July 13, 2015

2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup: Referees appointments for Matchday 3

CONCACAF has appointed the following officials to handle Matchday 3 games at 2015 Gold Cup. 
Roberto García Orozco (MEX) will officiate Panama - USA (c)  mediotiempo.com
14/07/2015, 01:00 CET (Group A, Kansas City, USA)
Haiti - Honduras
Referee: Joel Aguilar (SLV)*
Assistant Referee 1: Ricardo Morgan (JAM)
Assistant Referee 2: Garnet Page (JAM)
Fourth Official: Marlon Meja (SLV)

14/07/2015, 03:30 CET (Group A, Kansas City, USA)
Panama - USA
Referee: Roberto García Orozco (MEX)*
Assistant Referee 1: Alberto Morín (MEX)
Assistant Referee 2: Leonel Leal (CRC)
Fourth Official: Henry Bejarano (CRC)

Following an official request by Federación Panameña de Fútbol, CONCACAF switched the original appointments of Aguilar and García Orozco. The Mexican, originally planned for Haiti - Honduras, will now oversee Panama - USA.

15/07/2015, 00:00 CET (Group B, Toronto, Canada)
Jamaica - El Salvador
Referee: Walter López (GUA)
Assistant Referee 1: Hermenerito Leal (GUA)
Assistant Referee 2: Gerson López (GUA)
Fourth Official: Fernando Guerrero (MEX)

15/07/2015, 02:30 CET (Group B, Toronto, Canada)
Canada - Costa Rica
Referee: Hector Rodríguez (HON)
Assistant Referee 1: Charles Morgante (USA)
Assistant Referee 2: Daniel Williamson (PAN)
Fourth Official: Jair Marrufo (USA)

16/07/2015, 00:00 CET (Group C, Charlotte, USA)
Cuba - Guatemala
Referee: Elmer Bonilla (SLV)
Assistant Referee 1: Philippe Briere (CAN)
Assistant Referee 2: Daniel Belleau (CAN)
Fourth Official: David Gantar (CAN)

16/07/2015, 02:30 CET (Group C, Charlotte, USA)
Mexico - Trinidad & Tobago
Referee: Mark Geiger (USA)
Assistant Referee 1: Eric Boria (USA)
Assistant Referee 2: Peter Manikowski (USA)
Fourth Official: John Pitti (PAN)


  1. Today
    Haiti - Honduras: Aguilar
    Panama - USA: Garcia

    1. Anonymous13/7/15 18:13

      The CONCACAF reversed the designations, due to a protest of the Federation of Panama.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. What whistle did Hector Rodriguez use in CAN-CRC?

    1. Based on the half-time whistle that was audible in CONCACAF's highlights, I would say Fox 40 Pearl (Kralovec uses it, too).

  4. 15.07.2015 | Group C | Cuba vs Guatemala
    Ref: Elmer Bonilla (El Salvador)
    AR1: Philippe Briere (Canada)
    AR2: Daniel Belleau (Canada)
    4th: David Gantar (Canada)

    15.07.2015 | Group C | Mexico vs Trinidad & Tobago
    Ref: Mark Geiger (USA)
    AR1: Eric Boria (USA)
    AR2: Peter Manikowski (USA)
    4th: John Pitti (Panama)

    Arbitro Internacional

  5. QF predictions:
    USA-CUB: Guerrero, Camargo (both MEX), Williamson (PAN), Mejia (SLV)
    HAI-JAM: Garcia (MEX), Castro, Jara, Montero (all CRC)
    TRI-PAN: Lopez, H.Leal (both GUA), Manikowski (USA), Moncada (HON)
    MEX-CRC: Aguilar (SLV), Morgan (JAM), Dopico (CUB), Bonilla (SLV)

    1. Anonymous17/7/15 19:21

      Surely Geiger will get a match. Maybe Lopez in USA-CUB and Geiger in TRI-PAN


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