August 6, 2016

Olympic Football Tournament 2016 - Referee Appointments for Matchday 2

These are the officials appointed by FIFA for the second matchday of 2016 Olympic Football Tournaments (men and women). 

Men's Matches (07 August) 

Group C, Salvador, 18:00 CET
Fiji - Mexico
Referee: Ghead Grisha (Egypt)
Assistant Referee 1: Redouane Achik (Morocco)
Assistant Referee 2: Waleed Ahmed (Sudan)
4th Official: Antonio Mateu Lahoz (Spain)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Hector Vergara (Canada)

Group D, Rio de Janeiro, 20:00 CET
Honduras - Portugal
Referee: Roddy Zambrano (Ecuador)
Assistant Referee 1: Christian Lescano (Ecuador)
Assistant Referee 2: Byron Romero (Ecuador)
4th Official: Cesar Ramos (Mexico)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Peter Mikkelsen (Denmark)

Group C, Salvador, 21:00 CET
Germany - Korea Republic
Referee: Néstor Pitana (Argentina)
Assistant Referee 1: Hernán Maidana (Argentina)
Assistant Referee 2: Juan Pablo Belatti (Argentina)
4th Official: Sandro Ricci (Brazil)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Hector Vergara (Canada)

Group D, Rio de Janeiro, 23:00 CET
Argentina - Algeria
Referee: Cüneyt Çakır (Turkey)
Assistant Referee 1: Bahattin Duran (Turkey)
Assistant Referee 2: Tarik Ongun (Turkey
4th Official: Clément Turpin (France)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Peter Mikkelsen (Denmark)

Group B, Manaus, 00:00+1d CET
Sweden - Nigeria
Referee: Matt Conger (New Zealand)
Assistant Referee 1: Simon Lount (New Zealand)
Assistant Referee 2: Tevita Makasini (Tonga)
4th Official: Diego Haro (Peru)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Badara Sene (Senegal)

Group A, Brasilia, 00:00+1d CET
Denmark - South Africa
Referee: Ryuji Sato (Japan)
Assistant Referee 1: Toru Sagara (Japan)
Assistant Referee 2: Hiroshi Yamauchi (Japan)
4th Official: Fahad Al Mirdasi (Saudi Arabia)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Lee Harmon (Cook Islands)

Group B, Manaus, 03:00+1d CET
Japan - Colombia
Referee: Sergey Karasev (Russia)
Assistant Referee 1: Tikhon Kalugin (Russia)
Assistant Referee 2: Nikolay Golubev (Russia)
4th Official: Joseph Lamptey (Ghana)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Badara Sene (Senegal)

Group A, Brasilia, 03:00+1d CET
Brazil - Iraq
Referee: Ovidiu Alin Haţegan (Romania)
Assistant Referee 1: Octavian Sovre (Romania)
Assistant Referee 2: Sebastian Eugen Gheorghe (Romania)
4th Official: Malang Diedhiou (Senegal)
FIFA Referee Assessor:  Lee Harmon (Cook Islands)

Women's Matches (06 August)

Group F, Sao Paulo, 20:00 CET
Canada - Zimbabwe
Referee: Olga Miranda (Paraguay)
Assistant Referee 1: Mariana de Almeida (Argentina)
Assistant Referee 2: Yoleida Lara (Venezuela)
4th Official: Teodora Albon (Romania)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Carlos Alarcon (Paraguay)

Group G, Belo Horizonte, 22:00 CET
USA - France
Referee: Claudia Umpierrez (Uruguay)
Assistant Referee 1: Loreto Toloza (Chile)
Assistant Referee 2: Neusa Back (Brazil)
4th Official: Maria Carvajal (Chile)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Jacqueline Leleu (Australia)

Group F, Sao Paulo, 23:00 CET
Germany - Australia
Referee: Anna-Marie Keighley (New Zealand)
Assistant Referee 1: Sarah Jones (New Zealand)
Assistant Referee 2: Lata Kaumatule (Tonga)
4th Official: Stéphanie Frappart (France)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Carlos Alarcón (Paraguay)

Group E, Rio de Janeiro, 00:00+1d CET
South Africa - China PR
Referee: Esther Staubli (Switzerland)
Assistant Referee 1: Lucie Ratajová (Czeh Republic)
Assistant Referee 2: Chrysoula Kourompylia (Greece)
4th Official: Carol Anne Chenard (Canada)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Peter Mikkelsen (Denmark)

Group G, Belo Horizonte, 01:00+1d CET
Colombia - New Zealand
Referee: Gladys Lengwe (Zambia)
Assistant Referee 1: Bernadettar Kwimbira (Malawi)
Assistant Referee 2: Souad Oulhaj (Morocco)
4th Official: Melissa Borjas (Honduras)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Jacqueline Leleu (Australia)

Group E, Rio de Janeiro, 03:00+1d CET
Brazil - Sweden
Referee: Lucila Venegas (Mexico)
Assistant Referee 1: Enedina Caudillo (Mexico)
Assistant Referee 2: Mayte Chavez (Mexico)
4th Official: Rita Gani (Malaysia)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Peter Mikkelsen (Denmark)

source: Árbitro Internacional


  1. A Kiwi ref for an Aussie match?!

    1. Not in the same confederation... so why not?

  2. Your view on these two situations from the Belgian Jupiler League? In my opinion, the red card is correct, but the goal should have been disallowed for interfering with an opponent (standing in the line of vision of the goalkeeper)


    2. Well, both are very interesting situations, thank you for the post.
      In the first case, the player in back and white has not any perception of the opponent behind him, he kicks the ball and then what happens later is caused only by opponent's coming. Very difficult to assess this as SFP, it is such only looking at the consequences.
      The goal must be disallowed, at the exact moment of the shot there is a player in offside in the line of the vision of keeper, it lasts for less than a second, perhaps, for this reason very, very difficult for AR but still crucial mistake.

    3. Hi guys!! Does anyone know when the referee appointments for the 1st Leg of Champions League playoffs will be released? Eager to know which big hitters will be out on duty on 16/17 August!!!

    4. Only two days before the date. Starting from CL playoffs, appointments become confidential. Not the same for EL playoffs, in this case the names can be public. I think the next week we will know the first EL choices.

    5. Ok then CL playoff appointments will be known on 14th or 15th Aug... Please do let me know if you get news about Kuipers, Eriksson and Kassai's appointments?

    6. The appointments will be placed for everybody as soon as they come out. Don't worry.

    7. Thank you Niclas!! Just hoping for some good news for myself when appointments come out this time round... something that I missed During Euro!!!

    8. Regarding the video. The first situation is not even a foul. The player in yellow injured himself.

      Too many referees base situations like this on the result, not the action.

      The player in black and white kicking the ball was not even careless. To send him off is a gross injustice.

      The second situation is equally unforgivable.

  3. Interesting situation in Trophée des Champions (French Supercup) played yesterday between Paris Saint-Germain FC and Olympique Lyonnais in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria. The referee was Alexander Harkam, FIFA.

    1. Indeed. Difficult, there are arguments for SPA as well as for DOGSO. I can accept Harkam's decision and I can imagine why he took the decision this way. What is your opinion?

    2. IMO it's a clear DOGSO in replays but difficult to spot in real time. Forgivable but still a crucial mistake though.

    3. Agree with RayHD. Clearly DOGSO. The key to getting these right is referee anticipation. If white commits a foul, what will it be? That momentary thought will help referee see it better.

      If you wait to "decide" after the foul (react), it's infinitely more difficult due to movement of other players during/after foul.

  4. Very poor card procedure by Cakir in Argentina - Algeria. Unbelievable to show cards like That for this kind of referee...

    1. He just dropped his card when showing it. Nothing wrong with that. The card is correct.

    2. I don't speak about that Enes ( turkish boy ;) ) but many cards with players down on the pitch which is a bad way to give card or card adressed at player who is far away ans not clear....

  5. Predictions MD 3:
    DEN-BRA: Grisha, FO: Lopez
    RSA-IRQ: Zambrano, FO: Ramos
    JPN-SWE: Pitana, FO: Diedhiou
    COL-NIG: Mateu, FO: Faghani
    GER-FIJ: Ricci, FO: Haro
    KOR-MEX: Turpin, FO: Cakir
    ALG-POR: Sato, FO: Conger
    ARG-HON: Karasev, FO: Lamptey

    RSA-BRA: Keigley, FO: Monzul
    CHN-SWE: Umpierrez, FO: Carvajal
    GER-CAN: Ri, FO: Lengwe
    AUS-ZIM: Venegas, FO: Borjas
    COL-USA: Albon, FO: Staubli
    NZL-FRA: Chenard, FO: Miranda

    1. Predictions MD 3:
      DEN-BRA: Faghani (IRN)
      RSA-IRQ: Turpin (FRA)
      JPN-SWE: Ricci (BRA)
      COL-NIG: Mateu Lahoz (ESP)
      GER-FIJ: Lopez (GUA)
      KOR-MEX: Cakir (TUR)
      ALG-POR: Conger (NZL)
      ARG-HON: Karasev (RUS)

    2. Predictions MD 3:
      DEN-BRA: Faghani (IRN); FO: Lamptey (GHA)
      RSA-IRQ: Ramos Palazuelos (MEX); FO: Haro (PER)
      JPN-SWE: Ricci (BRA); FO: Grisha (EGY)
      COL-NGA: López (GUA); FO: Hategan (ROU)
      GER-FIJ: Al Mirdasi (KSA); FO: Zambrano (ECU)
      KOR-MEX: Cakir (TUR); FO: Pitana (ARG)
      ALG-POR: Sato (JPN); FO: Conger (NZL)
      ARG-HON: Mateu Lahoz (ESP); FO: Karasev (RUS)

      RSA-BRA: Frappart (FRA); FO: Pastrana (HON)
      CHN-SWE: Keighley (NZL); FO: Lengwe (ZAM)
      GER-CAN: Ri (PRK); FO: Umpierrez (URU)
      AUS-ZIM: Venegas Montes (MEX); FO: Carvajal (CHI)
      COL-USA: Albon (ROU); FO: Monzul (UKR)
      NZL-FRA: Chenard (CAN); FO: Miranda (PAR)


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