December 29, 2015

Video Training - Severity of Offences (3) - Solution

The following match situation belongs to the category Severity of Offences.
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The red-dressed player tackles the blue-dressed midfielder. Both players approached the ball from some distance and with relatively high speed. The offender slided into the duel with a stretched foot and with studs shown 20 cms above the turf with moderate intensity.
However, he does not make any contact with that foot. Instead, it is his left / second leg which makes unfair, but only reckless contact with the midfielder. This is also called "trailing leg".

Considering the intensity, high speed and resolute character of the tackle with relatively low control over the own body and the impact on the player fouled, the referee understandably sent off the offender with a red card upon the advice of the fourth official. But was he right?

Watching the replays, excessive force was not clearly given though so that not all criteria for serious foul play were fulfilled. "Trailing leg"-tackles are normally reckless and this applies here as well. 

A yellow card is deemed as enough for this infringement. 

On top of that, the referee should be reminded on radiating self-confidence and certainty before, while and after taking a decision. His body language was too hesitant and expressed incertainty. Furthermore, many protesting players surrounding him, trying to force him into a certain decision, were completely ignored by the referee. Referees should react more energetically in such situations, issue clear warnings or even yellow cards for mobbing. Ideally, this would not have been necessary by a more confident body language some seconds earlier.

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No Foul.
Careless Tackle - No Card.
Careless Tackle - No Card, Verbal Warning
Reckless Tackle - Yellow Card
Serious Foul Play - Red Card


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  2. Off-topic:

    Glad to see that Carlos Velasco Carballo has already fully recovered from his plastic face surgery which makes him appear four years younger than he actually is. ;-)

    Happy New Year to everyone!

    1. Had a busier winter break than most then ;-)
      Happy New (Euro!) Year to everyone!

  3. Yellow or red?


    1. I was wondering as well. I'd think both can be acceptable. It's a clumsy tackle, but does it involve excessive force?

    2. Let's discuss that in a new post (Severity of Offences 4), in an hour or so.
      Great video footage, I was looking for such a tackle for weeks.
      Happy new year to you as well!

  4. Has the 2016 FIFA list been published yet?

  5. hi
    happy new year to all ref mates.

    a trouble to download videos.
    The "ts" format does not run well. I have the sound but not the picture.

    MP4 format is running well

    thanks to all

    Happy new year

    1. VLC Media player will play you almost everything.


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