June 16, 2015

Women's World Cup 2015: Referee Appointments Matches 29-36

Selected officials for matches 29-36 of FIFA Women's World Cup 2015 taking place in Canada.

Sachiko Yamagishi (JPN) in charge of Mexico - France (c) zimbio.com

16 June 2015, 23:00 CET (Winnipeg)
Ecuador - Japan
Referee: Melissa Borjas (HON)
Assistant Referee 1: Yolanda Parga (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Manuela Nicolosi (FRA) 
Fourth Official: Quetzalli Alvarado (MEX)

16 June 2015, 23:00 CET (Edmonton)
Switzerland - Cameroon
Referee: Claudia Umpierrez (URU)
Assistant Referee 1: Luciana Mascaraña (URU)
Assistant Referee 2: Loreto Toloza (CHI)
Fourth Official: Yeimy Martínez (COL)

17 June 2015, 02:00 CET (Vancouver)
Nigeria - USA
Referee: Kateryna Monzul (UKR)
Assistant Referee 1: Natalia Rachynska (UKR)
Assistant Referee 2: Sanja Rodjak (CRO)
Fourth Official: Rita Gani (MAS)

17 June 2015, 02:00 CET (Edmonton)
Australia - Sweden
Referee: Lucila Venegas (MEX)
Assistant Referee 1: Mayte Chavez (MEX)
Assistant Referee 2: Enedina Caudillo (MEX)
Fourth Official: Tupou Patia (COK)

17 June 2015, 22:00 CET (Ottawa)
Mexico - France
Referee: Sachiko Yamagishi (JPN)
Assistant Referee 1: Naomi Teshirogi (JPN)
Assistant Referee 2: Yan Fang (CHN)
Fourth Official: Liang Qin (CHN)

17 June 2015, 22:00 CET (Montreal)
England - Colombia
Referee: Carol Anne Chenard (CAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Marie Josee Charbonneau (CAN)
Assistant Referee 2: Suzanne Morisset (CAN)
Fourth Official: Michelle Pye (CAN)

18 June 2015, 01:00 CET (Moncton)
Costa Rica - Brazil
Referee: Efthalia Mitsi (GRE)
Assistant Referee 1: Chrysoula Kourompylia (GRE)
Assistant Referee 2: Angela Kyriakou (CYP)
Fourth Official: Marilin Miranda (PAR)

18 June 2015, 01:00 CET (Ottawa)
Korea Republic - Spain
Referee: Anna-Marie Keighley (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Sarah Walker (NZL)
Assistant Referee 2: Allyson Flynn (AUS)
Fourth Official: Margaret Domka (USA)


  1. Third appointment for Carol Anne Chenard and Anna-Marie Keighley.
    First match for Melissa Borjas with a mixed team, European assistant referees.
    Liang Qin fourth official in France's match, after the missed handball.
    24 different referees have been appointed, reserve officials at moment are: Tupou Patia (COK), Marilin Miranda (PAR), Ledya Tafesse (ETH), Abirami Apbai Naidu (SIN), Michelle Pye (CAN).

  2. Anonymous16/6/15 12:09

    is it wise to assign Liang Qin as any level referee in a game where France is playing. She already showed a bias against france. Even if the handball slapping an opponent is a foul

  3. Anonymous16/6/15 16:38

    Norwegian top level referee Brage Sandmoen quits his career in the middle of the season. He wants to concentrate his efforts on coaching his 2nd division team where his son also is playing.

  4. Anonymous16/6/15 19:46

    Today's friendlies:
    Italy - Portugal | Stephan Studer (SUI)
    Poland - Greece | Alain Bieri (SUI)

    1. Anonymous16/6/15 21:35

      Bieri replaced by Borski in the 30th minute of the game. Probably a hamstring strain.

    2. Anonymous16/6/15 21:45

      A Polish referee for Poland, this can't work.

    3. Anonymous16/6/15 22:00

      It's quite typical that the fourth official in friendly is from a host nation.

  5. Anonymous16/6/15 20:50

    Yamagishi is rewarded for her poor performance in USA vs Sweden with yet another assignment. Missed calls that cost teams points and could very well keep a team from advancing in the tournament.

  6. http://www.bloggen.be/elladevries_wwc2015/
    Blog by Belgian assistant referee Ella de Vries covering the World Cup.
    The most interesting information is, that the referees are seperated into a group West in Vancouver and a group East in Montreal. Those officials are only appointed for the three western resp. eastern venues.
    A quick check shows, that only Ri, Tafesse and Yamagashi have been appointed for matches from both parts of the country so far, the others can be uniquely allocated to one group
    West: Monzul, Frappart, Alvarado, Borja, Naidu, Kulcsar, Patia, Umpierrez, Lengwe, Venegas, Martinez, Steinhaus, Gani, Larsson
    East: Keighley, Chenard, Pye, Mitsi, di Iorio, Miranda, Neguel, Staubli, Vitulano, Albon, Domka, Qin

  7. Good 2nd half performance from Umpierrez Rodriguez (didn't see the 1st half!), I think 2 YCs - both justified and correct I think
    Easily the best personality from the Uruguayan at this World Cup

  8. Anonymous17/6/15 03:42

    Possible handball in the penalty area in Vancouver. Nigerian player enlarges her body but no handling IMO. Any thoughts? Correct second yellow as well for SPA

    1. Anonymous17/6/15 22:33

      Possible? Or not possible?

  9. Anonymous17/6/15 12:43

    Before the World Cup, FIFA promised that I would get match as referee. Now they me send home only as fourth official. Very disappointed.

    Yours sincerly

    FIFA Women's World Cup referee, will be back as referee in 2019!

    1. Anonymous18/6/15 16:26

      Did FIFA forget that AUS (Flynn) is from the same confederation (AFC) as Korea?

  10. Anonymous17/6/15 22:39

    Another controversial handball, this time Chenard punished it for ENG 2-0.

    1. I think, the decision is OK. She seems to move her hand slightly towards the ball rather than avoiding contact.
      Another interesting situation in ~45': The keeper collides with the attacker while stopping her, but also plays the ball. Quite similar to JPN-SUI, where a penalty was awarded.

  11. Anonymous18/6/15 02:38

    Chenard, was inconsistent at best today. I agree with the fact that finally a referee correctly didn't call a foul on a goalkeeper challenging for a 50/50 ball in the penalty box. Unlike Lucila Venegas.

    I however disagree with the handball she called that resulted in a PK for England. The Colombian player is sliding to try and block the shot. The shot is deflected and hits her arm which she is using to brace herself. What exactly is the defender supposed to do with her arm? Is she supposed to slide tackle while keeping her arms behind her back? You go and try to that and she how that works for you.

    And finally, the caution to the Colombian keeper what simply unjust. And now she must sit out the round of 16. On the play, the keeper tackles cleanly and gets a touch on the ball prior to the follow through.

    I however blame alot of this on Chennards lack of fitness. Just by looking at her, you can tell that she isn't the fittest at the tournament. She tends to walk alot on the pitch, with and occasional jog, and very few sprints. Far too often she is left well behind play without being able to catch up.

    1. Comments such as "Just by looking at her, you can tell that she isn't the fittest at the tournament" are ridiculous and don't mean anything. Chenard is as much in shape as any other referee, and body shape doesn't mean anything. In fact, she referees men's games in Canada without problem.

      The penalty to me is also correct. When you go to the ground like that, you take a risk. That arm is not in a natural position and enlarges body surface. Foul and penalty.

    2. Anonymous18/6/15 06:37


    3. Anonymous18/6/15 07:24

      Not a "natural position"? Well then sir, how do you suggest that players go into a sliding tackle? Like I stated above, go and try to slide tackle with your arms behind your back and tell me how that goes. Every single player who goes into a tackle is going to use an arm to brace themselves. Furthermore, that there is a clear case of ball to hand not hand to ball.

      I stand by what I said about Chennard. My comments are based on her actions on the pitch. She walks throughout the match, occasionally mixes in a trot or jog, and very rarely does she actually sprint. So yeah, her body type and those few extra pounds do seem to keep her from keeping up with play. She's the female version of Alan Wiley.

    4. Anonymous19/6/15 20:54

      Knowing Chenard personally, I know how fit she is. She regularly passes the men's fitness test. She was a national calibre speed skater at one point. She'll never be tall and slender like Bibiana.

      Now, I've seen the first half of the Germany-Ivory Coast match in person, but nothing else, so I'm unaware of how much walking she does on a regular basis, but closer to the play doesn't always equate to a better view.

      No FIFA ref or official (including Massimo) has an issue with her fitness level, though people may confuse her body type for being unfit.

      They'll take overall performance and geography into account when assigning the more important matches.

  12. Anonymous18/6/15 07:36

    Excerpts from the Montreal Gazette(a Canadian newspaper). The link to the article is listed above.

    "Much of that noise, from early in the match, was aimed at the struggling Canadian referee, Carol Anne Chenard. Chenard had trouble keeping up with the pace of the play, which meant that she made many of her calls at long-range — and almost all of them went against Colombia."

    "Chenard’s most brutal call, however, had less to do with the outcome of this match than with the next. The yellow yard she handed excellent Colombian goalkeeper Sarah Sepulveda, on a play when Sepulveda got far the worst of it when she came out to challenge the onrushing Toni Duggan in the 85th minute, means Sepulveda will miss Colombia’s next match, probably against the U.S."

    "But earlier in the match, Chenard had also ignored (or missed) the egregious foul in the last minute of the first half when English keeper Karen Bardsley absolutely levelled Colombia’s Carolina Arias in the area. That one was a full-on bodycheck, but Chenard somehow saw nothing wrong with it."

    When a newspaper from your very own country is putting you on blast for a poor showing. You've must have been quite bad.

    1. Anonymous18/6/15 08:24

      On the contrary, I would say. It is quite often so that newspaper bashes national referees, I would say. Journalists seldom have a clue when it comes to refereeing... If Chenard was bad or not in this game? I have no idea, since I did not see the match.

      /Swedish observer

    2. Jack Todd (the journalist writing this piece) writes nonsense about every sport he comments on, and generally only cares about hockey. I have long learned to discount his opinion. Besides, his whole piece states that the Colombians felt cheated, but ends on a quote from the Colombian coach saying that "the referee called [the game] very well."

      Don't give that guy any credence, he deserves none. Besides, any team losing on a penalty will blame the referee, regardless of whether it is justified or not. The opinions of a partisan crowd should not be taken as indicators of the quality of a referee.

    3. Anonymous19/6/15 05:17

      You're surprised by the Colombian coach not talking about the officiating? I am sure that the coach would like to be on the bench for his teams next match. Because he knows very well that if he dared say anything about the referee's he would very likely be suspended and fined by FIFA. So don't act surprised unless you're new to the sport.

    4. Anonymous19/6/15 05:28

      I'd like to add, that I think that most people are basing their comments towards Chenard because of what they see from her on the pitch. Somebody said it before and it's very true. She does walk entirely way too much during her matches and ends up making a lot of her calls from long distance. It is something that the article writer pointed out and he isn't wrong.

      Unfortunately with Chenard being the "home" referee, she'll continue to take matches away from the more deserving crews. But that's FIFA for you.

    5. There is a difference between not talking about referees and complimenting their work. And as Ref Al says below, Chenard is nearly always in good position. She's not the fittest, but she is fit enough and she is smart.

  13. Anonymous18/6/15 09:25

    You learn far more from a poor referee performance than from a good performance. Because you learn how not to do it.

  14. Anonymous18/6/15 10:19

    ENG - COL was decided in favor of ENG by handballs.


    00:20 correct free kick?
    00:50 penalty?

    1. Anonymous18/6/15 10:23

      I think that referee can be backed in both situations, but it is unfair that with another referee in the middle, different decisions could have been taken. Handballs problem must be solved. No consistency, a referee can decide who wins and who has to lose a match. Of course I mean in bona fide, always.

    2. definitely not a penalty. there are so many educational videos about this type of handballs and some referees still get it wrong.

    3. Do you have an example of such educational video?

    4. 1st handling correct IMO. 2nd handling could be called either way (I likely would not give it personally) because player does end up propelling ball. Ending up propelling ball, however, is not really the criteria -- deliberate is. Keepers getting to ball and then going through players are rolling the dice on whether or not foul will be called. IMO English keeper was lucky (as was Neuer in 2014 WC). None of the more critical decisions referred to in this series of posts had anything to do with fitness/positioning. Chenard does not move at super high speed, but she is nearly always where she needs to be.

  15. Predictions R16:
    Germany – Sweden: Esther Staubli (SUI), Ella de Vries (BEL), Lucie Ratajova (CZE), Rita Gani (MAS)
    China – Cameroon: Carina Vitulano (ITA), Michelle O’Neill (IRL), Tonja Paavola (FIN), Jesica di Iorio (ARG)
    Brazil – Australia: Teodora Albon, Petruta Iugulescu (both ROU), Maria Sukenikova (SVK), Carol Chenard (CAN)
    France – South Korea: Quetzalli Alvarado, Mayte Chavez, Enedina Caudillo (all MEX), Gladys Lengwe (ZAM),
    Canada – Switzerland: Sachiko Yamagishi, Naomi Teshirogi (both JPN), Allyson Flynn (AUS), Liang Qin (CHN)
    Norway – England: Bibiana Steinhaus, Marina Wozniak, Katrin Rafalski (all GER), Pernilla Larsson (SWE)
    USA – Colombia: Stephanie Frappart, Manuele Nicolosi (both FRA), Yolanda Parga (ESP), Efthalia Mitsi (GRE)
    Japan – Netherlands: Margaret Domka (USA), Kimberly Moreira (CRC), Shirley Perello (HON), Claudia Umpierrez (URU)

  16. Anonymous18/6/15 11:41

    Remember that there are two groups divided into east and west.
    Think about it and try again;)

    1. Well, one could change that in the two days break without problems.
      But to fulfill your task ;)
      GER-SWE: Staubli
      CHN-CAM: Frappart
      BRA-AUS: Albon
      FRA-KOR: Domka
      CAN-SUI: Martinez
      NOR-ENG: Vitulano
      USA-COL: Steinhaus
      JPN-NED: Lengwe

    2. Anonymous19/6/15 05:34

      Frappart? Really?
      The same Frappart crew that missed a clear violent conduct by a Nigerian player? That FIFA at a later date had to go and do the right thing and punishing the player.
      That Frappart? No Thanks!

  17. Anonymous19/6/15 05:46


    Germany vs Sweden
    Ri Hyang-Ok (Corea del Norte)

    China vs Cameroon
    Bibiana Steinhaus (Alemania)

  18. Anonymous6/7/15 01:10

    Missed call...? U.S.A. vs Japan - In the first minute of play the Japanese goal keeper brings a ball inside her own 18 yard box and picks the ball up..? Is this not an indirect free kick for doing that? The ball was sent in by Johnston for the U.S. and was outside the 18 yard box.


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