July 24, 2015

Joel Aguilar in charge of CONCACAF Gold Cup Final

According to Árbitro Internacional, Salvadorian World Cup Referee Joel Aguilar has been appointed to oversee the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup Final between Mexico and Jamaica to be played on Sunday. He will be assisted by his compatriot Juan Zumba and American Charles Morgante. John Pitti from Panama will act as the Fourth Official. This will be the 3rd consecutive Gold Cup final for Aguilar.

Moreover CONCACAF appointed Óscar Moncada from Honduras to oversee the 3rd place match between USA and Panama.

Aguilar in action during 2014 WC @zimbio


26.07.2015 01:30 CET, Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, USA
Mexico vs Jamaica
Referee: Joel Aguilar (El Salvador)
Assistant Referee 1: Juan Zumba (El Salvador)
Assistant Referee 2: Charles Morgante (United States)

4th Official: John Pitti (Panama)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Leonel Real (Costa Rica)

3rd Place Match 
25.07.2015 22:00 CET, PPL Park, Chester, USA
United States vs Panama
Referee: Óscar Moncada (Honduras)  
Assistant Referee 1: Garnet Page (Jamaica)
Assistant Referee 2: Cristian Ramirez (Honduras)
4th Official: David Gantar (Canada)  
Reserve Assistant Referee: Octavio Jara (Costa Rica)


  1. Anonymous24/7/15 22:47

    Despite some controversies from CONCACAF, for example the way of publicing (or better say, not publicing) their appointments and their referee trio policy, UEFA should really take an example about their appointments policy, taking into account that in CONCACAF it is possible to appoint a referee 3 times in a row to handle their most important final. The best referee should be able to referee a final, even 10 times in a row, if he or she is the best referee on that moment.

    Anyway, congralulations to the appointed refereeing teams, and all the best for the final games!

    1. Anonymous24/7/15 23:12

      Must disagree on that. Appointing three or more times a referee for a final can be deserved of course, and nothing against that, or against Aguilar. But... well. The main target of a confederation (UEFA, CONMEBOL, CONCACAF and so on...) should be to create a reliable pool of officials. Sorry, but I read this appointment just in this meaning: <>. And that's poor.

    2. Anonymous24/7/15 23:14

      Meaning was "We had not so many options so here Aguilar again...".

    3. Anonymous24/7/15 23:24

      I think you have a good point here, Anonymous. But I still prefer a confederation that makes its appointments based on performances, then on political bases.
      And if what you wrote is true ("We had not so many options so here Aguilar again...".), then this appointment is not based on his performances, but on strategical/political base.
      And that is not what I meant though. I am for appointments based on performances, that's all.

  2. Anonymous24/7/15 23:42

    So two referee's from "PRO" have literally hand carried Mexico to the final. And now in the final, they get yet another PRO referee assigned? Who is CONCACAF trying to fool? With Morgante, that makes 5 total referee's from PRO for Mexico's last three matches! It is crystal clear that CONCACAF has an agenda, but must they make it so obvious? After what the PRO referee's have done in Mexico's last two games. No referee from that organization deserved any further matches. Another Central American AR would have been a better choice.

    1. Anonymous25/7/15 07:25

      PRO has 3 people/votes in the CONCACAF Referees Committee: Sunil Gulati (USA, chairman), Esse Baharmast (USA, member) and Hector Vergara (CAN, member) plus Sonia Denoncourt (CAN, Head of CONCACAF Referee Department). That is very obvious in the appointments.

    2. Sonia Denoncourt never worked for PRO, and Vergara either, as far as I know. The CSA retains independence in training, managing and assigning referees. In fact, PRO only takes on the assigning for Canadian MLS games. Other leagues which are assigned by PRO in the US - NASL, USL - are assigned by the CSA in Canada.

    3. Anonymous25/7/15 20:39

      Even if they are not directly members of PRO, they are part of the North-American referee leadership and the officials who made the most serious errors are exactly from there: Geiger and Boria. In spite of those critical match errors, another US official was appointed to the final (AR Morgante). It simply cannot be just a coincidence that Gulati (USA) is the chairman of the CONCACAF Referees Committee. Also, the 3-person committee tasked with the interim leadership of CONCACAF (following Webb's suspension) is composed by USA, Canadian and Mexican members. The officials who made the blatant errors are from the USA and they favoured Mexico. As Panama and Costa Rica requested, the CONCACAF Referees Committee must be changed in order to balance the power between all CONCACAF countries, not only Mexico, USA and Canada.

    4. Anonymous25/7/15 21:00

      Hawit (Honduras) has now leadership of Concacaf's Executive Committee....

    5. Anonymous25/7/15 22:26

      Anonymous @ 8:39pm

      Thank you! Finally somebody gets it and refuses to be blind to what is really going on. And let us not forget that Gulati has refused to speak to the press since his step up within the CONCACAF. What is he and his corrupt confederation hiding? Are they hiding the fact that the Rose Bowl has already been booked for the play off? A Rose Bowl that must be packed to the rafters. And the only way to ensure that is to have Mexico there facing off against the US. Geiger was just his pawn.

    6. Anonymous27/7/15 01:00

      Here is the special committee mentioned above: http://www.concacaf.com/special-committee
      "The Special Committee shall evaluate and direct the operations and management of the business and affairs of CONCACAF as described in its Charter, and take such other actions and do such other things as may be specifically referred to it from time to time by the Executive Committee. The Special Committee was appointed by the Executive Committee on May 28, 2015. Members: Justino Compeán (Federacion Mexicana de Futbol Asociacion), Sunil Gulati (United States Soccer Federation), and Victor Montagliani (Canadian Soccer Association)".
      Sunil Gulati is also the current chairman of the CONCACAF Referees Committee. So, as a member of the "special committee", is he going to replace himself from the Referees Committee, as requested by Panama and Costa Rica???

  3. Anonymous25/7/15 04:20

    Pretty deserved final for Aguilar. Exepcted Gantar to take the 3rd place match but I suppose 4th official will suffice. Agree with the 11:42 anonymous, definitely should have appointed a Central American AR.

  4. Anonymous25/7/15 12:09

    Mark Geiger's status as one of the top referees in CONCACAF region won't suffer for a big deal, I think, he will be on track for the next world cup as one of the top three referees from CONCACAF. His reputation was truly established in the last world cup.

    1. Anonymous25/7/15 22:07

      He deserves the same punishment as Rajindraparsad Seechurn.

    2. Anonymous25/7/15 22:21

      Yeah, his "reputation" definitely shined in France v Nigeria. Onazi's ankle would disagree with you.

  5. Does anyone know the referees for the Emirates Cup today/tomorrow?

    1. Anonymous25/7/15 16:51

      Wolfsburg v Villareal - Bobby Madley; Gary Beswick and Lee Betts; Craig Pawson
      Arsenal v Lyon - Jon Moss; Mike Mullarkey and Edward Smart; Ryuji Sato

  6. Anonymous25/7/15 22:17

    Now that Mark Geiger has admitted to errors that affected the outcome of his last match. CONCACAF must look to CAF as to how to deal with this situation.

    What Geiger did is on par if not worse than what Rajindraparsad Seechurn did at the AFCON. A similar type of punishment for Geiger would send a strong and correct message that CONCACAF is willing to change. As a secondary effect it would cause the referee's in the zone to step their game up or risk facing the same punishment.

  7. Anonymous25/7/15 22:30

    CONCACAF trying it's best to clean up the mess Geiger caused.
    Sorry, not buying it. Thourough investigation please.


    1. Anonymous31/7/15 05:20

      Panama And Costa Rica requested CONCACAF to change its Referees Committee and now they are reviewing their Referee Department. In theory, the department executes what the committee decides (including appointments), so the big problems seem to be at the committee level, not the department.

  8. Anonymous25/7/15 22:33

    I would like to know some opinins about Marrufo. Is he so bad not deserving any important appointment?

    1. Anonymous25/7/15 23:12

      Marrufo committed some off the the field no-no's in the lead up to Brasil 2014. And those off the field mistakes ultimately cost him his spot in Brasil. In my eyes he is by far a better referee than Geiger and or any other US product. Unfortunately in the US, there is room for only 1 "pride of PRO", and currently that is Geiger.
      But if CONCACAF does the right thing and suspends him like somebody above said they should. That'll put Marrufo back into his deserved top spot.


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