September 24, 2013

Match Situations - Fouls 3 / Teamwork - Solutions

The following solution is supposed to clarify the incident having occurred in the Champions League match between Manchester City and Ajax Amsterdam, refereed by Peter Rasmussen of Denmark, that was put up for debate in this blog post.

UEFA's official solution is:

Blue #45 is clearly being held by his opponent. The AAR must be ready to adjust his position accordingly to be in a position to inform the referee that a penalty kick should be awarded. The position of the referee in such cases should also be to the left of the goal between the goal area, penalty area line and in line with the penalty mark.

A remarkable part of this blog's community disagreed with this interpretation. 
The Third Team therefore reminds you on the fact that two fouls happened at the same time: Blue #45 was held by his opponent but held and grabbed his opponent at the same time as well. That could have required a dropped ball at the position of the ball at the time of the stoppage - a procedure that would have been in line with the Laws of the Game but that would have overused common sense.
Making no gesture but instead finishing the match with the final whistle did not find the players' approval - and that was no surprise.


  1. CAF has revealed that the referee assignments for the Play-Off Round in their World Cup qualifiers will be revealed very soon.

    My predictions.

    Burkina Faso - Algeria: Noumandiez Doue (CIV), Songuifolo Yeo (CIV), Jean-Claude Birumushahu (BDI), Kouame N'Dri (CIV)
    Côte d'Ivoire - Senegal: Slim Jedidi (TUN), Bechir Hassani (TUN), Anouar Hmila (TUN), Med Kordi (TUN)
    Ethiopia - Nigeria: Rajindraparsad Seechurn (MRI), Balkrishna Bootun (MRI), Vivian Vally (MRI), Parmendra Nunkoo (MRI)
    Ghana - Egypt: Badara Diatta (SEN), Djibril Camara (SEN), El Hadji Malick Samba (SEN), Ousmane Fall (SEN)
    Tunisia - Cameroon: Daniel Bennett (RSA), Aden Marwa Range (KEN), Zakhele Siwela (RSA), Victor Gomes (RSA)

    Algeria - Burkina Faso: Eric Otogo-Castane (GAB), Théophile Vinga (GAB), Jean Engone (GAB), Yves Raponat (GAB)
    Senegal - Côte d'Ivoire: Djamel Haimoudi (ALG), Redouane Achik (MAR), Abdelhak Etchiali (ALG), Abid Charef (ALG)
    Nigeria - Ethiopia: Bernard Camille (SEY), Jean Ernesta (SEY), Gilbert Lista (SEY), Jean-Claude Labrosse (SEY)
    Egypt - Ghana: Néant Alioum (CMR), Evarist Menkouande (CMR), Peter Edibi (NGA), Mal Mohamadou (CMR)
    Cameroon - Tunisia: Bakary Gassama (GAM), Angesom Ogbamariam (ERI), Felicien Kabanda (RWA), Maudo Jallow (GAM)

  2. Anonymous25/9/13 13:16

    How/where did you get the official UEFA solution?

    1. Mr Garcia-Aranda has posted a virtual video analysis based on UEFA's assessment on his website. There this explanation has appeared.

  3. Anonymous25/9/13 13:36

    Milorad Mazic,
    Dalibor Djurdjevic,
    Milovan Ristic
    Uefa Referee Observer- Paul Allaerts

    1. Reliable?
      In fact Allaerts' presence indicated this appointment..

  4. Anonymous25/9/13 13:51

    This sources were always reliable until now :)
    I belive them.

  5. Okay thanks. However these sources should start thinking about the term "confidential" ;)

    1. Anonymous25/9/13 14:41

      You're welcome.Yes,we can call them confidental :)
      And Ajax-Milan for Webb.

    2. Anonymous25/9/13 14:42

      And sorry for double post.

    3. I am sorry but this is not confidential.

    4. It is clear that this source comes from Serbian FA (Mazic / Petrovic). For the future I'd like to advise everyone to keep REFEREE appointments confidential until published here or on to avoid the opportunity of match fixing (confidential appointments have their sense...).

    5. The official website of Serbia FA doesn't have any news of this. That's why the appointments are confidential.

  6. To know referee appointment in advance is one the added value and the richness of this blog. What's the taste to know appointment when they are already published on Uefa web site ? :-)

    I'm joking; you set the rules and everybody have to accept them but these news are very interesting



    Penalty whistled by Muniz Fernandez at 95' in Elche - Real Madrid.. crucial (and wrong, in my opinion) decision....

  8. US vs Australia womens' friendly (20 October 2013) will be the last Kari Seitz' match. She achieved 5 WWC, 3 Olympics and countless other games. Congratulations and huge thank you!v

  9. Pedro Proenca will take charge of Albania-Switzerland on 11 October.

    1. Estonia - Turkey: Nicola Rizzoli (ITA) - Andrea Stefani (ITA), Renato Faverani (ITA) - Luca Banti (ITA)

    2. Denmark - Italy: Stéphane Lannoy (FRA)


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