July 12, 2014

Video Training: Assessing the Level of Punishment RT / SFP

The following match situation is taken from Brazil - Mexico (World Cup 2014) and belongs to the category Assessing the Level of Punishment.
You are warmly encouraged to participate in discussion by answering the poll or placing a comment. Our solution for this situation including the re-start of play will be published on Monday, 14 July.


Defensive player Yellow #3 tries to make a challenge for the ball but makes unfair contact with Red #14 only. The studs of his left foot are shown but do not hit the opponent. The tackle is from behind and characterized by relatively high intensity.

Football refereeing is no black-or-white-world. If the referee consideres Yellow #3 having acted in a reckless manner, i.e. with complete disregard to the danger to or consequences for his opponent, and the level of intensity as insufficient for deeming it as "excessive force", he has to caution the offender with a yellow card. If however, in his opinion, Yellow #3 exceeded the necessary force and clearly endangered the safety of his opponent, he must send him off with a red card.
The referee should integrate the spirit of the game and his previous disciplinary approach into the judgment.

65% of the users favoured a yellow card and 33% a red card. 2% were trolls.


  1. Straight RC for SFP and restart with direct free kick. Studs-out extreme force vicious challenge. A challenge like this can never be clean. It does not matter that there was no actual studs-out contact. If the defender had committed several fouls prior to this, then a YC also possible, especially if the referee had a complete control of the match.


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