March 11, 2017

Guess The Referee - K.O. Stage (IV)

Guess the referees for next week's 4 UEFA Champions League games as well as for 2 chosen UEFA Europa League matches. The user with the highest amount of points per matchday is rewarded with referee equipment. Moreover, you have the chance to thus participate in the run for the season-prize provided by our partners RefsworldUK!

Deadline: 12/03/2017, 10:00 CET

User Name Points
Ref_1707 7
Chefren 19
CristiRef 6
Mikael 17
estkane 6
paul 16 6
Kohagen 15
bastien60 5
Xavieralzina 15
david02 4
edward 14
estkane 4
FormerRefCvS 13
Frisk 4
majo.scheffler 13
Lucco81 4
Philipp S 13
Sipos Andrei Daniel 4
RikB 13
Andrei Daniel Sipos 3
Etm 12
Cristiano Santos 3
Flavio D'Aloisio 12
Franz93 3
Marvin Becker 12
Frikandel98 3
Niclas 11
Sascha1975 3
Soham 11
Mike 2
K. S. 10
Miloš 2
markoni 40 10
pettyko 2
Neculai 10
Róbert Vida 2
ref_ref 10
Ethyl 1
xabi 10
larut87 1
Steen 8
Timoajax14 1
George 7
clarets pete 0


  1. UEL Match, Observer, Delegate

    KRC Genk-KAA Gent: Snoddy (NIR), Wolff (LUX)
    Besiktas-Olympiacos: Duhamel (FRA), Eriksen (NOR)
    M'gladbach-Schalke: Diaz Vega (ESP), Struthers (SCO)
    AS Roma-Lyon: Sarvan (TUR), Akkelides (CYP)
    ManU-Rostov: Plautz (AUT), Zimmermann (GER)
    Krasnodar-Vigo: Przesmycki (POL), Dudl (CZE)
    Ajax-Kobenhavn: Young (SCO), Minasyan (ARM)
    Anderlecht-APOEL: Freeland (SCO), Speczik (POL)

    1. Who are the big hitters among the observers this week??

    2. ***** Snoddy (NIR)
      **** Plautz(AUT)

    3. *** Diaz Vega (ESP)
      *** Young (SCO)

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  3. OT : according several PSG players, Deniz Aytekin would have use unappropriated language with us. They spoke about "F... you" few Times...(french press)
    Hum hum, i m not convinced about that. Niclas, is Aytekin known to be harsh with players in Bundesliga?

    1. That's rubbish, of course. How can you believe that, please... even though I don't know Aytekin, it is impossible to believe something like that.

    2. I believe nothing Chefren but if you think that refs are perfect with words, i know in France FIFA refs like Chapron who are clearly no perfect in this domain...

    3. Which not concludes that i believe these some allegations. Furthermore, i don't detect any controversial words during the match. ;)

    4. Are referee communications recorded now? (I believe they are in the UK following the allegations of racism against Clattenburg a few years back) If so, should be easy enough to determine.
      And honestly, even if he did, I wouldn't expect much more than a slap on the wrist from UEFA, given the crap we get from players (just this morning, I got the standard "there's something wrong with you" and "you're fucking terrible" - normal game...). That being said, I think there are good grounds to suggest that Aytekin will not be appointed to a PSG game in a long while, to protect him (a bit like Cakir and ManU following the Nani red card).

  4. Observers and referees they observed this season (First and Elite Group only)

    Mejuto González: Jug, Marciniak, Ekberg, Gözübüyük, Mažeika
    Vassaras: Kružliak
    Karlsson: Taylor, Kulbakou
    Skapoullis: Kružliak, Marciniak, Královec, Gil, Skomina, Mažić, Rizzoli

    KRC Genk-KAA Gent: Snoddy (NIR) - Stieler, Atkinson, Kulbakou, de Sousa
    Besiktas-Olympiacos: Duhamel (FRA) - Banti, Evans
    M'gladbach-Schalke: Diaz Vega (ESP) - Rocchi, Jug, Collum
    AS Roma-Lyon: Sarvan (TUR) - Thomson, Clattenburg, Kružliak, Undiano Mallenco
    ManU-Rostov: Plautz (AUT) - Bastien, Karasev, Makkelie, Raczkowski, Brych
    Krasnodar-Vigo: Przesmycki (POL) - Beaton, Orsato, Göçek, Kuipers, Rocchi
    Ajax-Kobenhavn: Young (SCO) - Kuipers, Bastien, Stieler, Sidiropoulos
    Anderlecht-APOEL: Freeland (SCO) - none

    1. This means that an observer can't 2 times to asses a referee?

    2. Rather not so often.

  5. Information on the R16 quiz:
    Please stay patient until next weekend. The winners will be contacted then. Thank you.


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