..

    1. Committee member, so it's hard to think that an experienced Elite like Kassai or Proença will be there, I agree. Uilenberg means that there is something important to observe, therefore your guesses seem correct, and if you remember Kralovec was my name for the first leg match in Milan.

    2. Well... I believe that we will see Lannoy in somewhere important here. I dont know exactly on his injury procedures (he is having French League right now. But full capacity?). And, still UEFA may have some plans with him.

      And we also need some Italian referees next week. Both Rizolli and Rocchi are available for Bayern.

    3. Yes and if you certify Rizzoli a chance for Wembley final, then Vassaras could be possible here. I also thought of Benquerenca.
      Schalke-Gala Charles Agius (Malta) and Malaga-Porto Ilkka Koho (Finland), Scottish delegate in Schalke and Dutch delegate in Malaga. So I think Proenca and Kassai could have these matches.

    4. Anonymous4/3/13 16:13

      What about the other elite referees like Kupiers, Eriksson, Atkinson etc. Do you think we might see them in CL anymore this season?

    5. Eriksson and Kuipers both showed good group stage matches, so I think they should get a quarterfinal. But for Atkinson, it seems that there is no place.

    6. Anonymous4/3/13 16:33

      Bayern-Arsenal could also be a chance to Velasco Carballo. Maybe this year no spanish teams in final. So this year could be suitable for a spanish ref whereas he is of course no favorite for cl-final (I agree Cakir, Skomina, Brych or Rizzoli for final)

    7. I agree that Velasco Carballo may not be forgotten, his group stage matches were very good. But after Euro 2012 and the fact that he already got two final appointments in a row (EL final and CL final as fourth official), I also agree with your scepticism.

    8. Bravo, Nic! This blog, and from my point of view, is becoming respectable.
      I was skeptical at first, but you have made a serious step (Chefren, Hubert D, " RM ", Philip, Edward, Catagay, etc).
      Philosophy " tell me straight where I went wrong and I will make mistakes less " reluctant to accept everyone. Now ( rational will ), I see that criticism only hurts now, but it's better than 1000 eulogy.
      Honestly, I did not expect that after 5 years ED referees get a chance to KO CL. I think- Mr. Mažić and Mr. Aydinus- they deserve.
      By Mr. Coolina as referee we can expect the unexpected. It proves as UEFA Chief referees. So it was and still is the best! BRAVO, Pierluigi ( Hugh, Mark )...

    9. Anonymous4/3/13 18:49

      Maybe after the FIFA referee seminars in April?

    10. Anonymous5/3/13 14:35

      The UEFA policy has always been the same, with no restrictions for ED. It was just a matter of preference for the Ref Com and the level of ED refs at that moment.

  19. I guess Lannoy in Europa League this week, and probably also Benquerença, then if they will show a good performance, they could get another appointment but again in EL.
    What do you think? There aren't news about observers and delegates of EL matches?

    1. Not yet, which is strange.

  20. Anonymous4/3/13 16:51

    When are the COnfederations/U20 EC/U17 WC lists expected?

    1. No idea. As far as I know, there has been a FIFA meeting on 2 March. Probably, the names were made ready there. No idea when we get to know the complete designations.

  21. Anonymous4/3/13 19:01

    Maybe after the FIFA referee seminars in April?

  22. Surplisinyly two nominations on wendesday matches, because I do not recall that the judges of the categories judges by ELITE-DEVELOPMENT CHAMPIOS-LEAGUE-matches at this stage. As for as whot kind of judges will go to CONFEDERATION-CUP Skomina beside it is difficult to say. First of all attention should be paid to how this is going to match te REFEREE observer like PETER MIKKELSEN of DANI, who is a member of the ground jury FIFA

  23. Blog Referee Observers

    ManUtd. - Real (Cakir): Edward A. (GRE)
    BVB - Shakhtar (Skomina): Turan Oz. (USA, tbc)
    PSG - Valencia (Mazic): Cagatay I. (TUR)
    Juventus - Celtic (Aydinus): Niclas E./Me (GER)

    1. ;) Catagay, Zdravko Jokić is my fellow citizens! :)))

    2. Anonymous4/3/13 22:42

      Zemljak :)

    3. Ima nas svugde. :) Nic, a little conversation- SL! ;)

  24. Anonymous4/3/13 22:03

    After Chelsea-Sparta, ALEKSANDAR STAVREV (MKD) again nominated for UEFA Europe League (1/8-final, second leg) on March 14th.

    1. Aco Stavrev deserves another nomination. He has shown good performance in the first match!

  25. Anonymous5/3/13 12:25

    Anzhji - Newcastle : Istvan Vad
    Stuttgart - Lazio: Alexandru Dan Tudor
    Pilzen - Fenerbahce: Gianluca Rocchi
    Steaua - Chelsea: Sergei Karasev
    Benfica - Bordeaux: Alon Yefet
    Tottenham - Internationale: Antonio Mateu Lahoz
    Levante - Rubin: Antony Gautier
    Basel - Zenit: Daniele Orsato

    1. Regarding the observers, in my opinion to be underlined Karlsson (committee member) for Karasev (so very important test) and Layec for Mateu Lahoz.
      All the other names are "normal".

  26. Solid first half by Cakir in my opinion. Both cards correctly given, good work by assistants, especially in the situation after the post and also a good evaluation of the penalty appeal by Manchester. It seemed nothing to me.
    I'm seeing a referee in full control of the match until now, showing authority but appearing very calm. Excellent under this aspect.

    1. I have the pleasure of observing a referee who makes my job very easy :).

      Cakir has full control and is sure of himself. Correct evaluation of the penalty appeal by Man. U. and also correct to give the foul against Ramos before Higuain scores. Very good first half.

  27. Anonymous5/3/13 21:52

    Correct me but it seems to have a clear mistake with offside position before real own goal...

  28. Red card decision very harsh.. Yellow card fits more in my opinion. Missed handball of Rafael, should have been a penalty.

  29. Anonymous5/3/13 22:06

    And new big big mistake! Clear handball by Rafael : penalty and obvious red card forgotten by cakir...what s the hell with aar1 ???? What a pity!

  30. Red card: remember Balotelli in Manchester City - Dinamo Kiev two years ago. Cakir is consistent, I don't find wrong this decision.

  31. Nothing wrong with the red card in this situation. Going in with the studs is a red card.

    Only thing I noticed was a suspect offside in first half by AR2, where Ronaldo was alone, looked like offside on the replay.

  32. Anonymous5/3/13 22:16

    True chefren, but concerning offside goal and red card and penalty : crucial mistakes no?

    1. I have to agree, by the way very difficult match.
      The offside was slight, the handball was missed, I think that Goeck there had to help Cakir.

    2. As a United fan and somebody who wants Skomina to referee final I can be objective.

      Red - correct

      No deliberate handball and red - not unnatural position.

      Potential penalty on Evra, not crucial mistake.

      Hot candidate for final

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Anonymous5/3/13 22:17

    To be honest, two crucial mistakes by Cakir, until 74'.
    Handball by Rafael, must be penalty and red card, that is clear. Foul by Nani, eye for the bal, there was no real intention to hit/injure the opponent, so yellow card was enough in my opinion.

    1. Sorry but the red card for Nani can't be a mistake.

    2. Handball is clear and a red card. But Nani should be off IMO. If he was watching the ball then he should know that his foot doesn't have a job so high. And another thing: Cakir is consistent, remember the RC to Balotelli Man. City - Dinamo Kiev 2 years ago in EL.

    3. Anonymous5/3/13 22:36

      What about the foul against Evra in 90+2'? Was a penalty for United, foul of Sergio Ramos...

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Disclaim everything I written about the exclusion. According to the instructions ( rigid terms ) is to turn off. Football focus-angle: is not red card. But, the referees on the field to enforce the Laws, not to invent them. I'm sorry Mr. Cakir! I watched a crucial situation as an ordinary spectator, not as a referee observer. See for yourself how many different opinions and how hard it is to be a referee.
      Others do not want to comment ( 74' and 90+2' ).

    6. red cart without discussion..

    7. Anonymous6/3/13 15:31

      I saw no errors, I have clear rules, as Nani attacked with high foot and sole ahead not football can be played. Red is the only right decision.Am not a fan of this overestimate referee, but bravo, he was right.
      I saw no errors, I have clear rules, as Nani attacked with high foot and sole ahead not football can be played. Red is the only right decision.Am not a fan of this overestimate referee, but bravo, he was right.

  34. ‘eye for the
    bal, there was no real intention
    to hit/injure the opponent‘

    Hm,i think its ridiculous to talk about intention,Nani‘s leg was very very high,it was like De Jong‘s tackle on Euro.Of course less harsh.

  35. Anonymous5/3/13 22:37

    Again a missed penalty in my opinion, Ramos... Second crucial mistake, maybe third if we look to the offside own goal.

  36. Do you think that Cakir is now out from CL final candidates?

    1. Really difficult to say it Chefren. It depends Collina's evaluation of those situations. And of course one has to take into account the difficulty of the match.

  37. One cannot be satisfied with that performance, the expectations were certainly higher. If you are severe, four crucial mistakes by the team, ManU's 1-0 having been offside, missed handball on line (Rafael), red card very harsh and the missed penalty in 90+2. Ongun was not that concentrated in the entire match, I recognized two further offside errors apart from that.
    I do not know what to say at the moment, concerning the red card, was it really serious foul play? I rather think it was only reckless and therefore yellow. general I like red, studs-up, but hm, sfo or reckless challenge, that's the question.
    And to my mind the difficulty of the match was normal, only due to the red card, it became more tense.
    Difficult, I think one needs some time to digest these situations and decisions.

    Skomina with many odd decisions in the first half, apart from that solid. He could have given a penalty in the very beginning to Dortmund.

    1. This is the best analysis so far, Nic! Let's head to cool down. IMO, the whole team had a lot of failures. Let them spend the night. I think the Skomina, Kassai, Rizzoli was a better solutions for this match. But after the battle all the generals are smart. Slow, guys... Drop the ball!

  38. F.Taveira5/3/13 23:19

    Until the red card situation Cakir's performance was indeed very good.
    Red card situation: Wrong judgment. Maximum was a YC to be awarded. Nani was no foul intention; Nani goes for the ball and not for the man; He can't stop the movement when he understands the presence of RM player; So... although a spectacular move no enough reason for sending off.
    Penalty appeal: clear handball by Rafael. AAR1 and AR1 with some responsibilities.
    situation 90+2: hmmm... Cakir with play-on... I agree with him.
    Not enough for Wembley!

    1. Anonymous6/3/13 15:42

      About Red, there should be no discussion!You're sure no idea of the rulesSo high with the foot and the sole advance you cannot the BAll play - risk of injury!

    2. When you read my last statements on the issue of stud ups fouls, you can understand that I generally agree with you. If you go into a challenge with studs up, you risk the opponent's health. Therefore, red cards should be immediately given. But in this case, we must underline Nani's unawareness of the player approaching.

      In a nutshell: I can "accept" both decisions, yc and rc. Taking into account Collina's statement "the best referee is the one who has the courage to make brave decisions", I could imagine UEFA will be very content with the sending-off. But Rafael's handball cannot be ignored. There is no room for interpretation. Same counts for Ongun's mistake prior to the 1-0. Stand as a team, fall as a team..

    3. F.Taveira6/3/13 18:27

      hey anonymous... red card is a controversial and debatable decision. it's a matter of opinion. If all the LOTG were to be strictly used how many red cards in the end of each match?
      And in refereeing, like all other activities, common sense has a valid point.
      Cakir decision is controversial... not wrong. But we all agree that decision had a negative effect in the match and in the referee until the end of the match.

    4. Though, one must also say that if you lose your striker, you do not necessarily have to concede two goals in the following minutes..

  39. Great first half by Cakir and team.
    48' No offside, great call by AR2 Ongun. Goal is clear.
    56' IMO Red Card is correct, studs up, when Nani saw Arbeloa he had a chance to have his stud down but he didn't do.
    61' Missed penalty, red card to Rafael - biggest mistake of Cakir, Gocek should have helped him.
    90+2 IMO Ramos foul against Evra penalty.

    Very difficult match in the second half especially. Two crucial mistake. I think for this season after this performance it is very difficult for him to have CL final. Unlucky night for Cakir...

  40. From my point of view, it's 100% red card and I have no doubt about it. Intention doesn't matter, an effect is the only thing referee must consider. And those effect was studs-up tackle landing on an opponent body. Seriously, I'm stunned that everywhere this red card is so much discussed. Brave and excellent call.

    1. I'll go with the referee in a borderline decision and I think it was an acceptable brave call by the referee as Relaxed man states here. it is easy not to give the red card in such a situation in Old Trafford and the referee made the toughest decision. "A good referee is the one who calls what he sees even it would be much easier not to do so" says Collina. A perfect example by Cakir.
      PS: From a reliable source: Collina says "Cakir is going home after today's match. And will be considered for the next season."
      I am not sure.

    2. @Turan, Hubert, Chefren, Edward, Catagay, Nic Opinions are very different- and what we see here. Red card changed the character of the game- it's a fact! " Ordinary viewers " would say- this is not a red card! I was a split- I confess.
      Whether the start was brutal? Is not! Is Nani wanted to hurt an opponent? Isn't. Is there such a possibility? Of course it is! I think that even he did not see an opponent that is coming from behind ( watching the ball ). Existence of possible violations of the opposing player and the term " brutal carelessness " are sufficient, if the referees applies the instructions given by Dr. Collina, to show the red card- referees on the field to enforce the Laws, not to invent them. I think that the presence of Dr. Collina of the match resulted in this decision ( remember Collum in Turkey ). I think a good referee those who do not shy away from unpopular decisions. Also, the burden of carrying Mr. Cakir ia a huge. All unpopular decisions were " against " teams from England. Whether the decisions were wrong? They did not. On the contrary! They were superb! Shove it into the fire at the wrong time. All crucial matches teams from England and Spain were refereeing Cakir- score is negative, and by teams from England ( 100% ). That's why I said that at this point the better choice Skomina, Kassai, Proenca or Rizzoli. Cuneyt- in the best shape, but everything else is against him.
      I do not doubt your source, but I'm sure it will be Dr. Collina support him. And it was decorated was not afraid of unpopular and unexpected decisions in a big game. Because he was the best in the world.
      As a former referee I understand and support him. There were other mistakes last night, but talk about them- it would be inhumane.
      Cuneyt Cakir support- please!

    3. I just wrote to Hubert that I support Cakir. I think he did well overall. He still has a good chance and we will all see what happens soon.

  41. Anonymous6/3/13 09:48

    Collina + Çakir= SCANDAL.

  42. Branko is a provision that says PROTECT-PIŁKAŻY,and there is no such thing,or wheter a foul was not brutal, or wheter or notthe player he wanted to make his rival torment. Unfortunately this is a recipe that crearly tell nthe judge that the healt piłkazza najważniejsze. We do not stetcher on the pitch

  43. How to decide - if red or yellow is correct. You can argue all day. Regarding the rules, it can be red. Regarding common sense, it can be yellow. So it is a grey zone. What to do in grey zone?

    Let's say you give yellow and ManU wins. There will be some talk about this situation, but the main story will be about 2 fantastic teams, 2 fantastic coaches, one fantastic night of football and a story of a great game of football.

    Let's say you give red. Many will say correct, many will say it is harsh, many don't know. Everybody just feels a bit dissapointed about the death of the game and a perfect night of football. The main story at the night, the days following and written in history - will be the referee.

    How can a referee be the main talking point, if a decision is 100% correct and it is the one the whole of football wanted to see that evening.
    What do we want from a referee. We want him to be fair, follow the rules, let the game flow as much as possible and consider what is best for the game. Was it best for the game?

    1. In such big games, different criterias apply than they do in a normal game. You have to acknowledge that the game is on a much higher level of importance.
    2. If situations are in a grey zone, one doesn't expect the more harsh decision to follow.
    3. The whole of football and the spectators did not want a red card there.
    4. The situation was a case of many unexpected things coming together. Nani had no idea of an opponent coming for the ball. He wanted to take the ball down from the air. Most of the speed came from Arbelloa. He came unexpected, from behind or the side of Nani. The only thing you can argue, is that Nani has the responsibility of looking around before going to the ball like that.

    Red card is a correct decision if you can take the rules to prove it.
    Yellow card is a correct decision if you take the rules and common sense to prove it.

    What makes a great referee is to acknowledge this, think what is best for the game and not give the more harsh decision in a grey zone when the game does not demand it and you do not want refereeing to be the main talking point of football.

    1. Anonymous6/3/13 14:19

      good approach,good explanation..

    2. Anonymous6/3/13 14:22

      I want to congratulate you, very good explanation, sir.

    3. Mostly agree with your approach BUT a referee can't be influenced by the common sense or the public. A referee is there to follow the LOTG. Under the LOTG this is RED.

    4. Excellent analysis!
      And I disagree with you in this point, Edward, common sense is as important as the Laws of the Games (sometimes even more important?). But I agree with you, the public may not play any role.

    5. Don't agree with you, Niclas :D
      Common sense is something what shouldn't exist in professional refereeing. Only laws and interpretations, no leniency, no inconsistent line.

      But it's only my view.

    6. Common sense is not described at the LOTG. So referees shouldn't consider it. Because common sense would want this situation to be punished only with a simple foul.

    7. I remember, Relaxed Man, how you criticized Christina Pedersen for applying the Laws of the Games (indirect free-kick, Olympics) but forgetting common sense.
      Laws, Interpretations and common sense depend on each other, I don't want narrow-minded referees - but that's only my view, too.

    8. Anonymous6/3/13 21:47

      Guys, it is impossible to referee by the LOTG not using common sense. You have to use common sense to decide if a foul is careless or reckless. The same way you have to use common sense deciding if it is reckless or using excessive force. You have to use common sense on the 6 second rule for goalkeepers and regarding 9.15m etc... if you only apply the laws strictly and are a punisher, you wont get far.

    9. Of course, the minimum of obvious common sense is needed, but this common sense can't threat the LoTG and interpretations of them...

    10. Gentlemen, I think you are all at the same page but with slightly different views. In my opinion the referee should of course use common sense in some situations. Especially when advantage or a similar position occurs. In addutuin , in LOTG page 122 it is stated that referees should use common sense deal with goal celebrations.


  44. Hot discussions. Cakir is a very good referee, and the colour of the card can be discussed all day.

    I think that the card was correct, though there was still some other mistakes, and I think that due to this might have been Cakirs last match at Old Trafford and also this Champions League season.

    I also think that it was very bad handled by the United players and Ferguson after the game, gestures in front of the referee, media said that Ferguson was shouting outside the locker room on the referee etc.

  45. There is also the law nr 18.

    In recent years, it has been well used in late phase of CL by mr Webb and de Bleeckere. They have not shown yellow cards in the first half for situations they think they can manage with verbal warning where the LOTG say yellow card. They have acknowledged that the game is at a higher level and they need to adapt for there not to be a card fest.

    This is a very fin line though - i think mr Kassai used it wrongly in Euro2012 Italy vs Spain group phase.

    If you say that this is 100% red card by the LOTG, then what is all the doubt and talking about? :)

    Hopefully we will eventually find out what the smartest of the smartest (the referee committee) think (more than publicly decide). It might show in the next appointments, though all the penalty decisions may affect that also.

  46. Anonymous6/3/13 15:54

    anyone observed skomina?

  47. Based on what I saw it should have been 8.2 or 8.3.

  48. Anonymous6/3/13 16:58

  49. Anonymous6/3/13 17:21

    Uefa referee observer Rune Pedersen from Norway believes that yellow card is the best descision in this case

  50. We have so many experts, we have so many opinions. But a Turkish referee who has to make this decision within 20 seconds (in this case) is the fool in the end, that's not ok..see new thread!
    Urs Meier by the way called the decision harsh but ok.

  51. Anonymous6/3/13 22:54

    To summarize and try to simplify something very difficult:

    1. Both yellow and red would be evaluated as correct by UEFA. There are reasonable arguments for both options and therefore one can definitely say that a yellow card would be a better option (even though I don't agree myself, I respect that opinion), but you can never say that the red card is wrong.
    2. Cakirs further participation in this years CL season depends more on how Collina and the committee evaluates the other crucial situations in yesterday's game and, particularly, their thoughts and approach regarding appointments for referees involved in controversies earlier in the season.

    Nice predictions, Niclas - you and the others are by the way very good at this - but at least one of them is wrong: team Eriksson will handle one of the games in next week. Given that S.Hellströmer is the delegate and that Eriksson had this game last year, the only thing we can be sure about is that he won't get Barcelona-Milan. My personal prediction is Malaga-Porto!

    Greetings from Sweden!

  52. Milorad Mazic had a successful 90 minutes of action this evening. The Serbian was prepared to let the play flow in the correct areas, but was also quick on the scene when necessary. Overall, neither side will have had many complaints about his performance.

  53. Anonymous7/3/13 01:34

    Excellent perf for serbian Team. I agree Branko! Very strong and sure refereeing for milorad mazic. It seems that élite promotion is obvious!

    From Paris,
    Benoît :)

  54. Thank you, my friend! Congratulations to the team PSG. Earned a place in the top 8 after 18 years!
    Je voudrais voir dans les demi-finales à Paris: PSG-Bayern Munish ( mes deux équipes favorites )! :)
    Regards from Belgrade!

  55. Can only agree, Mazic showed a (very) good performance, had full control, so match always stayed calm and easy-going. I just found Mazic's positioning and movement a bit hectical, but here everybody has his style, he was at least close to every action by that.
    Ristic with a few difficult borderline calls, not always correct, but no impact here.

    I will observe Aydinus today.

    1. I watched Aydinus yesterday, don't want to reveal something but you can imagine which kind of match it was, reading the final score ;)

    2. I have seen both (Mazic and Aydinus) in parallel. Two pretty ok performances.

      Detailed report on Mazic performance is to follow at weekend.

    3. The first half was good. Aydinus frequently tends to whistle every small contact, specially after corner kicks. One can have this approach, whether it benefits to a good match is another question. Very calm match..

    4. Nothing happened in the whole match, in my opinion the only remarkable situation is the excellent no flag by Ok prior to 2-0.
      OK decision :D
      I by the way would like to know what about the next appointments for Aydinus, is that enough to assure another match in CL?
      I think that he will be appointed in EL.

    5. Agree, quarterfinal in EL would be adequate.

    6. He'll get 8.3 in my report, Ok with 8.4 and Tascioglu also with 8.3. The rest probably 8.0. Most of the things were good, some minors to improve. Report to follow tomorrow.

  56. Anonymous8/3/13 00:37

    Very nice what a german reporter told today: "5 of the last 6 yellow cards, which Gareth Bale received in Premier League, were for diving"

  57. Anonymous9/3/13 21:53


    Schalke-Istanbul: Pedro Proenca
    Barcelona-Milan: Wolfgang Stark (of course Kralovec is possible, but Stark had only 2 matches till now, and with his experience he could be a candidate for wembley as well)
    Bayern-Arsenal: Velasco Carballo
    Malaga-Porto: Kassai

  58. Interesting prediction, I have not thought about that possibility until now. However, it still gives me doubts because of the important observer Jaap Uilenberg, I do not really see a reason why he should assess Stark in this match.


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