June 7, 2016

EURO 2016 Referee Portrait: Ovidiu Alin Hațegan's Team from Romania


Full Name: Ovidiu Alin Hațegan
Nation: Romania
Residence: Timișoara
Date of Birth: 14/07/1980
Age: 35
Occupation: Medicine
Hobbies: ---
Referee since: 1996
International since: 2008
UEFA Elite Category since: 07/2015
Champions League Matches: 11
Europa League Matches: 14
International Matches (Total): 60
Yellow Card Average (Int.): 4,32 per match
2nd Yellow Card Average (Int.): 0,08 per match
Red Card Average (Int.): 0,12 per match
Domestic First Division Matches: 181 (since 2007)
Biggest Achievements: UEFA Under-19 EURO 2009, UEFA Under-21 EURO 2013 (Semifinal), FIFA Under-20 World Cup 2015 (Quarterfinal), selected for UEFA EURO 2016, selected for Olympic Games 2016

 What you should know

Ovidiu Alin Hațegan has probably been the most surprising name when UEFA released the EURO 2016 Referees. He belongs to the younger and more inexperienced group of referees at the final tournament. With the benefit of hindsight, his nomination was - maybe - not completely surprising: As influential UEFA Referee Committee member Kyros Vassaras is heading the Romanian Referee Department, Hațegan probably had some extra eyes on and support behind him.

Although he has officiated more Champions League matches than Marciniak or Turpin, he rarely appeared in sonorous or medially important games. But: Some months ago, he officiated his first Champions League K.O. stage match (Man City vs Dynamo Kyiv) which shows that he more and more savours UEFA's trust.

As it is quite usual with regard to referees from Balcan countries, his card average is relatively high. His Yellow Card average of 4,32 per international game is the 2nd highest of all 18 match officials (with a mean of 3,82 YCs, Hațegan's is 0,50 YC/game higher than the average).

Refereeing Style 

Decision-Taker. Hațegan is not the biggest game-manager from my point of view. In most of his games, he rather focusses on applying and interpreting the Laws of the Game regardless of the consequences for the match as a "medial spectacle". His verbal and non-verbal communication skills are both solid, but are definitely not his key strengths. As described below, he has quite an individual style of officiating which we will be pleased to follow at the final tournament.

His sign of recognition. His whistle is mostly rooted to his mouth.

His Strengths*

1| Personality, Presence at spot, Approach.
2| Individual, firm style of refereeing.
3| Fitness, Stamina, Positioning.
4| Management and decisions in crucial situations, specially inside the penalty area.
5| Reading the game (specially regarding disciplinary control).

His Points for Improvement* 

1| Disciplinary Control: Uniformity, Predictability.
2| Body Language, Unnecessary Signals, Card Presentation.
3| Anticipative Movement, Prevention in general.
4| Co-operation with assistant referees, specially in crucial situations.
5| Application and Signalling of the Advantage Rule.

*based on our Referee Observation Reports since 2012

His Team

Assistant Referees

Assistant Referee 1: Octavian Şovre (l.)
Nation: Romania
Residence: Oradea
Date of Birth: 19/07/1973
Age: 42 yo
Occupation: ---
Hobbies: ---
International since: 2005
Champions League Matches: 11
Europa League Matches: 20
International Matches (Total): 73
Domestic First Division Matches: 219
Biggest Achievements: FIFA Under-20 World Cup 2015 (Quarterfinal), selected for UEFA EURO 2016, selected for Olympic Games 2016

Assistant Referee 2: Sebastian Eugen Gheorghe (r.)
Nation: Romania
Residence: Suceava
Date of Birth: 07/03/1976
Age: 40 yo
Occupation: ---
Hobbies: ---
International since: 2009
Champions League Matches: 8
Europa League Matches: 19
International Matches (Total): 61
Domestic First Division Matches: 195
Biggest Achievements: UEFA Under-17 EURO 2009, FIFA Under-20 World Cup 2015 (Quarterfinal), selected for UEFA EURO 2016, selected for Olympic Games 2016

Additional Assistant Referees

Additional AR 1: Alexandru D. Tudor
Nation: Romania
Residence: Bucharest
Date of Birth: 13/09/1971
Age: 44 yo
Matches as AAR: 25
International himself? Yes. (First Group)

Additional AR 2: Sebastian C. Colțescu
Nation: Romania
Residence: Craiova
Date of Birth: 06/05/1977
Age: 39 yo
Matches as AAR: 23
International himself? Yes. (Second Group)

Reserve Assistant Referee

Reserve AR: Radu Adrian S. Ghinguleac
Nation: Romania
Residence: ---
Date of Birth: 23/02/1981
Age: 35 yo

Chances at EURO 2016

Very difficult to say. Probably, UEFA will only appoint him for group stage matches of lower profile. For Hațegan, the EURO participation already is a huge success and as he is definitely a referee for the future, he has plenty of time to grow. But considering the performance principle, it is nowhere written that Hațegan has no chances at all.

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