January 19, 2017

Pierluigi Collina chosen as FIFA Referees' Committee Chairman

UEFA Chief Referee Officer Pierluigi Collina of Italy has been appointed as FIFA's Referees' Commitee Chairman leading the following pool of committee members. Whether this has any effect on his UEFA duties is not known at the moment.

source: wikimedia


Pierluigi Collina (Italy)


Amelio Andino (Paraguay), Dagmar Damkova (Czech Republic), Brian Hall (USA), Sandra Hunt (USA), Shamsul Maidin (Singapore), Eddy Maillet (Seychelles), Neil Poloso (Solomon Islands), Wilson Luiz Seneme (Brazil), Kevin Stoltenkamp (New Zealand), Hani Taleb Balan (Qatar)

source: FIFA.com


  1. Will he replace Massimo Busacca or is it another position?

    1. I believe it is another position. I hope so. Because everything else would leave the opportunity open that Busacca takes the UEFA place.

      On the other hand staying at UEFA's head and being FIFA refcom chairman would smell like a conflict of interests on paper.

    2. Busacca taking the UEFA place will be....Ahem! 😶

    3. Collina has replaced the Spanish Ángel María Villar Llona.
      Massimo Busacca has a different role inside FIFA: "Head of refereeing department".
      So he could be confirmed. And I also think that Collina will be confirmed in his UEFA's role.

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    5. The same was written for the previous committee with Ángel María Villar Llona as chairman, and Busacca was already there.

    6. So, what is the difference between Collina and Busacca now. Who will have the last word on referees appointments for FIFA tournaments? Who is responsible for what?

    7. The only difference with the previous status is the PLC was a referee himself. All the previous Chairmen of the FIFA Ref Committee were just members of the FIFA Exec. Committee. I do believe that Busacca will still be in charge of the appointments if his will maintain his position as Head of Refereeing Department. But of course PLC can, now officially, has his saying on the selection and appointments of referees.

    8. So Mark Clattenburg for the 2018 World Cup Final?? 😋😋

  2. FIFA referee Esther Azzopardi has decided to retire from refereeing with immediate effect.


    = = =

    CONCACAF Male Referee of the Year
    1. César Arturo Ramos | Mexico
    2. Joe Fletcher | Canada (Assistant Referee)
    3. Joel Aguilar | El Salvador

    CONCACAF Female Referee of the Year
    1. Carol Anne Chenard | Canada
    2. Quetzalli Alvarado | Mexico
    3. Kimberly Moreira | Costa Rica (Assistant Referee)

    1. No Walter Lopez Castellanos from Guatemala here in the list?? Thought he was one of the best CONCACAF referees going around at this moment!!

  3. For those who did not notice the new committee is composed mainly by all the heads of referees of the respective confederations.

    *Pierluigi Collina (UEFA Head of Refereeing)
    *Wilson Seneme (CONMEBOL Head of Refereeing)
    *Brian Hall (CONCACAF Head of Refereeing)
    *Eddy Maillet (CAF Head of Refereeing)
    *Shamsul Maidin (AFC Head of Refereeing)
    *Kevin Stoltenkamp (OFC Head of Refereeing)

    1. Are you sure? Reading on the respective websites, the heads of refereeing for some confederations are not the ones you listed.

    2. http://www.the-afc.com/referees/shamsul-maidin-joins-afc-as-director-of-referees




      http://www.times.mw/no-malawian-ref-for-2017-afcon/ (At CAF there should be no official news on the site, but Maillet is responsible for the referees as you can see in this news)

    3. The CONCACAF one is interesting, given the North America vs Central America split. The last director, Sonia Denoncourt (who left her job as FIFA head of female referees after the 2015 WWC to take the CONCACAF job), was summarily fired after the 2016 Gold Cup controversy. CONCACAF gave her, essentially, less than a year to change *everything* in CONCACAF refereeing. She was fired for referees she did not train doing essentially a correct job.

      So after having fired a competent referees manager after less than a year due to the 'mistakes' of an American referee (Geiger) under pressure of the CAC (Central American and Caribbean) part of CONCACAF, they replace her with an American? They also hired Jaime Herrera, another American referee, as Manager of the CONCACAF referee department. So because a Canadian evidently couldn't do the job, they put Americans in charge, and expect that this will appease the Central American federations?

      A primer on CONCACAF refereeing: North Americans hate central American refs with a passion. They are viewed as unreliable, biased towards Spanish-speaking/latin teams, even corrupt. In MLS circles (esp. Montreal), following a few contentious decisions, there's an expression called being "concacaf'ed", namely losing because of a perceived rubbish decision by a referee that gives the game away.
      Meanwhile, my understanding is that the Central Americans hate American refs for the same perceived reason; they feel that there is a CONCACAF bias in favour of USA and Mexico, the large federations.

      So, essentially, there is no referee that is more or less 'unanimously' viewed as competent. So who's the refereeing director who will be able to unite the referees and change perceptions across the continent(s)? And will he have the support of his boss(es)? Can Brian Hall rely on US Soccer to protect him and, if they do, will that turn the CAC against him?

  4. Busacca has been officially confirmed in his role, he will have more executive tasks. I can guess mostly he will be in strict contact with referees, training with them and so on...
    We can easily guess that Collina will have the last word on referees to be called at tournaments.
    At the same time, Collina has been confirmed as well in his UEFA's role.
    Source (Italian referees association):

  5. According to YATR:, Collina has four main roles:
    - Deciding on the FIFA list of officials
    - Selecting officials for FIFA competitions
    - Deciding lines of interpretation of the "regulation" (I assume this means the LOTG)
    - "Propose changes".

    So, Busacca...does the appointments at the WC, some training, and that's it?

  6. As long as Massimo Busacca is in any way involved in the FIFA referee department. We'll see the continued deterioration of this great profession. Laws of the Game? What law's, says Busacca.


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